Prepositions after "tax"

"tax at" or "tax on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases tax at is used

Royalties and lump sum payments are taxed at 20 to 30 percent.

A Any sum exceeding the threshold amount is taxed at a rate of 25%.

It's only earnings above $250,000 that are taxed at the higher rate.

Why not a flat 30 for those under an income of 40- 50,000 and then tax at a rate of 50% over that.

I think that government funded pensions can be taxed ' enough ' because they can be taxed at source.

My earnings are taxed at source while corporations and individuals end up with 0% and even negative tax rates.

If you are legally employed you will usually be taxed at source and pay taxes and other relevant charges to the local government.

Under Illinois? flat tax system, an individual making $48,000 today is taxed at a rate of 5 percent, which is set to go down to 3.

Of course, a wage earner family will be taxed at close to 18%, but they probably did not vote for Bush and, therefore, must be punished.

In 25% of cases tax on is used

You will also be taxed on gifts.

You'll be taxed on that amount at ordinary rates.

In which case you can be taxed on the capital gain.

Dispensary Visit - Saturday, January 21 Today was an exhausting day, taxing on all levels.

You could allow an indexation charge, so that people aren't being taxed on general inflation.

Spouses/civil partners are not liable for Capital Acquisitions Tax on inheritances from each other.

People would say excuse me and do you mind and crossing the road was not so taxing on the nerves as in grim old Shanghai.

Capital Gains tax is not that bad, it's a tax on the surplus difference between the original purchase price and the sale price.

The bill proposes that each partner in a relationship caring for children under 18 be taxed on an equal share of their combined income.

Basically, anything you bring into Thailand from another country can be taxed on entry -- the normal rate is 20% import duty and 7% VAT.

In 11% of cases tax in is used

I don't support Capital Gains Tax in any shape or form.

It just ought to be taxed in a way that doesn't promote outrage.

Very few pf the profits will make it back to Japan without being taxed in the UK first.

Environmental risks accrued plastic paper bag factory s banned or taxed in more than twenty countries.

Manufacturing &; Arms-length Pricing Very few pf the profits will make it back to Japan without being taxed in the UK first.

What will be the tax implications? The impugned joint venture will be taxed in the status of an Association of Persons (AOP).

INHERITANCE TAX How high are inheritance taxes in Jamaica? Inheritance is not taxed in Jamaica but transfers of properties are subject to tax.

The TP Provisions were introduced with an intent to protect India's right to collect a fair share of tax in respect of cross border transactions.

Meanwhile, abundant oil rents and aid -- in combination with an underdeveloped economy -- threaten to undermine incentives to tax in the first place.

Capital gains tax in itself was an ill-timed move and no matter how hard they try to enforce it, there is little the authorities should expect to generate out of this head.

In 8% of cases tax for is used

The precedent is now set, you can be taxed for anything.

Working ants are taxed for slaving to save up for winter.

Choose a plant variety with a maintenance level that will not be taxing for you.

These are regular people in this country and they are being taxed for a selected people to enjoy a tax cut on racing cars.

If you can resist the temptation to withdraw your investments till you're 62, you'll only be taxed for 50% of the prevailing tax rate.

We're encouraged to make arrangements for our old age (which comes around pretty bloody quickly) and now your saying we should be taxed for doing so.

The appropriate income tax base for social wage accounting is GDP; foreigners ' contribution to New Zealand's GDP must be taxed for their use of New Zealand's public domain resources.

In 5% of cases tax by is used

Although the event had just started, the staff seemed somewhat taxed by and unprepared for the crowd.

When money is spent or taxed by the government it is created and extinguished just as the scores are on the score board.

Committing ten percent of your own taxes cost-free can provide much better profits than investing 12% that will get seriously taxed by both income and investment capital gain's taxes.

In 5% of cases tax to is used

Or anything about us all being taxed to death from the day we were born till the day we kick up daisies.

Most countries don't have VRT, so why should we? Most other countries are not taxed to the extreme we are for little return.

I guess I'd saying our society is more barred, taxed to capacity or disincentivized from multi-cellular activity than mono-cellular.

So why should I be taxed to almost starvation point to pay for the Golden handshake boys club? So much for a promise of no more kite flying.

The result -- we're taxed to the eyeballs on anything we can sell -- AND -- we're taxed on them as soon as they vest even if we can't sell them because there would be no real return to do so.

In 3% of cases tax without is used

To at least some of them any taxation was theft, but many of them felt they were being taxed without proper representation.

It was only the final few puzzles which presented truly prolonged periods of deep thought - it is taxing without being obscure or devious.

In 2% of cases tax as is used

Meaning thereby the goods incorporated in such contract must be leviable to VAT or sales tax as sale of goods.

The contract must be such that wherein transfer of property in goods in the execution of such contract is leviable to tax as sale of goods.

In 2% of cases tax with is used

We would replace corporation tax and capital gains tax with a tax on flows of income.

We are just been double taxed with al these indirect taxes tax levy 1 and 2 prsi etc where will the money go to? its just another unfair tax.

In 2% of cases tax under is used

Tax Privileges and Planning Procedures DDDA is exempted from Corporation Tax under S220 and Capital Gains Tax under S610 of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

In 1% of cases tax irrespective is used

Therefore the sale of this portion of the garden, either on its own or with the house, will be liable to capital gains tax irrespective of when it is sold and the total acreage of the garden.

In 1% of cases tax through is used

Your net profit is even taxed through your own personal IRD number on individual income tax rates, so it doesn't get any simpler than this.

In 1% of cases tax like is used

He also estimates how much additional tax revenue would be generated if religions were taxed like corporations.

In 1% of cases tax from is used

Taxed from the permitted sale and export of flora and fauna and other resources from protected areas; b.

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