Prepositions after "terrible"

"terrible for" or "terrible at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases terrible for is used

Terrible for what the family is.

Wellington is TERRIBLE for this.

Like, not terrible for a tv show.

Let's hope your poor auntie can find better care!! That's terrible for your Auntie.

That franchise had been terrible for a number of years before GB stumbled upon him.

Ammonia is often used in household products, and it can be terrible for your health.

But it's going to be terrible for the one who betrays me! That man would be better off if he had never been born.

Nor does it address the thousands of other things we eat that are terrible for us, such as potato chips or fries.

If he really does have kids I feel terrible for them; I assume it's fairly difficult to have sociopathic parents.

Then Moreau appeared, his massive white face all the more terrible for the blood that trickled from his forehead.

In 25% of cases terrible at is used

I'd terrible at it but it's fun.

I'd pretty terrible at it so far.

Lana: I was terrible at that game.

The history of workforce planning in Australia shows governments are terrible at it.

Some el-cheapo graphics cards are also terrible at high resolutions, on ANY monitor.

Im terrible at remembering my pill, so i thought this would be a good choice for me.

Again, I don't like what you did, but I can understand how you might not have thought it was terrible at the time.

As we will learn soon, we have different kinds of memory ability, and virtually no one is terrible at all of them.

I write not as a Saudi siding with a Saudi but as a human being feeling terrible at the loss of an innocent infant.

I felt pretty terrible at leaving so much of my dessert, I decided to turn things around and lighten the situation.

In 13% of cases terrible in is used

And it feels terrible in the hands.

I am terrible in this type of games.

E: The boys are terrible in this class.

This is called ignorance people, and it is icky (and also looks terrible in khakis).

This isn't terrible in itself, but it does mean that supplies are sometimes limited.

She can be feeling good in the morning and terrible in the afternoon, or vice versa.

I just can't work without a keyboard, touch screens are still TERRIBLE in terms of responsiveness and general feel.

So, if Obama was terrible in Denver at the debate this year, it was because of something else, making him terrible.

I suppose it would be a lot like being married to an incredibly hot and witty partner who was terrible in the sack.

I'd be terrible in the old timey days when people had to rely on their intellect to stimulate their brain activity.

In 8% of cases terrible about is used

I really feel terrible about it.

Frankly we feel terrible about it.

They feel terrible about cancelling.

Why shouldn't he feel terrible about them, too? I accidentally raped my boyfriend.

She bitterly resented me and wanted me to feel as terrible about myself as she did.

I feel really terrible about the effect that it's had on my witness to this person.

I felt terrible about this as school buses were all arranged so that students from two schools could take part.

This is all to say that sometimes things happen and they make you feel terrible about yourself and your future.

One day, they too will end up in a situation and will be judged in similar ways and will feel terrible about it.

Not only that, but it should make anyone who takes part in it feel pretty darn terrible about what they've done.

In 5% of cases terrible on is used

Im terrible on keeping receipts.

The color is a bit terrible on me.

Definitely terrible on that front.

Obama ' s campaign: The president really was absolutely terrible on the debate stage.

My anxiety and depression was terrible on Friday and I took a real turn for the worse.

This often looks terrible on job applications and is not the image you want to present.

I don't have a good reason; it's the best paint scoring team in league and the Heat have been terrible on defense.

Yes the Conservatives are terrible on all of these but the Left is an order of magnitude worse on EVERY one of them.

Also, some pieces in charity shops may look terrible on the hanger but with the right outfit they can look fantastic.

I know, because I've got a Pioneer BluRay and netflix is terrible on it unless I bypass everything leaving the player.

In 5% of cases terrible to is used

They sound terrible to our ears.

So of course it is terrible to you.

Not that I am terrible to it or anything.

So at that time, the thought of going 8-4 or 9-3 would not have been terrible to me.

The acting of the minor characters is, however, terrible to the point of being funny.

Mary will be terrible to the devil and his followers, like an army set in battle array.

That doesn't seem so very terrible to me, particularly given the depressing quality of so many American high schools.

It is as disagreeable, and as hateful, and as terrible to them as the grossest and thickest darkness can be to others.

Ste was really terrible to her, but she knows that no one deserves to be treated that way, no matter what they've done.

Her death was terrible to me; but I, once a lord of language, have no words in which to express my anguish and my shame.

In 4% of cases terrible with is used

But we are terrible with the ' why.

Microsoft is terrible with databases.

I think I'd be terrible with a comedy.

I could never get myself to eat in the morning (I was/is terrible with breakfast).

Tues 17th October A very slow day today, feeling terrible with monstrous headache.

I'll be heading into town at some point but I'd terrible with hunting through rails.

Jay-Z tried to ease the tension with a joke, saying he's terrible with the phone, but Bob wasn't having any of it.

I'd shy and timid and feel like a hermit who write a blog because I'd terrible with social media - the connecting part.

I have a particular problem in that I'd great with women at friends ' parties, but terrible with women in public places.

Come to think of it, maybe it's just Sean that's terrible with machines! In today's passage Paul is in a shipwreck, see.

In 3% of cases terrible of is used

The most terrible of major sins.

Wallach allows with terrible of any efficiency.

Tsar Ivan The Terrible of Russia became insane.

Terrors - To death, which even Aristotle called, The most terrible of all terribles.

All this is now at risk - the most terrible of gadda teachings, the Forbidden Texts, have.

But instead they have to flip a total bitch and tell you how terrible of a person you are.

Incidents at Clairefontaine, and later in Marseille, cemented his reputation as l'enfant terrible of French football.

Splinters is a brand new collection of short fiction from the l'enfant terrible of dark British fiction, Joseph D'Lacey.

