Prepositions after "test"

"test for" or "test in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases test for is used

We have 36 labs to test for MDR TB.

Kaffee: Rag was tested for poison.

They are always testing for past use.

The bigger, stronger levees were tested for the first time by Hurricane Gustav in 2008.

TEST TEST TEST Test all processes, features, add-ons, and definitely test for high traffic.

A continuous program of testing for contaminants must established to assure water safety.

Further, there still needs to be a lot of testing for i18n users, and lang files need to be created and populated.

However, when I run your demo into any of the IE browsers I have to test for, (IE9, IE8, &IE7); the demo doesn't work.

In the mean time, youre thinking ' IM TAKING ANTIRETROVIRALS! IM FINE!!! ' and not regularly getting tested for HIV.

Bye When I was just about to shut the door and walk out, the doctor reminded me not to forget testing for HIV/Aids.

In 22% of cases test in is used

BCG was and is tested in animals.

This move has to be tested in operation.

The system is already being tested in Rwanda.

None of the 843 specimens tested in total was either culture or PCR positive 288, 289.

When tested in hard sciences, girls tend to clump in the middle of the statistical range.

The streetcars will undergo testing in Thunder Bay and at the TTC's test track in Toronto.

Norm-Referenced Tests A test in which the pupil's performance is compared with the performance of a specified group: e.

This method was tested in the laboratory, using 1 to 4 layers of sari cloth to filter pond and river water containing V.

Every new business in telecom is pilot tested in MTNL at tax payers expensess with no accountability for that descisions.

Thus, the FR-1 squadron continued testing in the post-war peacetime force as the Navy's leading experimental fighter unit.

In 12% of cases test on is used

It is easy to test on a localhost.

NET code-behind and do unit testing on it.

It plays perfect when tested on the box site.

Dimension Data had carried out penetration testing on the kiosks and found no issues.

We will have new bodywork to test on the Friday, and we will also run KERS on both cars.

Sometimes, the participants needed to be tested on the content to assess their learning success.

Vegans are people who avoid products from animal sources or products tested on animals in an effort to avoid harming animals.

The influence of four traits tested on voter decisions were competency, attractiveness, public deceitfulness and personal threat.

I have tried their products and I can say they are excellent!! Also they are 100% natural ayurveda products and not tested on animals.

We know that the past can not be changed; PETA does not advocate throwing out every drug on the market that has been tested on animals.

In 11% of cases test by is used

She would also be tested by the e-meter.

A scientific argument is tested by the data not by reputation.

It has not yet tested by the users, but it appears really easy.

Photosensitivity induced by contact with certain items can be tested by photopatch tests.

Reliable -- SEO PowerSuite tools have been battle -- tested by SEO experts and website owners.

These hypotheses are then tested by comparing predictive accuracies of the competing models 16.

Hypothesize: to propose a hypothesis, an explanation, or interpretation that can be tested by further investigation.

This was supposed to work seamlessly and it was tested by organizers across the country in advance on several dry runs.

If the first-tier assay result is positive or equivocal, then the same serum specimen is retested by separate IgM and IgG immunoblots.

Rolex was the first watchmaker to create a model that was water-resistant and was tested by famed oceanographer Jacques Piccard in 1960.

In 7% of cases test with is used

K2mart was tested with Virtuemart 2.

You don't need to test with many customers.

These notes have been tested with Oracle 7.

And there are some other detailed predictions that we can test with some new observations.

Then establish which pairs of terminals are the three windings by testing with and ohm meter.

I had to know my athletes well and have an overview of what federation tested with which methods.

Testing with the actual racing car is technically possible, but tends to be the exception due to the regulations.

They need to be designed and tested with the target markets to ensure they offer a smooth experience for customers.

During the course of this research the studio has become a place for experimentation and testing with new and unexplored materials.

In the past five years, the group of 17 countries using the single currency had been tested with a cascade of bad news and criticism.

In 4% of cases test at is used

But again, the team mentioned that the games economy needs to be tested at scale.

I can't be sure why it would have limited seats if it needs to be tested at scale.

It was bundled politically with Blackspot funding and Random Breath Testing at the time.

On large tracks I suppose it helps, but testing at Curbrough showed a big improvement with just the rear.

This was not available for testing at the IFA event but the 1366x768 HD display was deemed to be quite good.

I believe her medication controls her psychosis, however on meds she tests at 90% psychotic on her brain tests.

