Prepositions after "thin"

thin on, in, at, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases thin on is used

The SLA was thin on the ground.

Humility was thin on the ground.

This will happen within one year.

Phew! Needless to say the Christmas Party this year will be somewhat thin on the ground.

Much thinner on the ground, and most of those highly specialized (ala Project Trevor).

No wonder truly great business leaders and truly great businesses are thin on the ground.

The good thing about wasting money on common areas, is that the waste is spread much thinner on a per capita basis.

THe headphones they shipped are better but with a range of Etymotic headphones, they are really thin on certain levels.

With Williams being tired toward the end of the match, Nowak was almost exposed himself for being thin on the backline.

With the cuts to public sector that are taking place those opportunities for young people are thinner on the ground.

In 15% of cases thin in is used

And he was kind of thin in ' 65.

Spread flour mixture thin in it.

Everbody Looks thinner in Black.

I have been stretched so thin in so many ways that nothing was really getting done well.

When we meet, you can say stuff like I look thinner in person, or younger or smarter.

You should roughen up them with a file or rasp and make them thinner in several spots.

As we pour, the water's flow should resemble a barley grain - thin in the beginning and end, while thick in the middle.

Women whose thumbs are weak and thin in the middle and fat at tips with knots, will marry for the sake of wealth alone.

So associations are trying to appeal to everyone and in some cases are spreading themselves pretty thin in the process.

In 8% of cases thin with is used

It's wearing very thin with me.

If necessary, thin with a little hot water.

Shoulders tend to be thin with little width.

I truly believe Yosemite Sam's act is wearing very thin with some players in New York.

And for a few years my season seems very thin with races, and even thinner with wins.

Unhealthily thin with only the thinnest layer of cushioning between her skin and her bones.

The word absurd has been worn thin with use, but there's no other way to describe what is happening in Russia today.

Be realistic Lastly, don't spread yourself too thin with an overwhelming and impossible number of goals and due dates.

Relatively smooth, but essentially thin with the rattling burr of Highland, Speyside and maybe Islay some way distant.

He told me that his patience is wearing a little thin with me and that he wouldn't be ok with these breakdowns forever.

In 8% of cases thin at is used

This means it's super thin at 9.

The new tablet is thinner at 7.

Value turnover was still thin at P4.

I ground them down to make them a little thinner at the top and not so chunky looking.

The keratinized stratified epithelium of the skin becomes thin at the margin of the lips.

For example, a circle or ' o ' might be thin at the top and bottom and wide on the sides.

The atmosphere would shift in a similar fashion, he said, becoming thicker at the poles and thinner at the equator.

With the Colts already thin at cornerback, the matchup on Welker figures to be a favorable one for New England as well.

Therefore an atmosphere of more (denser) material, will have a higher specific heat content then a thinner atmosphere.

While the continental crust ranges from 30 to 40 km in thickness, the oceanic crust is much thinner at only 6 to 11 km.

In 7% of cases thin for is used

I'd healthier and thinner for it.

That's really thin for someone who's 1.

She is pretty thin for how strong she is.

Your walls are a bit thin for the resolution of the map so end up as a ridge of spikes.

Since I'd a girl I admit I did enjoy being thin for that short while, but it didn't last.

Her lips were thin for a black woman though she never considered herself completely black.

Of course if the line is too thick or thin for you, simply redo the process and just change your brush size as needed.

The past 7 days has been SO crazy at uni and I honestly don't think I've been stretched this thin for such a long time.

Or use the heavier stuff for sleeves, the average for the body, and the thin for bands, as a previous poster suggested.

In 5% of cases thin of is used

I've gone through the thick and thin of life.

Monday's my favourite, thinnest of the week.

I had great fun through the thick and thin of 2012.

Capitalism has spun into free-fall, held aloft by the thinnest of Savings and Loans.

Recall if you will, but before Sendong took on a deadly spin, the air was thin of necessity.

They emote how to keep love alive through the thick and thin of it all and offer sage advice.

The Upanishads describe it as the path of the razor's edge, a balancing act on the sharpest and thinnest of lines.

Exponential computing transcends the thick and thin of world events in a trajectory curve, from one paradigm to another.

Instead, I feel as if I'd hovering in the air in this world, with only the thinnest of veils between me and the past.

Life is fragile, it's held by the thinnest of threads and it only takes a split second for that lifeline to be severed.

In 4% of cases thin as is used

She is thin as a rail and she's hot.

In 1975, we were thinner as a nation.

Voice of Kurtz: Free and thin as the air.

The hair on his head had become extremely thin as an effect of drugs administered to him.

Yet the viewer hears none of this: in terms of substance, Bowling is thin as an oil slick.

The media portrays being thin as the ideal body image, and many teens strive for that look.

I do however like it for that single fact that it discourages young teens to look as thin as the models on the catwalk.

It's at least three meters high, silvery and fluid, thin as a schwa, all ashimmer with otherworldly transcendant wossname.

