Prepositions after "technical"

"technical in" or "technical for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases technical in is used

It is mostly technical in nature.

It is no way technical in nature.

It is extremely technical in nature.

It's rather technical in some aspects, and that has to be balanced with aesthetics.

Most of you will know by now that the vast majority of my posts are technical in nature.

However, these are not merely technical in nature, but have profound policy implications.

Activities carried out by FCo for De Beers were in the nature of services rendered that were technical in nature.

I reached out to the hiring manager prior to an interview -- but the questions I had were more technical in nature.

Now, they're doing six minutes or so per lap, which is very fast, but it's quite technical in the end and very good.

We suggest that the main obstacles to warmer libraries are primarily social 184 rather than technical in nature 185.

In 16% of cases technical for is used

Let's get technical for a moment.

Allow me to get technical for a moment.

Not too technical for most visitors to this site.

About The Author Daphne enjoys writing on all things technical for Broadband Expert.

However, the term ' employment agreement ' was considered too technical for the survey.

Officials sorted it out on replay and gave Gasol a flagrant with a technical for Williams.

There are also other ways to decrease bandwidth usage but are a little too technical for the casual website owner.

And all of this seems so technical for the actor and director who are simply trying to create credible performances.

His works were often rejected by notable publishers as they thought he was too technical for the common people to get.

The sprints On some occasions, we were criticised for having designed finales that were too technical for sprint finishes.

In 9% of cases technical about is used

And, to be technical about it all.

I don't try to be too technical about it.

If you want to get technical about it: a meteor.

The quickest way is to get very technical about it and to make it mean something.

I won't get too technical about this and will explain to you the core idea behind it.

Not to get too technical about it, your ears and sinuses are like air filled balloons.

An angle between these two extremes is best - somewhere in the range of 30-60 degrees if you want to be technical about it.

It is simply not necessary to know anything technical about setting up a blog, something the newbies worry about constantly.

Personally, I do not want to be too technical about it, but I want to come up with a system that can work given what we have.

If you want to get technical about it prohibition of drugs is terrorism directly supported by domestic policy (our government).

In 7% of cases technical to is used

They are calm and technical to the point of being boring.

Also, the Special Adviser, Technical to Minister of Aviation, Mr.

Meanwhile, Special Adviser, Technical to Minister of Aviation, Mr.

I worked in QC Chemistry for 13 years progressing from technical to management roles.

To sum up, I moved from technical to marketing development, and now the management of business.

Injecting dataone cost that adding strong areas is overhead because it's technical to website your kinds.

You'll also be buddied up with a mentor from the agency to answer all your questions from the technical to the trivial.

From creative to technical to business, digital media workers rely on skills that are increasingly varied as time goes by.

Later a Naval Architect may move from technical to general management to secure senior positions and ultimately directorships.

In 6% of cases technical with is used

THREEPIO: Don't get technical with me.

I'd not technical with all this so any.

Do not be way too technical with the photos.

You can even get more technical with things like thera-bands which aid you in your stretch.

In the Arab idiom, there were two expressions, without getting too technical with you guys.

I do not get too technical with my comment I intend to take in another few chapters shortly to see where this goes.

This section is fairly technical, and becomes more technical with all the people who are hiking to/from Quarry Rock.

I was expecting something very technical with complex equations, intricate diagrams and stories about the Astronauts.

However, it will take a little time to read as it can get quite technical with neurological functions being explained.

In 6% of cases technical as is used

I think the reason for that is technical as well as mental.

It is therefore a blend of technical as well as soft skills.

He has worked with me for the past two years on the technical aspects.

Both demonstrate technical as well as normative flaws in the report issued by Simon Fraser.

But I know that there are a few aspects, technical as well as mental, which I need to work on.

As far as advice is concerned, these former greats don't advise much about the technical aspects.

The corporate engineer contacted VTI looking for a solution that fit both their technical as well as budget needs.

For technical as well as ethical reasons, nobody expects doctors will be making eggs from women's skin cells any time soon.

These are professionals who possess the technical as well as the functional expertise to perform simple and complicated tasks.

A kart game really is a different beast to a normal arcade racer and these are nowhere near as compact or technical as a Mario Kart course.

In 4% of cases technical at is used

Anyone can be modern, technical at anytime.

The short effort was technical at the start.

He should also be technical at times in aswering questions.

Each of these organizations assigned key members of these technical at the lowest GHG emissions.

So it is necessarily quite technical at times and deliberately not dumbed down into political catch phrases.

On this site, it can become technical at times leaving you bewildered to what this means or what that means.

Although it is a bit technical at times for the novice, scholar and non-scholar alike will benefit highly from the book.

Glenmuir High lead Group B with four points and will face Frome Technical at the Frome Sports Complex, while Manchester High and Bog Walk meet at Kirkvine.

Rugby has become very technical at the breakdowns and my theory is in essence that Meyer by working so hard on detail cause the players to become tentative.

In 4% of cases technical on is used

And you can't really go so technical on the course.

