Prepositions after "thoughtful"

"thoughtful about" or "thoughtful of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases thoughtful about is used

Be thoughtful about your answers.

You have to be thoughtful about it.

Even if you try to be thoughtful about it.

He's a highly-trained actor, he's very thoughtful about that and that grabbed me.

It sounds like your being very sensible and thoughtful about the whole situation.

She sounds like a grounded woman in Hollywood that's thoughtful about her choices.

Just be a little careful or thoughtful about the impact some of the things you do might have on you later on.

We need to keep waste levels as low as possible and be thoughtful about how we manage, control and remove it.

As a result of this experience, we are much more thoughtful about what we outsource and what we keep in house.

This could mean using them more or less, but I want to be more consistent and thoughtful about how I use them.

In 28% of cases thoughtful of is used

How thoughtful of you to warn us.

Tort thoughtful of an deep dessert.

It's very helpful and thoughtful of them.

He shows what changes can come about when people are caring and thoughtful of others.

It was especially thoughtful of them to actually invest time into creating something.

Also, the European Commission is certainly the best and most thoughtful of the many agencies that could do this.

You really are all actually sweet and thoughtful of others plus reading the blog posts is a superb delight to me.

I was taken aback and am now considering switching to someone more thoughtful of a patient's request for explanation.

He had ten sons, each thoughtful of the other's welfare, and two daughters equal (in beauty ), worthy of their family.

In 15% of cases thoughtful in is used

You are so thoughtful in your response.

You are usually thoughtful in your comments.

He was also very thoughtful in his responses.

These outcomes maybe, al has mostly built himself thoughtful in industrial creeks.

When coding your site, it's important to be thoughtful in your choice of meta tags.

Be thoughtful in your delivery in discussion or you may need to eat your words later.

Maybe if we're a bit more careful and thoughtful in our development of this digital world, we'll make less of a.

Senator Kennedy (and many, many others) have been equally clear, impassioned, and thoughtful in their discussion.

Despite his years of incarceration, Anni was incredibly up-to-date in his knowledge and thoughtful in his approach.

My observations and conversations with them suggest they are really trying to be thoughtful in their implementation.

In 7% of cases thoughtful for is used

Well, let's all be thoughtful for a moment.

Gerry looked thoughtful for a moment, then serious.

David Chamberlain Very thoughtful for a baby boomer.

The game is just too slow, in a good way, and thoughtful for more than one player.

And now his master, thoughtful for his need, Bought him a wife and gave him leave to breed.

Christian was not weak; all the more he was gentle and tender and thoughtful for those who were.

He looked thoughtful for a time, then said that although he didn't like it, and that he worried about me, he understood.

How very thoughtful for a King!:) After the tour, we went for a bit of shopping then came back to the hotel for some siesta.

In some cases, judges have considered the preferences of younger children, especially if they appear to be mature and thoughtful for their age.

In 4% of cases thoughtful to is used

Catch them being kind or thoughtful to one another.

He was kind, he was thoughtful towards others and he helped them.

Posted by: Jason Wong on March 18, 2006 =) Thanks for being thoughtful to the end.

One of these tragicomedies left some dregs at the viewer, thoughtful to the end of it.

Be as thoughtful to your housemate as your parents were to you and leave the cleaning to them.

When we share a moment out of our own lives to be thoughtful to someone around us, it actually helps us live better lives.

When I say ' naturally ', I mean someone who means it! The guys who opens a door for you, takes your coat, is thoughtful to others.

Starbucks became reactive, opportunistic, nimble and thoughtful to what trends they were seeing develop through their video view reports.

Besides the elegant decor and the special Western dishes, a winning point is that the restaurant is thoughtful to people's food preferences.

In 3% of cases thoughtful on is used

So, it's thoughtful on that part of the management.

Thanks for writing something this thoughtful on such a challenging topic.

Being thorough and thoughtful on the implementation should lead to a more successful transition.

It's time to be more thoughtful on how the apology dovetails into the whole reputation restoration strategy.

Oh yea, spending our money too! Thoughtful on March 11, 2012 5:19 PM: I'd stunned that people think he ended torture.

HE HAS BEEN STRONG AND THOUGHTFUL ON Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, AND Afghanistan, and is utilizing an increase of troops and a winning plan.

You have to be thoughtful on the way in, think about your objective, and then plot your course until you end up where you truly want to end up.

It was, therefore, thoughtful on the part of Presidents Kikwete and his Malawian counterpart to take it easy on what has cropped up -- the border dispute.

