Prepositions after "terrify"

terrify of, by, for, at or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases terrify of is used

Referees are terrified of issuing red cards.

In fact, Americans are terrified of everything.

Everyone is terrified of her even the Inspector.

Newspapers would have been terrified of a legal challenge from such a popular national figure.

One, cowardice -- I was terrified of letting anyone qualified get anywhere near my manuscript.

It's like knocking on doors in the South asking people to vote, and they're terrified of voting.

I have been terrified of them dying from it for a long time and was the first owner to have her horse vaccinated.

I'd absolutely terrified of going to U of T because of all these horrible posts on how challenging and soulless it is.

As one GOP fundraiser said, Latinos may have been disillusioned by Obama, but they were absolutely terrified of Romney.

That was 5 years ago and I look back and am thankful that it happened because now I am not terrified of losing my passport.

In 14% of cases terrify by is used

Stags are terrified by people and motor vehicles during the hunt.

As a young boy, I was terrified by her loud snoring while sleeping beside her.

Above all, men are beguiled who are either bewitched by pleasure or terrified by fear.

Western military was never terrified by Muslim swords, which Muslims succeeded in using it against unorganized inhabitants.

Red-haired Niamh Marie O'Donovan, aged 3, had her picture taken with the visitor and burst into tears, terrified by the attention.

That girl has been terrified by her father before with a gun and lately (before she run away) with a knife telling her that if she do something to dishonor the family she'll pay for it.

Alexander, it seems, was the first of many, but even he failed, defeated, in the end, not by the enemy, but by the fear of his own army, terrified by the stories from seeking the loot he.

In 7% of cases terrify for is used

I'd terrified for my friend going into the air force.

The politics of this in an election year are terrifying for the Administration to contemplate.

This can be nerve-wracking at the best of times but positively terrifying for parents (Shanghainese taxi drivers not being renowned for their calm and considered driving skills!).

In 6% of cases terrify at is used

The demons are all terrified at this ominous and frightening occurrence.

They are terrified at looking stupid or craven in public -- being accused of bringing KP back too soon, or giving in to him.

Isn't the point of going overseas to leave your comfort zone? Posted by: Gins and Tonic on December 10, 2009 1:48 PM Slightly terrified at the insularity of the comments here.

In 4% of cases terrify about is used

Lucille is terrified about something, and it is this fear which destabilises her, and has her seeking refuge in an asylum.

In 2% of cases terrify as is used

They are terrified as to what KP may say whilst commentating for ESPN and 2.

Once walking lazily to his lodge he noticed that the city of Dal'aran ally looked as deserted and terrifying as the result of this midnight and the terrible winter.

In 2% of cases terrify in is used

The ears and tail are sort of cute, and the eyes, albiet terrifying in their constant swirling and darting, are impressive for LED toy eyes.

In 2% of cases terrify out is used

I still can't understand what Sir Alex out took two of the most direct players for one who can hold onto a ball owing to his languidness and one who was played terrifying out of position.

In 2% of cases terrify to is used

I was terrified to showcase my writing to everyone, let alone to an editor.

In 1% of cases terrify after is used

I am terrified after a few experiences during the check-ups I've had at QE.

In 1% of cases terrify because is used

I was terrified because of what could happen to my participants and translators.

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