Prepositions after "thick"

"thick of" or "thick with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases thick of is used

REALLY? Stick to The Thick of it.

He must be in the thick of the play.

For origin, see BBC's The Thick Of It.

FF would have loved to be in the thick of it, but has to take it easy(doctor's orders).

Writer Simon Blackwell wrote on Twitter: ' Apparently BBC America bleeped The Thick Of It.

When you are in the thick of a fight there is a certain exhilaration that keeps you going.

The episode of the Thick Of It where an entire database is lost because it was kept on a USB key was hardly fanciful.

The infantry units in which he served, both in Korea and Vietnam, often found themselves in the thick of the fighting.

Words to Race By There is no shortage of catchy phrases to inspire or motivate you when you're in the thick of a race.

Moving into the thick of the battle, they stormed the Confederacy's flagship in their Eta-2 Actis -class interceptors.

In 20% of cases thick with is used

The air is thick with pollution.

The air seems to be thick with them.

The whole place was thick with dust.

Everyone was amped, the air was so thick with excitement that it was almost tangible.

If you have a knife but don't keep sharpening it, it will get coated thick with rust.

The river is thick with heavy metals and lethal chemicals that cause cancer, it says.

It contains a large proportion of multi year sea-ice that is 3-4m (10-13 feet) thick with some much thicker ridges.

Battles became frontlines of attrition which would not move until the ground was thick with the flesh of sacrifice.

The yoghurt is ready when most of the liquid has drained out and the remaining yogurt is thick with a firm texture.

Well when it came time for the girl to walk home, the house, yard and street was thick with parents picking up kids.

In 9% of cases thick in is used

The tension was thick in the air.

Her voice felt thick in her throat.

His tongue felt thick in his mouth.

The line is drawn thick in the apprehension of loss of land and a number of casualties.

Everything is so thick in over-explanation that character subtlety is an impossibility.

We had a middle class back then and whiffs of the Oil Boom were still thick in the air.

The new iPod Nanos could be a great size for a fully functional iPhone, although perhaps a bit thicker in the hand.

In addition, areas in the superior parietal lobule and occipital pole were thicker in patients relative to controls.

Anyone who thinks compliant media can save the Labor party and their Green and Independent mates is thick in the head.

Brain regions associated with attention and sensory processing were thicker in meditators than in the non-meditators.

In 5% of cases thick on is used

They looked about 1ft thick on tv.

Vegetation was thick on the surface.

The snow is quite thick on the ground.

Confusion gets thicker on this issue as every effort to look for clarity is torpedoed.

Frosted glass thicker on the subsequent processing fees charged be reduced accordingly.

But they were so thick on the floor that we could only sweep them up before we could walk.

The wind blew cold, snow lay thick on the ground and each day the villagers went about their lives with heavy hearts.

The Goths seem to have been thick on the ground in northern Italy; in the south they formed little more than garrisons.

It's thicker on one side than on the other, to make it rest more easily in the hand when you're reading an ebook, say.

Their voices, dying as they fly, Thick on the wind are sown; The names of men blow soundless by, My fellows ' and my own.

In 4% of cases thick at is used

Seriously men are so thick at times.

I love my maths, but I'd a bit thick at it.

The mixture will be rather thick at this stage.

And the mud was so thick at times you could barely break the suction holding your foot.

This knob must not be less than one-half inch (1 / 2 ' ') thick at the top of the shaft.

Butternut: They have a creamy beige skin and have an elongated shape thicker at one end.

The atmosphere would shift in a similar fashion, he said, becoming thicker at the poles and thinner at the equator.

The tibia is a much longer bone than the fibula and is much thicker at the proximal end than it is at the distal end.

I kept the shape thick at the beginning of the brow and then made a sharp line at the arch, then blended the line down.

In 4% of cases thick for is used

It was too thick for ponytails.

WAY too thick for cinnamon rolls.

Pancake was so-so and too thick for me.

Always finish with a layer of concrete at least 2 inches thick for a maximum strength.

Our blood becomes very thick for allowing toxins in its due to less drinking of water.

I guess this is because the mixture is too thick for the air bubbles to escape easily.

Of course, such rumors have been swirling for a while -- and now the smoke seems too thick for there not to be a fire.

It never even started going thick for one second, so I had to go out and buy a different lot of cream and start again.

I would ask my brother countrymen to please have a look at the moon which is still very thick for eid to be celebrated.

Heavy Weight Upholstery -- extra durable heavy traffic upholstery that is too heavy or thick for any type of draperies.

In 3% of cases thick as is used

Thick as the proverbial pig's mess.

It should be thick as the forefinger.

Goose down grows thicker as well as in.

So, like, about as thick as your finger, or a little less than twice as thick as an iPhone 4S.

Through the Aqualung years in ' 71, that was consolidated by the time we got to Thick as a Brick.

As you progress through the batch, the batter will tend to become thicker as the leavenings work.

It's nice to see this kind of intelligence in public roles (even if the rest of the bureaucracy is thick as a brick).

