Prepositions after "thrill"

thrill with, by, at, to or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases thrill with is used

Z was thrilled with the big bed.

We are absolutely thrilled with it.

And she was thrilled with her experience.

Sean still managed to capture some spectacular images and we are thrilled with the outcome.

I have been a scrapper for more than 10 years and am thrilled with your insight and knowledge.

Thrilled with the tie &; cufflinks, they're quite magic! The wooden boxes are a delight as well.

Thrilled with classics Soon after, Peter Metro got on his knees as he sang a song about the national heroes, which was well received.

Had I touched a nerve, or were people just waiting for an opportunity to give their opinion? Either way, I'd thrilled with the responses.

During the sampling exercise, students were thrilled with various acts of entertainment while served with chilled La Casera Apple Flavour drink.

Her mother is thrilled with the strides her daughter -- whom she laughingly accuses of being lazy when it comes to housework -- has made so far.

In 15% of cases thrill by is used

Not all black Americans were thrilled by the Garvey movement.

Don't get me wrong, I am not thrilled by our creativity right now.

Any doctor who does not indulge in any malpractice will be thrilled by our show.

Two years ago the paddock was thrilled by the prospect of Rossi riding the blood red Ducati.

Native speakers of Hungarian are often thrilled by foreigners who can speak at least a little of their language.

Canadians are thrilled by the fact that he's black -- that he has such an amazing, cosmopolitan, multicultural life story.

They are thrilled by the film equipment and the kind of power it bestows on them to express themselves through the art of cinema.

Thanks! About the Author Thrilled by the transcendent world of writing, Darin has written part 1 of his fantasy trilogy and is in the process of writing book 2.

Mr Sadiq said he was especially thrilled by the Chamber? s assistance to include nutritious food for children, saying this was the first time and urging other well wishers to follow suit.

In 13% of cases thrill at is used

She genuinely thought I would be thrilled at the news.

Frank's client was both amazed and thrilled at what Frank had done.

That said, I'd thrilled at what Andy did do, despite the shortcomings.

I am particularly thrilled at the GAME CHANGING idea of taking the assembly to the people.

A person who accepts the inspiration of the Scriptures can not help but be thrilled at this passage.

CIBC is understandably thrilled at the concept of more transactions because of the cut they would get from them.

While Walcott was unknown, Rooney, and now Oxlade-Chamberlain, had thrilled at the highest domestic level already.

They were thrilled at the development of cornerstone defenceman Zach Bogosian, sniper Evander Kane and the slick Alex Burmistrov.

I for one am thrilled at the opportunities this programme represents to providers and people with multiple and complex needs throughout England.

In 12% of cases thrill to is used

You will thrill to their budding love and consummation of that love.

I'd thrilled to report, the children were seating silently using their teacher, hearing him read Dr.

An ardent fan of the show since its inception, Sushmita was thrilled to bits when she was shortlisted for the show.

Those who thrill to the news that a fancy dress party is in the offing and those who shrink from it like paper from a flame.

This review concludes this series and i am thrilled to condition that Sound Touch might be the very best technique genre while using the kids preference.

It was a night brilliantly organized as audience were thrilled to great performances by AJ Nelson and the veteran Nii Obi Addo who showed his prowess on the live band.

Have you read this one? It says if you are a diabetic craving extra sweetness take a load of insulin to the Palace Theatre and you will not fail to thrill to The Sound of Music.

Or thrill to the sight of D-FW's own Abbott and Costello -- WFAA8 weathercaster Pete Delkus and sports anchor Dale Hansen -- figuratively pulling down each others ' trousers on most nights.

She thrilled to his destruction of Afghan villages, for instance, like some medieval princess cheering on her crusader king, but I am sure she also relished thoughts of eliminating rivals.

Your heart beating massive and strong in your chest, thrilling to these new velocities and the impossible freedoms of discovery: a whole world, filled with wonders, waiting to be explored.

In 8% of cases thrill about is used

Their kids may not always be thrilled about it.

Contemporary typesetters were probably less than thrilled about it.

They were thrilled about everything and the leader is already planning to come back next year.

We are thrilled about our long-term association with our SEC colleagues and to be in partnership with the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

All this in mind, the Chibundu triplets were not particularly thrilled about going through that all over again in a new school.

I was thrilled about this news and excited that in the future my children would be able to know their half siblings if they choose to.

However, for those who may not be so thrilled about the possibility of wandering about by themselves, there are also many guided tours and expeditions.

When his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) and daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) surprise him by showing up in the Turkish capital, he's thrilled about spending the weekend with them.

In 1% of cases thrill after is used

It's just an overlarge xiao long bao for people who thrill after ostentatious display of gluttony.

In 1% of cases thrill for is used

Infertility is not colour blind and when I see these older ladies with their long awaited precious babies, I feel so thrilled for them.

In 1% of cases thrill through is used

A tremor of excitement thrilled through the darkened Restaurant as the vast golden dome above them began very very slowly to dim, to darken, to fade.

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