Prepositions after "tempting"

"tempting for" or "tempting to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases tempting for is used

This should be tempting for Apple.

It's especially tempting for nerds.

So it makes it very tempting for people.

Online banking is far more sensitive and tempting for criminals than online voting.

It's tempting for someone in my position to dismiss these developments with a sneer.

The possibility of gold in this new land was too tempting for the Portuguese to resist.

After a series of nicks to the slips, it would have been tempting for Sehwag completely to remodel his technique.

If you child starts receiving Spam it can be really tempting for them to reply or call the number in the message.

There are three particular reasons why this might be tempting for the Chancellor: i) The internal party politics.

It's too tempting for people to avoid, but they can't chew and speak (aka takeover the meeting) at the same time.

In 23% of cases tempting to is used

It would be tempting to chalk up Mr.

It may be tempting to group similar items together.

Some of these phone plans are looking mighty tempting to me.

Penetrating this ever-mysterious nucleus, however, is highly tempting to a scientist.

The thought of sleeping in on a Monday morning seems mighty tempting to me right now.

Back patio with laptop in hand and a cup of tea? Sounds pretty tempting to me actually.

It can be very tempting to post information about yourself on social networking sites, but you should never do it.

This is very tempting to young people who don't have anyone to guide them so they see these people as role models.

Do not be put off by just following your nose (the aromas range from the tempting to the poisonous) and having fun.

Drinking alcohol is tempting to some people with depression as the immediate effect may seem to relieve the symptoms.

In 9% of cases tempting in is used

It's getting very tempting in the UK.

Ear-contact is appealing, attractive &; tempting in the world.

Eye-contact is appealing, attractive &; tempting in the world.

The thought of the mind is appealing, attractive, alluring &; tempting in the world.

Ideas &; mental states are appealing, attractive, alluring &; tempting in the world.

Thought sustained at ideas is appealing, attractive, alluring &; tempting in the world.

Please don't confuse plagiarists with aggregators, which is tempting in this case because the transgressor is Politico.

Such a strategy can be even more tempting in the sort of feeble property market we've experienced in the past few years.

Kif: And speaking of Zelda, since you bring it up, I do feel like there's something tempting in those characters ' names.

It can be tempting in the first few weeks back after Christmas to jump at the first new job opportunity that comes along.

In 6% of cases tempting at is used

The market is most tempting at the top.

JS: Tempting at times but, on balance, no.

It was very tempting at this point to give up.

However, everyone knows that a juicy bit of gossip can be all too tempting at times.

How I wish I'd grabbed him on the barndoor, but he's still tempting at his current price.

Acquiring the negotiating rights to Franson, on the other hand, could be tempting at the draft.

Breakfast Every Day It can be very tempting at times to skip breakfast and just get stuck straight into some work.

I struggle with melancholy quite a bit myself at times, doing a Christopher McCandless can sure seem tempting at times.

Insurance Quotes TIP! Though it can seem tempting at times to do so, refrain from cashing in your life insurance policy.

It is tempting at this stage to put as much product into the carpet as possible, but don't do this as you will risk your carpet.

In 3% of cases tempting as is used

It's really tempting as a travel guitar.

But it can be very tempting as the MD-4 will fire at very high speed.

While it's very tempting as an explanation, as an economist I find it hard to accept.

These tests are easy to apply, and there is nothing so tempting as an easy test that kind of works.

It might be even extra tempting as a trans woman, as a way to cut off my past with more drama and finality.

On those long summer days, it can be tempting as a parent to want to put the kids to bed as soon as possible.

Laughs Was it tempting as a Bring It On fan to quote that movie constantly to Kirsten on set? I harassed her every day.

Don't give up Taking a year out or signing up for postgraduate study may be tempting as a way to postpone looking for work.

The former is often tempting as an apparent way to reel in a wider range of goods or service providers, or in search of economies of scale.

This is looks very tempting as the Panduvamsis succeeded Sarbhapuriyas and they could have been employed by them and later they could have succeeded.

In 2% of cases tempting of is used

This would be too tempting of a target.

At the odds, however, most tempting of all is Ballydoyle's Daddy Long Legs (3.

Continuous tempting of drugs would make one person get try and then get addicted.

But the glistening golden apple was too tempting of a prize to pass, so Atalanta swerved to the side to grab it.

A fine mix of grounded lamb, wheat and chana lentils (chane ki daal) with a paste-like consistency, this is easily the most tempting of the lot.

