Prepositions after "taxable"

"taxable in", "taxable under" or "taxable at"?

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In 42% of cases taxable in is used

That makes it taxable in its own right.

EAPs are taxable in the student's hands.

Is this taxable in Ireland or in the UK? A.

Exemptions and itemized deductions are subtracted from AGI to arrive at taxable income.

This distribution is taxable in 2011 even though the 60-day limit was not up until 2012.

When you cut ties and move permanently to Canada, you will then become taxable in Canada.

It is important to note that the 2,000 is not apportioned as to make two thirds of it taxable in the tax year 2004.

Any UK pensions received by an Irish resident, whether occupational or social welfare, are only taxable in Ireland.

For each dependent you claim, the exemption knocks $3,650 off your taxable income in 2010, and an extra $50 in 2011.

CGT operates by having net gains treated as taxable income in the tax year an asset is sold or otherwise disposed of.

In 13% of cases taxable at is used

These are taxable at the standard and reduced rates of VAT.

The remainder of the margin is taxable at the standard rate.

Insurance activities are taxable at a rate of 5% of gross premium income.

Alcohol, cigarettes, phones, cameras, TVs, iPads and so on are taxable at hefty rates.

Income may be taxable at different rates, depending upon how it is earned by the taxpayer.

Instead, the full profit made on the sale of trading shares is taxable at your marginal rate.

Where traders account for VAT on the cash basis, an advance payment received before 1 January is taxable at 21%, i.

The services provided by freight forwarders and shipping and clearing agents are taxable at the standard rate of 15% VAT/NHIL.

Food and drink other than zero-rated food and drink sold by means of a vending machine are taxable at the appropriate rates e.

It is also to be kept in mind that short-term capital gains are taxable at a higher rate as compared to long-term capital gains.

In 11% of cases taxable under is used

The income is taxable under both schemes.

Partnerships are not taxable under the Income Tax Act.

The amount that is taxable under subparagraph 115(1) (a) (iv.

What are the taxes on the bonds? Interest on bonds will be taxable under IT Act, 1961.

It should be noted that income such as royalties taxable under subparagraph 115(1) (a) (iii.

Income of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) is not taxable under section 20C of the Act.

He then taxed half of the remaining gain which is often greater than the amount which would have been taxable under the old rules.

Here in Spain, rental income from the property is taxable under the local rules, with special regulations and tax rate for non-residents.

Retirement/death gratuity and the lumpsum amount received on account of commutation of pension is not taxable under the Income Tax Act 1962.

The above service provided by them is classifiable under Banking and other Financial services and taxable under clause (zm) of Section 65(105).

In 9% of cases taxable on is used

RNOR employees are taxable on their earnings for U.

American citizens and resident aliens are taxable on their worldwide income.

Summary Shareholders are generally taxable on amounts received from a corporation.

All other US pensions received by an Irish resident are generally taxable only in Ireland.

Individuals are taxable on worldwide income for any tax year in which you are resident in the UK.

It is possible if you pay a full market rent for your home but then your children are taxable on the rent received.

In addition, where the loan has been written off by the company the loan would be taxable on the individual as income.

From the 1998/99 tax year onwards, such pensions received by Irish residents are taxable only in Ireland and not in the USA.

The club owner was found to be taxable on his card winnings as these were held to be ancillary to his main business activity.

The spouse making the payments does not get a tax deduction for them and the spouse who receives the payments is not taxable on them.

In 7% of cases taxable to is used

If they don't -- the whole load is taxable to the donee as income.

Then the rental income from that house would not be taxable to you.

Is this taxable to me or the company and is it a capital gain or regular income.

Dividends are not tax deductible to the corporation, but are taxable to the individual.

Since the second (investment) house was sold at a gain, 50% of the gain is taxable to you.

Income from UK or foreign sources is only taxable to the extent of amounts remitted (brought into) here.

From this amount, subtract any contributions (usually shown in box 5 of Form 1099-R) that were taxable to you when made.