Presently he returned with a small flask nearly full, and some slices of bread-and-butter, thin as wafers, in a paper-bag.

In 4% of cases thin by is used

Representativeness of THIN by region in 2000 and 2008.

The Harare Declaration seemed very thin by comparison.

The ice they're skating on is getting thinner by the day.

They discuss the shaking airmen there who have been stretched too thin by the war effort.

Vitamin E also keeps the blood thin by preventing blood platelets from clumping together.

I like the idea of my city and federal resources NOT being stretched thin by the uninsured.

Good luck! Joe started ENS in 2003 after most people he wanted to talk to about music were worn thin by his ramblings.

It all serves to confirm my exercise-starved and indolent sofa dream of becoming incredibly thin by not doing very much.

I would have thought that it was obvious that a joke, no matter how funny the first time, wears thin by the twentieth telling.

I spent the time off taking classes at the U, hoping to enrich an inner life stretched thin by years of pep-talking the jobless.

In 3% of cases thin to is used

I will be thin to the point of nothing.

I don't remember going from thin to fat.

The tend to be thin to medium thickness.

Adjust the mould from the thinnest to the thickest to make sure the action is smooth.

He mixed his own ' drinks '; everything from paint thinner to Lysol was thrown together.

You want the effect of the liner to be thin to thick from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

EYE2 then pearlescent eye shadow from thin to thick sequence applied to the eyelids, the color is light under the dark.

Friend said fat a lot, that time has been particularly care their own weight, so in the January storm thin to 80, mc no.

When the experience wears thin to this point for the player, in the traditional game, the only choice is to stop playing.

The prospect of having Rosicky and Freddie as our left-sided options, and Theo and Hleb as our right, seems a little thin to me.

In 2% of cases thin after is used

It can wear thin after a week of sleepless nights.

I hate people who are thin and are thin after eating what they want.

Their patience seemed to be wearing thin after all the checkpoints and stops on the way out of China.

When purchasing linen, it is important to look at the thickness of the material; too light or cheap and it can wear thin after a few washes.

The resources of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are stretched thin after years of record-setting numbers of disaster declarations.

A Jack by any other name I think I would rather have an ' interesting ' name than a sensible one, even if the jokes do wear a bit thin after a while.

Obviously, some shows do well over years and years, but others lend themselves to short story lines, or their characters would really wear thin after too long.

In 2% of cases thin from is used

I was growing thin from vexation.

It's far too thin from that distance.

The excuses come thick and thin from FSG.

It really is super thin from 14mm to 17mm at its thickest Review Ok, in a nutshell its great.

In fact, the evidence in humans is surprisingly thin from the perspective of scientific rigor.

He was thin from all the fasting he did? he allowed himself only a little bread and rarely any vegetables.

The police, fire, and emergency medical teams are exhausted and spread thin from days of responding to Sandy-related trauma.

So you with Detox meal to eat, a month can thin 6m8 Jin, so they called his diet, eat a lot, and thin from the stomach and thin.

Features of iphone 5: It has been said by Phil Schiller that iphone 5 is 18 % thinner from last invention, the device is only 7.

The 30m cubic feet balloon will expand as the atmosphere gets thinner from its current teardrop shape to swell out to full capacity.

In 2% of cases thin like is used

The hot oil is thin like water.

When our squad is thin like it is now I.

You see you think people of color thin like you.

The Acer S7 looks AMAZING! Full HD, beautiful screen, opens up flat and thin like a pencil.

If you want light and thin like an iPad this is obviously not something you are going to get.

We see only objects of a certain dimension, not too small like atoms and not too thin like air.

This will not be thin like milk, but just thinner than it comes out of the bottle, which makes it spread more easily.

I did look at the Playboy cover and noted that the model appeared to be wearing something kind of thin like a napkin.

Look at the white border on the bottom of the photo and the top plus right and left edges they look thin like a magazine.

LairyT xx March 23, 2010 at 2:27 pm spiderabc1 says: Christian magazine? How wonderful, and no doubt way too thin like the book.

In 1% of cases thin without is used

I would not mind being thin without curves.

They will never be thin without LOSING their health.

Blood is Thinner without Water Our body is composed of 75% water.

This one calls for mixers since the mouthfeel is so thin without roundness on the tongue.

If they could find a way to be thin without having to do any exercise they would take it.

But too many of us default to buying bigger and stretching ourselves too thin without thinking it through.

Should the membrane be thin without thickening near the insertion (absent lambda sign) then the twins are monochorionic.

N'Diaye will also need to log a lot of minutes and stay out of foul trouble, as UW is stretched thin without Kemp and Suggs.

People who fall under this category are lightweight and have the advantage of staying thin without gaining much body fat, as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained i.

Even if he does come back, will it be an Alex Rodriguez situation like last year? In the lineup, but not producing? Especially against lefties, this lineup looks pretty thin without Teixeira.

