Prepositions after "taste"

"taste like", "taste of" or "taste in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases taste like is used

They almost tasted like seaweed.

I wonder if it tastes like custard.

It certainly doesn't taste like garlic.

It tasted like a banana smoothie -- could also add chia seeds, mint and or cinnamon.

I can only imagine it tastes like grape Koolaid filtered through a sweaty jockstrap.

Believe the soup has a secret ingredient and it will taste like there is a secret ingredient.

Right now, nothing is tasting like it's going to so youre kind of panicking and not sure of how it's going to turn out.

However hubby thought it just tasted like frozen apple powder, and the dessert didn't seem worth the effort put into making it.

This gave Mourinho hope that he could turn Real Madrid's fortune around -- as Madrid's players had forgotten what success tasted like.

Neither of us were happy with what we had for breakfast, the tofu scramble did not taste like it was pressed correctly (soggy) and it was very plain.

In 12% of cases taste in is used

It's some of the best Thai food you'll taste in Britain.

I could not wait to see how it tasted in a creamy pepper sauce.

It's a carrot, but it's the worst-tasting carrot I've ever tasted in my whole life.

But whatever you taste in movies, you can be sure of finding one that suits your mood, for a very reasonable cost.

Even experienced wine tasters can score the same wine wildly differently if it is tasted in different environments.

Remember not to put too much so it does not become too overwhelming and all you taste in the finished meal is thyme.

The bread was moist and soft (unlike the many bread pudding I have tasted in the past ), and the sauce wasn't too sweet.

Since the mid fifties, this theme park has been one that has lured visitors from all over the world to taste in its splendors.

He cut a bit off for me to taste and I think the reason they're not hungry afterwards is that it is one of the most disgusting things I'd tasted in a long time.

In 12% of cases taste of is used

It tastes of smokey bacon and ash.

This fish soup tasted of yuzu and was light and very refreshing.

Olive oil crumble added a nice texture, but the taste of olive oil was faint.

The bchamel will be ready when it is a thick sauce consistency, and does not taste of uncooked flour.

In hindsight, it was very chewy, did nt really taste of much, and now I have done it I wont do it again.

The vegetable coloring did nt taste of anything, and the veal was poorly seasoned, albeit nicely cooked.

The water delivered to the camp in huge white containers isn't properly desalinated: it tastes of salt.

Abraham is dead, and the prophets; and thou sayest, If a man keep my saying, he shall never taste of death.

If you pick sauvignon blanc in a vineyard and taste the grape, it will taste of nothing particularly interesting.

Invite him to sup with you, and give him to understand you should be glad to taste of some of the best wines of his country.

In 7% of cases taste at is used

We give out free tea tasting at your facility too.

So I assure you, that whatever pleasures I taste at the table of my King, my sins, ever present before my eyes, as well as the uncertainty of my pardon, torment me.

Optional cultural activities such as tea tasting at the traditional Gu Yuan Tea House, an introduction to Chinese medicine, art or antiques can be arranged with local experts.

In 5% of cases taste with is used

Then leave to rest, carve and season to taste with flaked sea salt and black pepper.

In 2% of cases taste as is used

Add the vinegar and scotch bonnets Add to the beans pot the rice and salt to taste as well as enough water to cover it all.

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In 2% of cases taste for is used

He let her open lips rest on his closed ones, tasting for a moment, the salt of tortillas.

Maran said he's hoping people will come and taste for themselves what he's been cooking for so many years.

In 2% of cases taste to is used

In his childhood, he tasted to the full the bitterness of life in the old society.

But the garlic has this sort of flat, metallic, chemically taste to me which I find to be kind of disturbing and it permeates the rest of the food.

One of the things I love the most is how exotic and unusual the flavour combinations of Morocco can taste to an Australian girl, but the ingredients themselves are so commonplace.

In 1% of cases taste about is used

In the end they both taste about the same! True history and legend are intertwined when it comes to St.

In 1% of cases taste after is used

The wine is deep purple-red in color and was tasted after 30 minutes in decanter.

In 1% of cases taste on is used

What are the offerings? Mango Juice, Apple Juice and Milk Cold Cuts and Cheese which I only tasted on our last day.

In 1% of cases taste through is used

We may have to taste through a few bottles of bad wine to discover them, but discover them we will.

In 1% of cases taste without is used

Why? Because I will be tasting without context.

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