Insolvency: If you are insolvent when the debt is cancelled, some or all of the cancelled debt may not be taxable to you.

Does the cost of an employee's health care benefits shown on the Form W-2 mean that the benefits are taxable to the employee? A.

Second, child support is not taxable or deductible, but spousal support is taxable to the recipient and deductible for the payor.

In 4% of cases taxable as is used

Since 1993, her personal income has been taxable as for any other UK taxpayer.

And the debt forgiveness may be taxable as a gift, which Strike Debt would have to pay.

It is simply the salary due for the notice period, and is therefore fully taxable as such.

What happens to the funds if I die? Any payment from the ARF is a distribution and is taxable as such.

The part of the gain that is a recovery of an amount you previously deducted is taxable as ordinary income.

Any part of the gain that is more than the recovery of an amount you previously deducted is taxable as a capital gain.

The big problem is that having a debt forgiven may be taxable as income, so Strike Debt might be increasing the debtors ' tax liability.

The difference between your proceeds and your adjusted cost base would be taxable as a capital gain at 50 per cent of your marginal tax rate.

In 1992, The Queen volunteered to pay income tax and capital gains tax, and since 1993 her personal income has been taxable as for any other taxpayer.

In 3% of cases taxable by is used

Other incomes specified as taxable by the financial department of the State Council.

Tanzania needs every possible tax to be duly collected from all imported goods which are taxable by law.

These same have to have a license for operating their trade hence making it legal and taxable by their government.

This means any contributions made to the Ed-FUND, THROUGH CAREIF or another affiliate will be taxable by the US government.

To control what so called corruption the extra amount involved should be legalised and made taxable by enacting a special rule.

The remaining income has been made taxable by slapping flat rate of 20 percent on the persons earning taxable income of Rs 2,500,000 and above.

In 3% of cases taxable for is used

Bernardo Zialcita are not taxable for the following reasons:.

Non-reportable fringe benefits would be taxable for NFP employers.

Kindly advise whether the surender value received will be taxable for me.

Maria receives a Form 1099-R showing that the earnings are taxable for 2011.

Maintenance to an ex-spouse is tax-deductible for you (but taxable for them) 32.

PF becomes taxable for an individual who has not worked for a period of five years.

If the transaction will be taxable for any reason, this provision should be modified or deleted.

Payments you receive as a monthly annuity from a pension plan are taxable for the year in which you get them.

What tax implications are there for lottery winners? Generally, Canadian tax authorities do not consider lottery winnings to be taxable for Canadian tax purposes.

I would like to draw about 4% from taxable for about 18-20 years, then start tapping tax deferred which would have hopefully at least doubled by this time, and start looking at Social Security.

In 2% of cases taxable according is used

Later jurists, however, consider horses to be taxable according to their value at the rate of 2 1/2 % (H.

Remuneration is based on the United States Dollar currency and is fully taxable according to the current Revenue Authority guidelines.

Rule: The land in India is not regarded as taxable unless a particular land is proven to be taxable according to Shariat Bahar-e-Shariat.

In that case, the excess part of the payments shall remain taxable according to the law of each Contracting State, due regard being had to the other provisions of this Convention.

In that case, the excess part of the payments shall remain taxable according to the Contracting States ' own laws, due regard being had to the other provisions of this Convention.

In such case, the excess part of the payments shall remain taxable according to the laws of each Contracting State, due regard being had to the other provisions of this Convention.

In 1% of cases taxable from is used

The service is either exempt or taxable from outset.

Also unlike Social Security, my retirement is taxable from the first penny.

You need this information to separate business from nonbusiness income and taxable from nontaxable income.

Once you are a resident of Canada, you are taxable from day one and are required to file tax returns on your world-wide income regardless of source.

In 1% of cases taxable plus is used

If your taxable plus PIE income was $48,001 to $70,000, your PIE rate will be 17.

In 1% of cases taxable with is used

Note: (i) Chartering of aircraft and hiring of buses became taxable with effect from 1st September 2001.

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