Prepositions after "thirsty"

thirsty for, in, after, of or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases thirsty for is used

Modern armies were thirsty for oil.

The Jews were thirsty for his death.

We too, are thirsty for eternal life.

He won his first bout, and it was page 1 story in a nation thirsty for Olympic glory.

There is a new generation around the world that is hungry and thirsty for leadership.

And I am very thirsty, she said -- I am very thirsty for the return of those children.

At this point I am so thirsty for new hardware/software and new game experiences that I can't help but be excited.

And the sense of? foreignness? does make it an attractive proposition in a society thirsty for international brands.

But before they reached the gates a troop of men, full in number, came toward them, thirsty for the blood of revenge.

In 8% of cases thirsty in is used

You get very very thirsty in the desert.

But Yuvanashva felt very thirsty in the night.

It is to be thirsty in the night and unslaked in the day.

Many can not be thirsty in the midst of abundance of water.

And yet so many of us are relentless and blood thirsty in our pursuit for it.

A well hydrated body will not wake you up thirsty in the middle of the night.

They beats bagels because bagels are too dry and leave you thirsty in your car.

You will dehydrate first and feel very much thirsty in this cold and windy weather.

The reason she's thirsty in the first place is that a few hours ago someone stole her drink.

I wake up SOOO thirsty in the night and can believe that having a big drink of water would help.

In 5% of cases thirsty after is used

I usually get thirsty after my third point of information.

I'd sure he is just getting thirsty after being locked in his room for days.

Some food and drinks stalls will be good - Kids tends to get hungry and thirsty after a workout.

During the 1897 Jubilee Pilgrimage to Lourdes, priest Franois Picard was thirsty after a long day.

Drinks and Food Whether you can paddle along leisurely to explore the seashore or take off for a paddling marathon, you will feel thirsty after an hour or two.

Just know that you should really only eat one mini bar (not TWO) in a day and you'll probably need to down a lot of water because I felt really thirsty after eating it.

As usual, we were very hungry &; thirsty after snorkeling for about an hour, I would seriously suggest that you bring your own supply of water no matter where you go; and plenty of it.

In 5% of cases thirsty of is used

Also, he was always thirsty of the Word.

And because i was thirsty of beer, I called Theuri, Mpesa and Akuku to borrow beer.

If you are still thirsty of experiences, make your way to Trafalgar Square to enter Be open sound portal.

As Google is thirsty of the new fresh content all the time so as the people are who search the data online.

This means that the God of Ibrahim is not thirsty for blood like the Inca gods or Hindu godesses were thirsty of blood.

May ALLAH save Karachi from MQM's Terrorist who are thirsty of blood o innocent people!! I still remember 12 May incident.

Did we believe that thirsty of three days will do ghusl but not drink coz of salt neways no need to discuss everyone knows the truth.

This generation is Thirsty of Development, de Kelly Wanda: Friday, March 11, 2011 Dear Taknet members! Sure indeed bwana Makango is right.

They were shouting, ' We want the Word of life! We are thirsty of the Word of God! ' But it was already too late, because the Lord had taken the church with Him.

In 3% of cases thirsty at is used

I never felt thirsty at the prison again.

You are making me both hungry and thirsty at the same time.

For example, you may be feeling thirsty at this moment and decide to get a drink.

But you certainly would feel a little thirsty at the middle of the session so keep a water bottle handy.

There was half a bottle left of my weekly water ration and I downed it all, thirsty at the though of going out.

An abridged, family-friendly operatic version of the classic tale, on the 3rd, 4th and 9th! THIRSTY at the National Arts Centre Studio.

Here in Zanzibar, the soil seems to be thirsty at all times; the heavy rain is eagerly absorbed, even if only the day before, such rain has fallen.

Sometimes I am early, and conveniently I become thirsty at the same time, so I go for a pint somewhere I can park and keep an eye on my car (the adventurers is usually closed).

In 40-odd years of quaffing the stuff, I've only ever had one of the latter (and if I hadn't been so thirsty at the time, my nose would have warned me before I actually sipped the stuff).

In 3% of cases thirsty during is used

I would wake up so thirsty and get so thirsty during the day.

Fasting is not all about staying hungry and thirsty during the day.

You will probably feel unusually hungry and thirsty during this time.

Heavy food like Rice and potatoes will make you sleepy and thirsty during exam.