One short and thick as a pipe, installed tobacco use; long and thin and bent the top for the straw, used for smoking.

As for the mp3 book, I have yet to see (at least for me) a viable e-reader for something so thick as a scholarly book.

So by the time we got to Thick as a Brick, I mean, four albums into a career, I had a pretty good idea what I was doing.

In 1% of cases thick around is used

How is our country like obesity? It's thick around the middle.

And then we also had barbed wire that was quite thick around our position.

The nylon is typically thicker around the shoulders and neck of the jacket.

Lanugo hairs secure the vernix caseosa in place and it is thick around the eyebrows.

The smallest of the thing's limbs was thicker around than all four of his together.

The grass was thick around the house and there was a foul smell of dead mussels everywhere.

But there are always some thick around who do not understand God's intentions or the power of God's surrogate, money.

The model's hair here is quite thick around these sort of areas here and we want to make it a bit more of a tassled look.

That His physical presence would be so thick around me I would feel His arms as if they were human arms wrapped around me.

Twenty years ago, this Air Force veteran found himself marooned in an office job, growing bored and rather thick around the waist.

In 1% of cases thick by is used

That is because rattan poles are rather thick by nature.

Like in real paint, you start thin, and get thicker by the end.

De-icers for cutting into ice Pour a 6-mm thick by 75-mm wide (1/4 in.

The thick batter was made even thicker by refrigeration and my makeshift piping bag burst at the seams.

You could argue that Milburn was a bit thick by getting so close to an alien species that might be hostile.

If you are prebaking the crust and it still gets soggy make the juice in the filling thicker by using corn starch.

It's a brush pen: this allows for a precise line that you can make thin or thick by using different pressure/angling.

As the yellow mixture is a little thick by the time I incorporate both white n yellow together my white have deflated.

The difficult part was navigating through the crowd, which was growing thicker by the minute; the path was a sea of umbrellas.

Like what I've done with my other shoes, I made the sole thicker by sending the shoes to a cobbler, so that they will last longer.

In 1% of cases thick from is used

On steel string guitars, the strings get thicker from high to low.

My two cents about Crawford is that he got to thick from working out.

Take a sharp knife and cut rings(discs), about 2cm thick from the roll.

Even though the device looks somewhat thick from above, its apparently very thin and weighs light.

You want the effect of the liner to be thin to thick from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

The salmon haven't disappointed though and haven been fairly thick from eastern beach up to Lake Tyers beach.

She's a north korean spy so her skull is extra thick from all that training, that's why it doesn't blow a hole in her head.

Think of the east Berliner who was separated by a wall a mere six inches thick from the west, not far from it but not in it.

Make a vertical incision, one skin thick from the top to bottom, and using your nails peel off the first layer with the skin.

For, as was before said, every compound of earth and water-and both nutriment and blood are such-becomes thicker from concoction.

In 1% of cases thick like is used

We were so thick like that in everything.

My contradict thick like a Mickey D shake.

It's like the best caramel you've ever had, thick like molasses.

NB April 22, 2012 After boiling, there is something thick like cheese on upper layer.

This filling is extremely thick like actual cookie dough and really couldn't be piped.

It is dark and thick like honey, and can get chunky/coagulated once removed from the body.

If given something very thick like sidewalk chalk, children tend to have a better grip so you could try that as well.

Once the rice gets cooked and water is absorbed fully, the rice mixture will become thick like a ball, switch off the stove.

If this negative pressure persists, fluid from lining of the middle ear will build up and eventually become thick like glue.

The syrup was ready when it was thick like molasses and at that point It could be made into sugar in the same way as maple sugar.

In 1% of cases thick over is used

Chemtrails thick over Austin today.

Despair hangs thick over Athens, and rightfully so.

It makes your lashes grow longer and thicker over time.

His fur was soft and thick over his lithe, athletic body.

The sediments are generally thick over most of the country.

The sand was thick over his black shoes and the heat hit him.

There is a very thick ice sheet (km thick over most of the continent).

The protective cover would be much thicker over there, so it makes sense.

The other grouse is that the bottom of the crust seems to be getting thicker over the years.

If the stew becomes too thick over time, you can add additional liquid to thin it out as needed.

In 1% of cases thick to is used

The forest cover varies from thick to sporadic.

You may see Gram-variability from the thick to the thin areas.

The only gripe was that, the pastry was slightly thicker to my liking.

Converting in the other direction (Thick to Thin) is a bit more complicated.

The normal involves tuning the strings from the thickest to the thinnest.

Stir in a drop of water before serving if it does become too thick to drizzle.

Leaves may range from large to tiny, round to elongated, thick to paper-thin, waxy to rough.

When crossing the bridge over the river to the village the earth crust goes from 4 km thick to only 4-5 m thick.

Christie had to make a statement for his state as he will be up for reelection, but the laying on thick to obama was sickening.

Greek finance minister Evangelos Venizelos has given an interview to Reuters, and he's laying it on thick to the private bondholders.

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