Prepositions after "tie"

tie to, with, for, into or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases tie to is used

He is now cap-tied to Scotland.

Physical workouts tied to prayer.

The 2 year contract is what you are tied to.

The incentive money is tied to United's 2007 move to its corporate headquarters at 77 W.

Not motherhood in itself, but being a mother of sons is deeply tied to a woman's respect.

I would love to give it the finger but my compensation for PTB is partly tied to traffic.

These works have been intimately tied to the various debates in German historiography over the rise of the Third Reich.

In this case, it's tied to this white wall in my studio, but it can be moved to many other white walls in other places.

Let's turn now to some of the general arguments about foreign investment that are not tied to this specific transaction.

You want to get best the possible quality out of your video and do not want to be tied to a particular encoding solution.

In 11% of cases tie with is used

With 22 points they are tied with RPI.

The Irish are tied with Alabama for No.

I thought Ven was more tied with Fabio's.

The consultant gave each of them a small bundle of sticks that was tied with pretty ribbons.

Punk mentions his 358 day reign, tying with Diesel as the ninth-longest reigning WWE Champion.

As we have seen, the traditional view has been that communities are densely-knit solidarities with tight boundaries.

The problem lies not with seeking strong ties with Afghanistan, but with the means chosen to achieve this objective.

She, as well as her guests, were surprised to be served small sandwiches rolled up neatly and tied with little ribbons.

The leaders of the central government also feel that their hands are tied with regard to these frequent mining accidents.

In 7% of cases tie for is used

Luck is tied for 31st in passer rating (72.

After five holes you were tied for the lead.

Colorado came in tied for 24th with 199 goals.

It currently is tied for fourth in the nation with its 96 percent (27-of-28) success rate.

Think about these statistics for Harvard and Princeton, tied for first this yr around the U.

The four honorees are tied for the most in program history, matching the 2007 and 2009 squads.

A 6-1, 200-pound left wing, Rychel tied for seventh in the OHL last season with 41 goals and had a team-high 74 points.

Scott, who closed with a 73 Sunday and tied for 11th at the HSBC Champions, now heads to Sydney for the Australian Open.

Captain Vince Hinostroza led all players in scoring in the tournament with six goals while tying for the lead with eight points.

The next couple of minutes were pretty back and forth, and despite the shot count being 18-3, the teams were tied for the period.

In 7% of cases tie into is used

This ties into question 1 addressed by RI.

Tied into their Passport deal for another 3 years but not likely to renew.

It eats, sleeps and breathes football, tying into the world game like nothing before.

There are still possible enemies that could pop out of the woodwork to tie into the story.

Here is the swollen European behemoth, its interests utterly tied into the European project.

Taste of Edmonton is downtown (which makes it doubly harder to tie into the rest of Capital Ex).

There really is nothng there to tempt anyone but people who are already tied into the Apple handcuffs.

On the bottom of the hot shoe is an extra contact which ties into the Nikon FE's viewfinder flash readylight.

Coupons picked up from the retailer would then be tied into an online component - for example, matching a coupon.

And that definition is, whether you accept it or not, tied into the practical realities of today and into eternity.

In 6% of cases tie in is used

The trick is to tie in the big whigs.

Wood must be tied in bundles no longer than 1.

I never heard of tying in football -- I really didn't.

We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.

Taste of Edmonton is downtown (which makes it doubly harder to tie into the rest of Capital Ex).

Two out of the ten white respondents tied in issues of ' race ' and ethnicity into their responses.

The domesticated community ties interact in small groups in private homes rather than in larger groups in public spaces.

The teams are now tied in the AL West, Oakland holding home field advantage in what amounts to a playoff game this afternoon.

If the game is tied in the sixth (or thereabouts ), Atlanta will have to pinch-hit for him and I'll take the Nats BP against theirs.

Pouline Kimani, a young woman in her mid twenties, is one of the key GALCK officials in charge of co-ordinating lesbian activities in Kenya.

In 4% of cases tie at is used

France were second with 2021 while China and US were tied at 2019.

Opinion polls show the race to be essentially tied at the national level.

In Ohio, a poll by a group of newspapers found the two tied at 49 percent each.