Try to drink liquids between the meals so you won't feel thirsty during the meal.

Water bills usually rise during the summer, as people are thirstier during hot and humid days.

We had been thirsty during the days of heavy pulling in the pack, and our condition was aggravated quickly by the salt spray.

Someone who took a sip of water before fajer so he will not get thirsty during the day has impliedly with that intention to fast.

I had never done a three days fast but the Lord took me through it!! I had an owesome time with the Lord even though i was soooo thirsty during the fast.

Their Adhikr (capacity) is thus improved and they become fit to have Amrit Pan (to drink the Nectar ), for which they have been thirsty during their previous births.

In 3% of cases thirsty from is used

They were all hungry and thirsty from their narrow escape.

He is very thirsty from his journey and is craving for a drink of water.

Feeling pleasantly warm and thirsty from our dance, we returned to our beer.

I have become so thirsty from being in that thing, I would really like a drink of water.

Turned out he was just thirsty from just waking up, that was it and I turned it into more.

And the entrepreneurs among you wanted to sell the milk to those who were thirsty from the hike.

A person did not eat nor drink anything the entire day and remained hungry and thirsty from morning till evening.

Thirsty from bargaining over the din? Quench with a thandai, a milk, sugar, almond, cardamom and crushed ice concoction.

Rovie got a little thirsty from climbing Cerro San Cristobel It was actually mindblowing just to unpack the suitcase properly.

Thirsty from their meal, Les shows Bob how to drink water from rain-filled moss and the two settle in for a harmonica duet to boost spirits.

In 3% of cases thirsty on is used

I wondered why I felt so thirsty on the plane.

We also spend several Euro/day for water, as I get really thirsty on the bike.

I have been guilty of remembering the children but forgetting myself, and then getting very thirsty on the way.

When you say the car is thirsty on mileage, what exactly is the mileage you get? From what I have been able to find online, the 1.

They fettered and chained those defenseless ones for their crime of having accepted Islam and left them lying hungry and thirsty on the ground beneath the burning sun of Mecca.

Then what to say about those who do not offer Namaz at all? It is mentioned in narrations: One who gives up prayers dies thirsty and he will also rise thirsty on the Day of Judgement.

In 2% of cases thirsty by is used

I just started reading Come Thirsty by Max Lucado and it's about this very thing.

At the end of the meal, see if your baby is thirsty by offering him a bottle or cup of cooled, boiled water.

Imagine if you didn't drink anything throughout the course of the entire day, you'd be pretty damn thirsty by the end of it.

As they were thirsty by this time, Dennis proposed that they should repair together to The Boot, where there was good company and strong liquor.

The boy was made thirsty by the river and wanted to drink but he did not like the idea of drinking the water after the big man had drunk from the tub.

In 1% of cases thirsty as is used

Girls were thirsty as a result, and sought sources of water.

He believes that often we are not hungry but thirsty as the body confuses signals for water.

In 1% of cases thirsty due is used

However, you should drink more water for the first couple of weeks, as it can make you thirsty due to the improved blood circulation.

In 1% of cases thirsty instead is used

Kinda like the Hulk but we get thirstier instead of physically stronger.

Ask yourself if you are really hungry, or have a glass of water to see if you are thirsty instead of hungry.

We drank from a fountain when we were thirsty instead of using a cup or a plastic bottle every time we had a drink of water.

We drank from a water fountain when we were thirsty instead of using a cup or a plastic bottle every time we had a drink of water.

In 1% of cases thirsty like is used

Mana and Maya are thirsty like dry sand.

He was hungry like us, he was thirsty like us.

Being thirsty like that is the worst thing in the world.

Thinking that the animal was thirsty like him, he again went down into the well, filled his leather socks with water and gave it to the dog.

In 1% of cases thirsty to is used

Kingdom Citizens of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates KLC are also thirsty to feast on.

Thirsty to our stomach, we started almost immediately again and saw some light in the distant valley.

From the near constant complaining about being uncomfortable and thirsty to the incessant need to see every bathroom along the way, it is a wonder that anyone survives.

In 1% of cases thirsty with is used

You'll never go hungry or thirsty with a range of outlets to suit every taste and budget with.

It has never taught of murdering of 6 month old baby being thirsty with the arrow which is used for killing the huge animals.

Use a rain barrel instead of the tap - it's cheaper and your grass and plants prefer it! You can make your yard less thirsty with xeriscaping.

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