Prepositions after "throw"

"throw in", "throw at" or "throw into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases throw in is used

I had to finally throw in the wetsuit.

I threw in a pinch of salt and pepper.

Many rich people threw in large amounts.

Sounds pretty tame, right? Wait until you throw in a bunch of birds-eye chilli peppers.

That our species is headed for near-term extinction is no excuse to throw in the towel.

They throw in a sightseeing tour and a massage therapy session along with the treatment.

To officially welcome him into the fold, a special free-to-the-public party is being thrown in Paul's honour on Dec.

The only advice I can give is to try and keep venom on in the cancel wep atks and maybe throw in some ninja ambushes.

Useful as a weapon hand to hand, can be thrown in a pinch and also can chop wood, for which a gladius is unsuitable.

Still super proud of the shots though, feel like they're not just thrown in there to show off but enhance the drama.

In 16% of cases throw into is used

Millions thrown into the 47% in 2008 want OUT.

When they are thrown into peril, you want them to escape.

Clearly, this was a monkey wrench thrown into God's plan.

Protester's belongings were thrown into massive piles then loaded into large trucks.

We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief that we wont be thrown into world war three.

Prisoners were locked up, grenades were thrown into rooms that contained many of them.

This silent trend seems to have shifted and the Kenyan community has been thrown into the limelight at full force.

AW: Recently I was reading that when Liverpool loaned out Andy Carroll, and I heard your name thrown into the hat.

Just like when a pebble is thrown into the water, multiple tsunami waves were generated from a single disturbance.

In the confusion that followed, someone ripped open my stomach with a knife and I ended up being thrown into a well.

In 15% of cases throw at is used

We never once had any abuse thrown at as.

Now the figure of 40,000 is being thrown at them.

The change and slider are thrown at the same speed.

Asna, then six years old, lost a leg when a bomb was thrown at her house in September 2000.

The only punches were the ones I almost threw at the racers who wouldn't stop their bitching.

The problems that life throws at us is too much for us to carry on our own, that's why God said to place it upon Him.

They shake their heads as money is thrown at problems without the ability to track the results to ensure it's working.

In 1971, at a Liberal party rally, hand grenades were thrown at the speakers? platform, and several people were killed.

While that makes sense if you have a ton of cash, most people in debt that deep don't have that much to throw at their debt.

In 7% of cases throw out is used

We were thrown out of our apartment.

Thrown out of the 1999 Tour De France.

Had to throw out most of my furniture, even my bed.

Around this time he was thrown out of a party at Engebret Caf? after police were called.

I was thrown out of school at 13 when I loosened the wheels of the English teacher's car.

I was told to my face that I was being thrown out because so-and-so person had to be taken.

Set in present day Los Angeles, Brad is a young man thrown out of his home by his mother when she finds out he is gay.

A total of nine players from last season are under investigation of match-fixing and subsequently thrown out of the team.

He grew up in the slums of Manila and was thrown out of home aged eight and got involved with gangs before he found dance.

In the afternoon, when he went to work, he reported that his belongings had been thrown out of the barracks where he was staying.

In 6% of cases throw on is used

I think you guys are waiting to throw on a second disc.

Because the water for impurity has not been thrown on him, he is unclean.

Throw on this black sequin apron and you'll be stylin ' while you're cooking.

I throw on some clothes and run out the door looking like a sea monster in skinny jeans.

Throw on your own clothes, paint any exposed skin white, messy up your hair, and pop in your fangs.

Matt Perry threw on the mask for Elliot Lake while Michael Smart stood between the pipes for the Moose.

Wes Chyrchel Great article! I do this now, but the only thing I throw on front of the wireframe is a brainstorming Mind Map.

It's more for throwing on right before your guests come so you can do some light work in the kitchen and look great doing it.

Then I went and over did it completely and threw on my best purchase ever from Marks &; Spencer -- last year's leopard print coat.

Raw and right there: the iron fist of a State where freedom has been thrown on the scrap heap of State-bred need, with my privacy.

In 5% of cases throw off is used

I have been thrown off the hill of truth in my own town.

The warm-up can be thrown off kilter by having a curtain raiser.

Not everyone was lucky enough to throw off the shackles 230+ years ago.

Watch for the burning body being thrown off the balcony of Oklahoma State's Student Union.

If you speak the truth at any level you will be thrown off the hill by the traitor politicians.

He was much less aggressive and sometimes seemed thrown off kilter by the Vice President's attacks.

Moore and Dawson have seemingly thrown off their attachments to an illusory future and to the fixed nature of their selves.

Likewise, Labour should be delighted to see scroungers thrown off benefits so that more resources are left for those who need them.

So for me putting the GREAT into our SME's is about realising we have to throw off the shackles of our modesty and start bragging more.

But America had thrown off dictators when we founded this nation and declared that we wouldn't grow to be the pawn of kings or tyrants.

In 4% of cases throw for is used

He threw for 27 touchdowns, completing 60.

Rees threw for 65 yards on 6- of-11 attempts.

Three or four ceased throwing for a minute.

I think its payback time for a little tea party they threw for us a few hundred years ago.

He threw for 286 yards, but had only 39 yards on 17 carries for Kansas State (10-1, 7-1 Big 12).