Both first-half blocks were crucial, as the game remained tied at 7 into the fourth quarter.

Whereas before the storm, Rasmussen showed Romney two ahead, he now has the race tied at 48-48.

When the teams went to the locker room at halftime tied at seven, the upset predictions remained.

Hence, while we continue to pursue economic growth and partnerships, we should reinforce security ties at the same time.

Despite Obama's victory in the Electoral College, Romney was neck-and-neck with Obama in the popular vote, tying at 49.

The scores were tied at 6-6 shortly after half time and Scotland had nearly the entire half to survive against the wind.

Even ski clothes began to be style conscious - navy blue gabardine trousers, cut very full and tied at the ankle, became the fashion.

In 2% of cases tie behind is used

She said many had died with their hands tied behind their backs.

We are making defending corners look as hard as climbing mount Everest with two hands tied behind your back.

So yes, it's true: Darvish could in fact beat up both Godzilla and Mothra with one hand tied behind his back.

Bodies litter the streets of the district, some are rebels with their hands tied behind their backs, executed by pro-Gaddafi forces according to residents.

He hung from a rafter by a rope tied to his feet, his hands tied behind him, and his head hovering an inch from the straw-covered dirt floor of the stable.

And even if some within the party would prefer to see Jeb Bush or Chris Christie as the nominee, no one wants to send out a candidate with one hand tied behind his back.

VJ told Romeo that he had to go upon seeing Riley and his friends congregate around the pool table and Riley boasted that he could play pool with one hand tied behind his back.

The remains of least 17 of the detainees in the phone video were later identified in a group of 50 bodies found at Sirte's Mahari hotel, some still with their hands tied behind their back.

In 2% of cases tie by is used

But the more it fought, the more it got tied by the ropes of the trap.

One body was then tied by a cable to the back of a motorcycle and dragged through the streets.

Firstly, a moto with about fifty, live (and sadly wingless) ducks tied by their feet hanging over either side.

The mechanic was tied by federal officials to another counterfeit air bag case last year in Tennessee, the report said.

Men work and live in larger units: they have specialized functions: they are no longer tied by lack of transport and communications to a confined geographical area.

By contrast, when Singapore, North Borneo and Sarawak joined Malaysia, only those tied by blood or birth to the UK or remaining colonies were allowed to retain CUKC status.

How on earth can that be considered ' asset-stripping '? To assume Ferguson's hands were ever tied by the debt has been blown clean out of the water by the van Persie news.

In 2% of cases tie on is used

Sweep bangs to the side and slip on a thin headband or tie on a piece of ribbon.

Black and Yellow Ribbons were tied on trees, posts and fences as tribute symbols to a great man.

As legend has it, he died counting the railroad ties on the tracks - Lesh: From Dallas to Denver.

Treating communities as social networks makes such solidarities only one possible pattern among many.

McKenna stepped out onto the street and dropped his bag on the pavement, his sleeping bag tied on top of it.

It was a good job in general -Setting: 4 out of 5 Ok -Costume/Make-Up: 4 out of 5 Bia, Chiemela! What's up with all that wrapper that Ini Edo is tying on the poster?

Stanford coach David Shaw chose to run out the clock on Andrew Luck's finale drive and set the stage for Williamson's 35-yard attempt with the game tied on the final play of regulation.

In 1% of cases tie around is used

Proper dress is encouraged, if you wear long pants or a long skirt you will need a sash tied around the waist.

Silk cords are tied around the bride and groom's right wrist, where the bride's mother blesses their future happiness.

Women with babies strapped to their backs were helping us haul stone, men struggling to move wheel barrels over boulders wearing flip flops or rags tied around their feet.

In 1% of cases tie between is used

Tie between employment and health care subsidy is made real and monetized, so that it can be broken.

Moreover, high rates of social mobility leave in their wake cross-cutting ties between people with different social characteristics.

Trade ties between the two countries are specially significant in light of the fact that both countries enjoy the status of being the distribution hubs of their respective regions.

In 1% of cases tie round is used

He had something tied round his head, as yet I could not see what.

A leather strap was tied round the recipient's back to protect the spine.

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