Prepositions after "threaten"

"threaten by" or "threaten with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases threaten by is used

When they were threatened by George W.

Rupali that she was threatened by angry passengers.

The subspecies is threatened by habitat loss and hunting.

Of course, white domination was not immediately threatened by these early changes.

We have been strung along, lied to and threatened by NZTA because we dared to protest.

Galic and her children had been threatened by nationalists before the film's screening.

Jealousy tends to make people paranoid, which would explain why you're feeling threatened by their relationship.

He rarely expressed an opinion on the calibre of Laura's work, possibly because he felt threatened by her talent.

It remains that Israeli national interest is clearly threatened by Iran's possible development of nuclear weapons.

If you feel threatened by what's ahead, try looking at it as a chance to explore ideas how to overcome your fears.

In 22% of cases threaten with is used

Only 37 comments to get threatened with an attorney.

She was then threatened with stabbing by a second man.

I know that Rob was also threatened with physical violence.

Since I was threatened with unspecified consequences, I decided to keep a very low profile.

But *his* wires eventually broke, and once again his wife was threatened with strangulation.

Having been threatened with a potential legal action by Josh for expressing my views on Oba.

Chances are that he may, while not being threatened with impeachment, become President Pariah and radioactive.

I hoped it would set a precedent -- that whenever pro-democracy protesters were threatened with massacre, the U.

The cronies who stole $13 trillion in MBS fraud and are now stealing the home are not threatened with slam time.

I came twenty-fourth in my class, and having received five detentions one term, I was threatened with suspension.

In 11% of cases threaten to is used

Cena goes on and flips out on Punk, threatening to chin check him.

Isn't it more likely that someone threatened to out him? And if that is so.

Whitaker: PFC William Santiago threatens to rat on Dawson to the Naval Investigative Service.

An illness that in an adult would be a minor inconvenience can be life threatening to an infant.

This is why so many countries are threatening to, and have already, looked to gold for financial security.

Her denial is a coping strategy invoked because the reality of the pregnancy is unimaginable and threatening to her.

The Defense Authorization Act of 2012) appears more threatening to Americans than Hitler's (1933 DISCRIMINATORY LAWS.

I have not felt threatened by Obama's administration nor do I see Romney's Mormonism to be threatening to Christianity.

There is little questioning of Big Daddy Government as they, by their actions, threaten to diver us, full speed, off this huge cliff.

They are changing laws about religion and psychiatric disorders in order to identify anyone who is potentially threatening to the NWO.

In 3% of cases threaten in is used

Wildlife is threatened in Mongolia.

On a global scale the dignity of the person is being threatened in real ways.

THE SOLUTION Your cat needs to learn that there is nothing threatening in the situation it is running from.

After all, he had annoyed many people with his outspoken thoughts and he had been threatened in response too but did that scare him? Not a chance.

The visitors vaguely threatened in the early exchanges, but only in the same sense as a drunk at a bar loudly bellowing to his friends to hold him back.

Their reign was threatened in the 13th century CE under the Solomonic Empire, and intermittent fighting continuing for the next three centuries with other tribes.

Until they can prove their reasons for wearing the burqa beyond a belief, their wish to wear it does not outweigh the right of the owner to not feel threatened in their own property if they do.

In 2% of cases threaten on is used

The Catholic Church seemed threatened on all sides.

Civil war also threatened on Mindanao, where groups of Moros opposed Christian settlement.

The world can be a scary, dangerous place where the life of the traveler is threatened on all sides.

In 1% of cases threaten about is used

We always fear our appraisals and get threatened about losing our performance bonus.

In 1% of cases threaten as is used

Yet Chelsea were still in the game and looked increasingly threatening as the game wore on.

Little additional contact was made with the community, but in 1935 their stability was greatly threatened as the Italian army marched into Ethiopia.

These are the practical secular effects of marriage, and certainly state financial support at least is threatened as the definition of marriage is broadened.

In 1% of cases threaten at is used

I do not feel threatened at the slightest, however, seeing as how tamed the beast appears.

PRISON AND DETENTION CENTER CONDITIONS Prison system conditions remained life threatening at times due to overcrowding, inadequate facilities, and lack of proper sanitation.

In 1% of cases threaten for is used

Surely you have some non-hijabi friends who have been threatened for not wearing the hijab.

In 1% of cases threaten from is used

USA and European union are the one most threatened from China.

Should India be another waking giant, then she might be able to lead the world into a much happier future than the new Dark Age that threatens from China.

In 1% of cases threaten of is used

I did my professional job by clicking there pictures, which irked police officials and from that day I was threatened of dire consequences.

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