Progress toward the goals was to be measured against high standards and by testing at national and state levels.

The data was collected at the beginning of a trial for a baseline and then tested at 9pm at night on the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th day.

Some tubewells that had safe drinking water when first tested were found to be contaminated with arsenic when tested at a later time.

Ironically, the Greek athlete who could inherit one of the golds avoided pre-race drug testing at the Athens Games resulting in her ban from both Athens and Beijing.

In 3% of cases test against is used

This null hypothesis is tested against one of the.

Instead, they are tested against placebo, and so all we know is that they are better than nothing.

Under examination systems all patent applications are scrutinised and tested against the country's patentability criteria.

A different pattern emerged when populations were tested against Cry34/35Ab1 maize and its non-Bt near isogenic hybrid (Fig.

It must have a control group, so an intervention is tested against another intervention -- an inert placebo, or an existing drug.

We can't wait for 30 years to see if a model is any good or not; models are tested against the past, against what we know happened.

From the first June test against England, it seems we're going downhill, except for the Aussie match where we played some rugby for once.

But that doesn't mean that content will work beyond the particular browser versions you happened to test against, much less have longevity.

With every content change -- from background colour onwards -- tested against a performance baseline, organisations can continually hone the customer experience.

This intentional difference in content is one reason why the Bible is more easily evaluated historically, as it simply contains more historical facts that can be tested against other sources.

In 2% of cases test to is used

After all, QA still must be able to develop test cases and test to them, etc.

They offer such low levels of protection and are tested to such laughably low standards as to be an utter waste of time.

And those shared experiences provide the basis for new and compelling ideas, the next time you have to explain testing to them.

I felt tested to my very core in every aspect, and I faced great heartache and truth, when I saw clearly some very brutal home truths.

Good Start offers pre-pregnancy carrier testing to physicians whose patients want to know the risks of passing genetic diseases to their children.

But Kalorama estimates that new proven biomarkers, and a desire to better target cancer therapy, have grown personalized medicine testing to a $28 billion market in 2011.

While probably the finest still camera we've tested to date, the Nikon D4 also has a surprise in store: video that's on par with the king of HDSLR video, the Canon 5D Mark III.

There are unbelievably amazing things happening in that community from robotics to jQuery to Node to Backbone to testing to advanced statistics, and so much demands your attention.

Have fun! While probably the finest still camera we've tested to date, the Nikon D4 also has a surprise in store: video that's on par with the king of HDSLR video, the Canon 5D Mark III.

In 1% of cases test after is used

I know your schedule calls for eight full weeks of testing after code freeze.

Ding then had further testing after complaining of a fever, cough, and bodily weakness.

Questions remain about the air quality within the building and has been requested to be tested after any future clean up and usage of disinfectant.

In 1% of cases test as is used

Today she can be found teaching, writing and speaking about testing as well as working in Extreme Programming teams.

These perceptions can be further tested as to how easily this value is perceived by potential customers through focus groups.

The majority of acne breakouts really disappears by itself, as well as drinking water could be a person greatest assist in cleaning acne breakouts.

In elective surgical settings it has been shown repeatedly that routine laboratory testing as a screening procedure, is non-rewarding and uneconomical 5-9.

You will find testing packages regarding black mold which you can use yourself, thus testing as well as assessment of your property is not a pricey proposition.

Trials and Approvals Simcere Pharma (NYSE: SCR) was given SFDA approval to begin China clinical trials of BD0801, an anti-angiogenesis drug that will be tested as a treatment for cancer (see story).

In 1% of cases test before is used

Theology makes an assumption that really needs to be tested before the discipline has any worth.

Everyone assumes that Wi-Fi must have been rigorously tested before being rolled out into schools and public places.

The CGI-bin implementation was how the critical thickness portion of the code was tested before incorporation into k? p Sim.

Also, most charities will not accept electrical goods as they would need to pay to have it tested before being able to donate or sell it.

Sochi will host 22 sports events this coming winter in order to make sure that all venues are fully tested before the Games in 2014, where 98 medal events will be held.

In 1% of cases test during is used

According to STRATFOR sources, their loyalty is often tested during their training in the centers form the north of Teheran and Qom.

Before doing one site live some tests must be done like load testing during the rush hour, load balancing and the backup site if the original one is down.

Best Track: Small Points: The NHC working best track is an experimental product that the National Hurricane Center is testing during the 2009 hurricane season.

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