The Longhorns had 609 against Iowa State as quarterback David Ash threw for a career-high 364 yards.

The Cards 9-1, 4-1 Big East were again led by QB Teddy Bridgewater, who threw for 422 yards, three touchdowns and an interception.

Quarterback Mickey Inns threw for 210 yards but was intercepted for the first time since throwing two at Pacific Lutheran in September.

In football, however, Getty did have a more accomplished career than Lougheed, playing as a quarterback for 10 years and throwing for 8,952 yards.

I can proudly say I now know someone who was invited to a party thrown for Sachin Tendulkar a few weeks ago by one of the country's premier industrialists.

In 4% of cases throw to is used

All those he captured were thrown to the elephants.

One of the controversials will be thrown to the dogs.

Again, the names were thrown to the process of ballot.

It's about conservatives getting a sop thrown to them after being screwed over once again.

She comes downstairs bearing the book, which she hands to Ted, and which he throws to the floor at my feet.

Similarly when Khidir is thrown to the fire by Dajjal, he feels no pain as Allah made the fire to cool for him.

Reddit is used for a somewhat credible source of news and many niche ideas and hobbies that are otherwise thrown to the wayside.

Hossaini recalled that he was taking photographs just metres away when the explosion went off, and was thrown to the ground by the blast.

He is a presidential candidate and he needs any vote even if one hand is holding a grenade to throw to the talling station in the evening.

If you jump up and land again on the seesaw, the can is thrown to the school building ledge, and you can slide it farther left to jump from, to enter.

In 2% of cases throw from is used

The cyclist was thrown from his bike, McDermott said.

I'd not sure about why Ryan has a hard time throwing from 3rd base.

Trains were thrown from their tracks and the overhead Hanshin Highway fell over on its side.

That night the martyr's hands and feet were bound, and he was thrown from the bridge of Prague into the Moldau River.

Iftikhar Firdous reported that according to eye witness accounts, the grenade was thrown from inside one of the houses.

The T underground train station is only a stones throw from the hotel, making it a good location to go sight seeing from.

He eventually usurped the thrown from his elder brother, killed him and unleashed a reign of mindless bloodshed and killings.

Situated in central London just a stones throw from the River Thames, the Tower of London is the one of the city's premier attractions.

Once I reached Masjid Kufa, and saw the place from which Muslim Ibn Aqeel was thrown from, I visited Muslim, along with Mokhtar Al Thaqafi.

The build quality was amazing (thrown from 2nd floor loft onto ceramic tile below and didn't show any signs of it at all - no case on it) and I really like Sense.

In 1% of cases throw around is used

The labour force participation rate, which can often throw around the result, was unchanged.

The word epic gets thrown around a lot, but the story really felt like it lived up to that billing.

For every person who bitches about Obamacare is someone who will throw around Teapartier (Or teabagger).

My advice is stop throwing around the D word and if it is thrown by the other party don't respond in kind.

In general, the word satire is becoming a catch-all buzzword that people throw around whenever they or something they like gets called out for being problematic or offensive.

In 1% of cases throw by is used

Low blows were repeatedly thrown by AJ.

Some people believe that he caught a fever at a ' merry party ' thrown by Ben Johnson.

NoClassDefFoundError: thrown by the JVM or class loader when the definition of a class can not be found.

My advice is stop throwing around the D word and if it is thrown by the other party don't respond in kind.

Common Exception Classes **30;3645;TOOLONG: thrown by JVM when your code uses an arary index, which is is outside the array's bounds.

For example, NullPointerException: thrown by the JVM when your code attempts to use a null reference where an object reference is required.

While the pope is dying from the divine asteroid thrown by God to Earth, Cattelan is lightly chuckling to himself at his most unfortunate demise.

PHOTO/JUSTUS OCHIENG There will be no more stone throwing by Kisumu youth as campaign to stop this social vice is set to be launched on December 8.

Surdez preferred the one about a feast thrown by legionnaires when their compound was threatened by Chinese guerrillas during the 1884-85 war for Tonkin province in north Vietnam.

But, all the teachings in Sunday School my whole like about how scary Mormons are, have been thrown by the wayside because our Christian President is a Democrat and Democrats are evil.

In 1% of cases throw onto is used

Strong had been thrown onto the streets after being beaten about the head with a pistol.

The stuff chefs really don't want you to know is how often your food gets dropped, picked up, dusted off, and thrown onto your plate.

In 1% of cases throw over is used

A tin walkway has been thrown over the slightly expanded lake.

A black military-inspired jacket is then thrown over the outfit to create edge.

One end was thrown over the bank and the foreman slid it along on the cable by walking along on the bridge.

Little does everyone know that Allah is going to send a sign upon them all of the condition and state of Ahmad! Slowly the soil of the ground is thrown over the body of Ahmad.

In 1% of cases throw under is used

I still can't believe the occupy movement seemingly got thrown under the rug.

Sorry Petraeus but you're not the first person that Obama has thrown under t.

Sorry Petraeus but you're not the first person that Obama has thrown under the bus.

OH NO!! people are throwing out a lot of possibilities out there for who is going to win the CL and Barca have been thrown under the bus (see what i did there) after that perfomance.

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