I know that sounds terrible of me to say but that way they can always hide behind the rhetoric that you didn't try hard enough.

The Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is a take about a bounty hunter who hunts down the Wild West's most terrible of criminals and outlaws.

In 2% of cases terrible as is used

Clattenburg has been terrible as of late.

Philip Fox isn't exactly terrible as the character.

Abati is a good critic but he is terrible as an image maker.

People blamed him about the powerplay, but he was never terrible as a coach overall.

Keith on October 25, 2012 at 2:42 am Ivanovic has been terrible as a CB for Chelsea.

Lucy (Cara Christie) is deeply scarred after witnessing something terrible as a child.

This is my beloved and this is my friend; he is as fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners.

Ri-an is especially busy juggling acting on top of her idol career, and it's a running gag that she's terrible as an actress.

As wonderful and terrible as the university experience is it's always cushioned by the innate knowledge that it's not actual.

Who is she that comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array? V/.

In 1% of cases terrible after is used

I felt terrible after the York game.

Sometimes it was terrible after a game.

I've never felt so terrible after a loss.

I felt terrible after surgery and was annoyed with myself for tearing but, that's life.

Had to wait in a very long queue for custom clearance, it was terrible after a very long flight.

Then you feel terrible after that, because you got rid of God, but that means you got rid of yourself.

This process is to be held responsible for looking terrible after a bad night's sleep -- but can be overcome by simply getting an extra hours sleep.

The toil was severe, and the companionship uncouth, but despite his blistered hands and aching back, he had not experienced anything so very terrible after all.

Wool coats today are scratchy, cheap synthetic blends that might look good but do nothing to keep you warm -- and then they look terrible after the first winter.

In 1% of cases terrible against is used

O'Dea was terrible against Germany but he also kept a clean sheet in Moscow.

My main issue is the yet another lefty on a team is already terrible against LHPs.

But the truth of the matter is we shot the ball terrible against Glenville too, so.

The bengals defence is terrible against the run so KC should be able pound the ball.

I thought we were terrible against Philly but other than that we've been in everything.

They were terrible against Chelsea, and play at Manchester City, who will need a victory next week.

The archangel Michael, the prince of the heavenly host, appeared glorious and terrible against the sky.

Great against Reading, good against Newcastle and West Brom but terrible against Norwich, and both bad and good against QPR.

This is not a knee-jerk reaction article, where I will rant about why we should sell Nani just because he was terrible against Everton.

Judging from the note you find on his remains, the Van Graffs did something truly terrible against his family, although it doesn't say what.

In 1% of cases terrible by is used

They were terribly terrible by the time they finally got axed.

Not perfect by any means, but not terrible by any means either.

ITV took over for a while, and it was just terrible by comparison.

Richard if you don't mind me saying, you looked pretty terrible by the end of the film.

When you think about ' When a Good Man goes to War ' it just seems terrible by comparison.

I decided I wanted to make it look a bit less terrible by using Inkscape instead of the Gimp.

One of the girls, she was abused terrible by him, she spent years in a mental hospital, she was one of the gullible ones.

Indeed, paradoxical as it may appear, the terrible by a law of the human mind always touches on the verge of the ludicrous.

They have Iginla, Tanguay, Cammalleri, Stajan, Backlund, Glencross - not terrible by any means, most of those guys top 6 ish.

This article truly is terrible by the way, completely fits the tired and (mostly) unfair stereotype of moany paranoid LFC fan.

In 1% of cases terrible from is used

The book is terrible from start to finish.

This film was just terrible from the get go.

Life here was terrible from WW2 until the early 90? s.

The Internet was absolutely terrible from what I remember.

The Eagles last night looked terrible from a hunger point of view.

And maybe a squash match with Barrett, or something terrible from the 3MB.

It was pretty terrible from a singing point of view, because the man can't sing.

Vasa also engaged in war with Ivan the Terrible from 1554 -- 1557 in the Russo-Swedish War.

EXTREMELY LOUD &; INCREDIBLY CLOSE got nominated for some Oscars and I heard it was terrible from viewers and critics.

The Braves have generally been great for about 20 years, after being terrible from 1970 until 1982 and then usually crummy until the early 90's.

In 1% of cases terrible like is used

Terrible like brittle bones in the Mojave.

They look really terrible like Freddy was trying to come out.

It started first time but sounded terrible like something was wrong.

It really works even when your handwriting is rather terrible like mine.

He lives like a hermit and the last time I saw him he looked terrible like a home less person.

The bench isn't terrible like it was during the first half of last season, but the above-average talent just isn't there right now.

The music was amazing throughout his set and the sound system didn't seem to sound terrible like what everyone else on Yelp is saying.

The effect of this figure was not terrible like that of the President, but it had every diablerie that can come from the utterly grotesque.

As you'll be aware last week both the Chief of the Defence Force and I indicated that following terrible like events last year Australia had taken additional force protection measures in Afghanistan.

In 1% of cases terrible without is used

I'd terrible without my morning coffee.

The game looks just terrible without it.

Assassins Creed would terrible without them.

She knows life would be terrible without insurance.

The site lines for football are terrible without retractable seating.

Comment by Sarah? November 3, 2011 05:28 PM PST The show is terrible without Stabler.

I will say, though, that the first two episodes are largely terrible without the context of the other episodes.

Take rape jokes, for instance: Some jokes can make something funny out of something terrible without being offensive or hurtful.

If someone says that a place was wonderful or terrible without details -- telling you rather than showing you -- move on to another review.

I'd not saying they'll go from great to terrible without Lee, but the fact that Lee has been great is the primary reason why the team is still floating.

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