He is surprisingly very technical on the ball as well.

Tip #1: Use Words They Understand Don't get too technical on them.

If you decide to buy traffic for your website, you should be technical on this task.

It is pretty technical on the other hand and I am still strugling with some aspects of it.

Other Answers (6) Hey Jake, I'd gon na get ever so slightly technical on you so bear with me.

But to call a ticky technical on him apparently for swatting the ball away after the whistle, which was bang bang btw.

Kristin combines her education, experience in tourism, and technical on the job training with passion in her new role with ACOC.

Without getting too technical on you, this super fibre doesn't just keep you warm in the winter -- it also COOLS you in the summer.

He's more technical on the feet, good enough to not just be ground down on the mat to a decision, and most importantly, he just finds a way to win.

In 4% of cases technical rather is used

They tend to be more technical rather than socially orientated.

It's a complicated route and you can fall off anywhere, as it's a technical rather than powerful route.

My biggest complaint about the fighting in the show is technical rather than ethical: it's just too unrealistic.

A bill that is complex and technical rather than partisan is a perfect- candidate for initial review by the Senate.

Sure enough, many blogs and comments are dismissing the lack of Bubble agreement as a technical rather than tactical failure.

The optimist will point out that the problems being experienced by researchers appear to be technical rather than fundamental.

But David Andrew, who I gather received a technical rather than ' liberal ' education, is very much at home with the mechanical.

Does other life have intrinsic value, or does the world consist simply of human beings and resources? The point I am making is technical rather than judgmental.

The WWMM is conceptually designed as an infrastructure where all of the content can be systematically retrieved and the limitations are technical rather than socio-political.

Its ownership of the LME has to be approved by the Financial Services Authority, whose assessment risks being purely technical rather than considering the wider geo-political concerns.

In 3% of cases technical of is used

The BCCI has opposed it on the most technical of grounds.

This is ' detention ' in only the broadest and most technical of senses.

However, the deadlift is arguably the least technical of the three powerlifts.

Community detention is detention in only the broadest and most technical of senses.

Perhaps you love looking at photography books, but find it too technical of a hobby.

According to the different technical of produce, there are yellow brown and red brown.

Day 5 Breakfast at the camp/ lodge then visit the mountain club to learn the technical of climbers and mountaineers.

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technical of improving your pagerange in the search engine for a keyword.

Leogang wasn't the most technical of tracks last year and they had made it easier, almost turning it into a bikepark style track.

At the sport store, the sales staff can give some advice about the shoe not only based on the design but the technical of the shoes.

In 2% of cases technical by is used

They still have the respect of their team because they're technical by training.

Technical by education, and passionate at heart, we like to see our factory staff as artists working on a masterpiece.

Services, Sanjaya will be reporting; Communications will be reported by German; Technical by Byron; and Business by Richard.

Assuming that this first step has been covered off, then the following assessments are all technical by nature and therefore rather boring, but never the less important.

In 2% of cases technical like is used

If you are technical like me and value your time -- you can always use a tool to do extractions.

Interviewer: What is the most account part in this album? TOP: Not to be too modern, too technical like a hardwood.

This was caused by Microsoft updating some protocols or something technical like that, and Nokia not rectifying the situation.

It can be a learning experience for yourself to improve your skills, it can be something technical like creating a website or authoring a video.

There is absolutely no point getting your course while working in a totally unrelated job -- even if it's something technical like engineering, Marshall says.

In 1% of cases technical because is used

By the second moto the Kegums track was even rougher and more technical because of the additional rain.

Some things I read fairly regularly, they do skew technical because of the nature of my own job (at a very large US bank).

Additionally, many of these early course offerings are very technical because of the perceived difficulty of teaching large scale humanities courses online.

In 1% of cases technical from is used

This is highly technical from a plant breeding perspective and a medical research perspective.

We crossed the rope dividing technical from the non-technical - we were then walking on the Cowlitz Glacier.

There's a point at which such squabbling crosses over a line which separates the merely technical from the stubbornly mindless.

I'll separate out the technical from the fiction/non-fiction, just in case anyone is actually reading this and needs to make the distinction (which apparently, I do n't).

In 1% of cases technical among is used

This is useful for creating pathways through a waterfall, revealing a hidden shelter or -- for the more technical among you -- altering the flow of water to create automated farming systems.

In 1% of cases technical versus is used

Technical versus socio-behavioral solutions to environmental problems: psychology's unexploited potential.

In terms of feel, think about masculine versus feminine, conservative versus youthful, technical versus lay, etc.

In 1% of cases technical vs is used

Highlights of Day 1: Panel on Technical vs.

In 1% of cases technical after is used

They also probably shouldn't openly question why David Lee got a technical after screaming an f-bomb at Marc Davis.

This essentially implies that you are receiving one thing that is certainly pretty technical after which applying it for the.

Wade was called for a technical after tangling with Ryan Hollins and then he missed a jumper over Hollins on Miami's last shot of the third.

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