In 1% of cases thin about is used

I'd also quite interested what my colleagues at IBM thin about it.

What do your thin about content curation? If you have more tips, you should feel free to share them in comments.

There's something both moving and ultimately very thin about the alternative Mitt Romney presented because it was based ultimately so much on the promise of himself.

And as a study by Henry James was often in its tones something of a nocturne in grey and silver, even his eulogists managed to imply something slight or even thin about his work.

In 1% of cases thin through is used

Also, my wife for supporting me thick and thin through everything.

The influence of the Punnichy Arch is expressed as an east-west thin through the Saskatoon area.

We support their campaign to save the Arctic from oil drilling and mining as the ice get thinner through global warming.

Osteoarthritis is caused when the shock-absorbing cartilage in the joint becomes rougher and thinner through wear and tear.

Spread thin through the lower half of Manhattan were a few brave businesses who opened their doors despite the damage and lack of power.

There are usually no long term health implications from a horse that is too thin through lack of food, once he is back up to weight he will have normal health.

Although he made friends there, he remained devoted to her, and wore the carpet thin through the maze of hallways that connected his apartment to her tiny room.

Glasses went from large, heavy wooden and glass objects, to the thin, light weight tools - that can even become thinner through the need of progressed lenses.

In 1% of cases thin over is used

Although thinner over these areas, the tissue is still normal.

Even then, it would be easy to get spread too thin over multiple buildings.

In fact it has been getting thinner and thinner over the last five hundred and so years.

Don? t spread yourself too thin over payments as this is going to be a long term commitment.

These ingredients cut oil production without causing the skin to become thinner over time.

To conceal the foam, I use some spanish moss or some sheet moss stretched thin over the top of the foam.

It has never been more true that Apple is obsessed with making its products ever lighter and thinner over time.

The trouble is, for we fans, that our tolerance has been stretched rather thin over the last few years with performances of this type.

I've been wondering whether there's only so much intelligence available, and it's being spread thin over an out-of-control population.

Spread too thin over numerous battlegrounds without a champion to voice their concerns nationally, the local LGBT community is nearing lethargy.

In 1% of cases thin during is used

Traffic movement was also thin during the time.

I have also filled in more material on the tabs where it was thin during the initial pouring.

I possibly got a bit too thin during my diet) mostly due to taking up distance running during the losing process.

Moreover, trading activity remained thin during the week ending October 25, ahead of long weekend for Eidul Azha.

Mom told me that she used to be a model, very thin during that time and she was named Tingting, vernacular for broomstick.

My first inkling that something was wrong came at Christmas in 1992, when he appeared terribly thin during his visit home.

The surviving females were too thin during the next breeding year, but in the following season most were ready to reproduce.

The Bawas remain encamped throughout, performing whenever they can attract an audience, but attendance is thinner during the mid-weeks of the festival.

But the main problem is not time, it is your wallet and the fact that you simply can not afford to stretch your finances too thin during these tough economic times.

Unfair While Sri Lanka needs big investments, we should also be fair by those who struggled and stood by thick and thin during the troubled years and didn't go away.

In 1% of cases thin due is used

The patience of Canadians has already worn thin due to the constant threat of separation.

The hair may turn grey or get thinner due to hair loss or our skin may begin to sag and wrinkle.

Moreover, the vegetation cover along the west bank of the reservoir is generally thin due to industrialization.

Apart from a red bone nothing came from the goat the goat was very thin due to famine and as such, there was no meat on the bones.

Arguably, the first film's driving force was the strongest of all four films, which have become thinner and thinner due to increasingly flimsy ideas.

In 1% of cases thin around is used

We are wearing thin around the heart.

Billionaire visions are pretty thin around here.

They were also wearing rather thin around the crotch area.

The bezel is very thin around the sides, and the whole thing is just 7.

Ideally, the dough should be thinker in the centre and thinner around the edges.

The patience of local councils is starting to wear thin around dairying's impact on waterways, and the murmerings are becoming darker.

The Beam might not be the lightest, or the thinnest around but the simple fact that it also is packing along a projector makes it full of win.

The small zenit-angle results not only in a high net radiation but also in a deeper penetration of UV-light, and the ozone layer is thinner around the equator.

In 1% of cases thin across is used

Funding is limited and personnel can be spread thin across many tasks.

Stretching yourself too thin across several weeks and matchups at once is very difficult.

Not enough to do as much as you'd like for your website, so you spread it thin across a lot of content and pages.

You will see larger profits when you master one form of investment rather then spread yourself too thin across many others.

Spreading yourself too thin across communities and niches where your products and services aren't needed will only make more work for you.

When you have limited time and resources and spread yourself too thin across countless social channels, that is when you put your company and yourself at risk.

Along the remainder of A-A ', the Mannville is thin across the Kindersley and Swift Current highlands, except where it fills valleys on the sub-Mannville unconformity surface.

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