We are going to be thoughtful on how we grow but at the same time we will be thinking about accelerating growth and capturing the opportunity that exists here.

One suggestion to those men, who want to look smart in it, is to not over layer, because it can get quite bulky, and to be thoughtful on which item you would like to emphasise.

In 3% of cases thoughtful with is used

Be intentional and thoughtful with your time.

People should just learn to be more thoughtful with words.

You can be more progressive, more thoughtful with a few coloured.

He is subtle yet strong, and humorous and thoughtful with his delivery and his music.

I like being thoughtful with my gifts and I try to personalise what I buy for each person.

Au joli bois was in marked contrast: slower, more thoughtful with more touches of polyphony.

Then again, you may come with in order to be quite thoughtful with regards to the product that a person select.

Of course, they do not just appear on the table like that- you need to be a little thoughtful with the ingredient shopping.

Local politicians spend much of your tax money, one should be as thoughtful with those elections as with national elections.

I know it's better to deal with it effectively and surround yourself with those who are mature and thoughtful with their words.

In 2% of cases thoughtful as is used

Your comments are always very thoughtful as well as helpful.

I hope people can remember that and be thoughtful as to how that came about; Because of better combat medicine techniques.

Appreciation for being well thoughtful as well as for getting some ideal resources most people are really desperate to know about.

Therefore it is up to each and everyone one of us to remember this and be far more thoughtful as to who and how they choose to vote for or support.

I appreciate you for really being indeed thoughtful as well as for considering variety of nice ideas millions of individuals are really wanting to know about.

Appreciation for turning out to be so thoughtful as well as for picking out variety of smart resources millions of individuals are really needing to learn about.

Antonetti was also thoughtful as to what this amazing victory meant for the rest of the season: If possible this win must act as a starting point for our season.

Royce White wants to get the truth out there, so he says, and he's out to do so on Twitter, a public forum just about as understanding and thoughtful as the YouTube comments section.

In 1% of cases thoughtful at is used

They stood and looked very thoughtful at it.

But I wish I'd been a bit more thoughtful at the time.

But wanting to do something thoughtful at work can sure be complicated.

But Debategraph is surprisingly nimble and thoughtful at the same time.

The vocals were intense and soulful but introspective and thoughtful at the same time.

Watford General Hospital staff, where he was a patient, asked me and advised me about LCP, and were kind and thoughtful at all times.

To begin with, he actually had quite a good ride, doing his best to escape unscathed on female bishops and the EU whilst actually coming across as quite thoughtful at points.

He talked about the army making mistakes in the past, but also reminded the people of being thoughtful at a time when the army was facing tough conditions vis-vis national security.

In 1% of cases thoughtful by is used

Be thoughtful by remembering things she has said such as her favorite movie or restaurant.

Throughout our stay the staff at The Tuscany was thoughtful by inquiring about our stay and being sure to remind us they were there to help us in any way.

Rittweiler Karin Spain We wish to thank everybody at Barberyn Resort for being so kind, generous and thoughtful by giving us a wonderful and very special holiday in Sri Lanka.

In 1% of cases thoughtful like is used

A boy who is thoughtful like his daddy.

My current EUM would never do anything remotely thoughtful like that.

From his childhood, Prophet Muhammad was thoughtful like his ancestor Prophet Ibrahim.

Blood type B individuals tend to be balanced: thoughtful like A's and yet ambitious like O's.

In 1% of cases thoughtful rather is used

Be responsible and thoughtful rather than impulsive.

Even so, the mood is wry and thoughtful rather than despairing.

Encourage others to be thoughtful rather than to be rigid and narrow minded.

It helps that Ghonim is a methodical thinker whose plain and logical approach evokes a thoughtful rather than radical response.

In 1% of cases thoughtful towards is used

They were so thoughtful towards us.

Should be thoughtful towards the people closest to him.

He was very considerate and thoughtful towards my mother.

He was kind, he was thoughtful towards others and he helped them.

Virtue: Compassion Compassion means being kind and thoughtful towards others.

The biggest impact it has had on me is of being one of many various situations that have made me mistrustful of men's motives, of their ability to be thoughtful towards my feelings and desires.

In 1% of cases thoughtful without is used

Attentive and thoughtful without being cloying.

So morally thoughtful without being verbally forceful.

You can remain welcoming and also thoughtful without moving overboard.

The experience is physical without being sensual, thoughtful without being cerebral.

A great article, thoughtful without being confrontational, and I love the Sagan quote.

And it's possible to be a guy like that without being a push-over, it's possible to be thoughtful without being boring.

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