Of course, Lawler's newsworthy return was sure to garner a lot of eyes on the product and so it was too tempting of an opportunity to not make an impact.

It is written in 12 books that vividly tell the story of Satan's rebellion against God and his tempting of Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge.

It's insights like these that drive the point forward, and Harris is just as eloquent about how a decision to arrest this most tempting of behaviors can have a positive outcome.

There is really no tempting of fate by putting opposing teams on the same flight, even on shared shuttles that take off only a couple of hours after the conclusion of a bitterly-fought contest.

In 2% of cases tempting with is used

The drive the hospital was so tempting with all the restauraunts that we passed.

At first glance, prices back then were more than tempting with a lot of choice under 3.

He knows that humans can beeaisly captured simply by tempting with several worldly things.

But we must say that the Tecno T3 is very tempting with its large screen, and highly affordable price of NGN 14,500.

Do you think my ears will fit for T-fi10? How's your T-fi10 endured till now? The UE ti-fi 10 are tempting with 3BA's &; replaceable cable.

Considering Liverpool have drawn four of their last five Premier League away games, backing the draw could seem tempting with odds of 12/5 (3.

We had difficulty deciding what to order as everything on the menu was quite tempting with simple West Coast ingredients reinterpreted with a Mediterranean flair.

As it is, the lure of Hollywood is pretty tempting with the money, fame, creative freedom, and weather, so if talent CA N'T get work here it becomes an even easier decision.

In 1% of cases tempting about is used

There was nothing tempting about what was served.

Still unsure what was so tempting about the television.

There is something incredibly inspiring and hopelessly tempting about such an open-ended trip.

Thanks! I definitely think there's something tempting about ignoring books, as you put it, that are hyped up.

Now there is something seductively tempting about stopping there and sending us all off on what in some circles has become a popular crusade against the war in Vietnam.

In 1% of cases tempting after is used

It is politically tempting after Bin Laden's demise to declare victory, but the job is not done.

Believe me, number three looks pretty tempting after trying to find a thread related Heisenbug for two weeks.

For all its faults, the empire had much going for it, not least the pax Romana, which looked especially tempting after the nonsense of the second World War.

In 1% of cases tempting because is used

This recipe was so tempting because of your description of the salt/savory/texture thing.

The opportunities were certainly tempting because of who the prospects were and the potential deal-size.

In 1% of cases tempting by is used

A Sky Sports subscription and a change of allegiance to Goals on Sunday looks more tempting by the week.

But slamming Terry is the easy option and made ever-so tempting by his wounded, dopey interview persona.

Make the deal even more tempting by providing discounts to the visitors who answer the question correctly.

TEMPTING By avoiding the supermarkets we are also avoiding unnecessary impulse buys and wasteful packaging.

Swimming! Since I wasn't able to bring any clothes, I couldn't even take a short dip, even if the clear, aquamarine waters were becoming even more tempting by the minute.

In 1% of cases tempting due is used

Hefty full grown buffaloes -though tempting due to the size of catch are a risky proposition -they are capable of putting up a dirty fight, and can inflict serious injuries.

In 1% of cases tempting from is used

But death looked damn tempting from where he lay.

It looks tempting from the house Nice breeze for flying kites But the sea is still dangerously rough.

Just as it is too tempting from the opposite perspective to exaggerate universality and pooh-pooh variability (Chomsky 1992; Hauser et al.

In 1% of cases tempting on is used

Sounds kind of tempting on the surface I'll admit.

A sheep now, that's a different matter! Mushrooms are tempting on an early Autumn morning too.

You play with epic views of sand and surf to one flank and rolling hills tempting on the other.

My friends say my 5 hold looks so tempting on distance shots that they go for it alot but hate it when they realize I can go down quick enough.

Could be tempting on one level, given that a judge could mete out up to thirty years in jail time if Stewart is convicted by a jury of all the charges filed against him.

I'd assured that it will come in for a price of around $250-280 million with an initial load of spares and some support, but that's not exactly that tempting on balance.

This is particularly true on Kibo: having reached the summit, it's very tempting on your return to slide down on the shale like a skier and you'll see many people, especially guides, doing just that.

In 1% of cases tempting over is used

I personally prefer Tempting over Romp and will actually be swapping Romp away soon.

Be Wary of Over-Scheduling - It is tempting over the holidays to try and squeeze in lots of visits, day trips, or events.

It was so tempting over those five years to grizzle and complain about the lack of help but we knew it would achieve nothing.

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