Prepositions after "target"

target at, by, for, to or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases target at is used

This was targeted at not-Conservatives.

This talk is targeted at those above 50.

Recommend Another of the Zardari taxes targeted at poor.

What we discovered rather quickly is that the www is very much targeted at the west.

Yet the new financing schemes are targeted at developers rather than individual buyers.

Behavioral targeting at the same time changes, product placement, gaining market segment.

It is completely wrong that, taxing programs targeted at other audiences not served by the local teledrama industry.

The problem is so alarming that an Italian NGO recently started an anti-paedophilia drive targeted at Italian tourists.

General Nunoo-Mensah however blamed the death of the president on the intense criticisms targeted at his administration.

It's an app that is targeted at all mortgage brokers and allows them to scan the market for the best and available options.

In 22% of cases target by is used

The report states that no journalists were targeted by the U.

I meant Gibus, and how he felt personally targeted by your comment.

The core demographics targeted by most brands already own such phones.

Just as he was targeted by the IRA with the terrorists blowup up his home in the UK.

His comments are often taken as critical by those who feel targeted by his questions.

Another person was killed in another vehicle -- a car -- that was targeted by a drone.

For the seller, on the other hand, the access to as many potential buyers as possible, which can be targeted by Auction.

According to the report, an Israeli helicopter was targeted by a Soviet made SA 7 Strela anti-aircraft missile over Gaza.

Conflicting reports initially suggested the plane could have crashed, and that it may not have been targeted by Syrian forces.

A general view shows a crater at a spot targeted by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City in the early hours of November 15, 2012.

In 17% of cases target for is used

The airport in Beirut was targeted for some reason.

This allows them to target for maximum false flag effect.

Local business people are targeted for attack along with tourists.

It's about 2,700 fewer people than were targeted for admission this year.

Also, some major bridge projects have been targeted for accelerated work.

Submission of the Field Development Plan to DECC is targeted for mid-2013.

Best user, the top 20 per cent, are heavily targeted for beneficial services.

Between 1975 and 1979, over 2 million Cambodians were targeted for destruction.

They are almost unthinkable, now, when the latest official enemy is being targeted for destruction.

In addition, 490 kW of micro-hydro power plants are targeted for installation for the planning horizon.

In 11% of cases target to is used

This is not targeted to normal Proton buyers.

It allows you to target to those markets of 10,000.

It is targeted to the poor, particularly poor women.

It also offers targeting to specific industries and, starting soon, geographical areas.

For example, Pink Ladyr has been successfully targeted to females in the 25-40 age group.

You are targeted to everyday programmers, students who haven't yet exercised well their language etc.

The proposed sample of about 90,000 households will be targeted to a diverse sample of racial and ethnic populations.

This book seems to be targeted to ordinary Joe Sixpacks who want to learn to make good home movies with their camcorders.

In 9% of cases target in is used

No one I knew was ever targeted in those riots.

Five soldiers died when an army patrol was targeted in Hawija.

The main Hazara political leader has been targeted in attacks.

In certain cases, Hindu places of worship were also targeted in Patiya, Chittagong.

In principle, nonfighters can not be targeted in a militant operation, Islamist scholars say.

The reason religion was targeted in these historical examples was because they were opposing nationalist sentiments.

A series of anarchist bombings took place in Mexico City in 2006 and petroleum pipelines in central Mexico were targeted in 2007.

The 28-year-old brother who was targeted in the raid yesterday is married, and lives in the Endeavour Hills home with his wife and four-month-old baby.

In addition, identifying specific areas to be targeted in training that will develop employees to meet the needs of the organization seems of value here.

They want new revenues targeted in a way that will directly benefit our schools, make our streets safer and bring our infrastructure up to 21st century standards.

In 4% of cases target with is used

Whom PRI targeted with their bribes (PRD voters or those who would have stayed home and those who would have voted for a third party) Now we know that PRI received 3.

Lone parents were targeted with cuts to the One Parent Family Payment, cuts to Child Benefit for third and subsequent children and cuts to the Back to School clothing and footwear allowance.

In this scenario, it is vital noting that coaching is targeted with a specific focus on encouraging practical development whereas training tends to broader and may require follow-up at times.

Disagree sure, but being called out like the Supreme Court was last night? Being targeted with taxes and regulations that cripple our ability to function? No, there is no way this doesn't end badly.

In 2% of cases target as is used

After that, Algiers and Iran are going to be targeted as the French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared.

Also police was targeted as the Muslim community does have the experience of police having gross anti-minority stance.

Yes, the laptop is targeted as a gamers laptop but that's what I'd buy as a business machine - especially as a web development platform.

Though Facebook was originally targeted as a way to reach groups of like-minded people, the true eCommerce explosion has occurred via Pinterest.

The mass media content is designed to push advertising to the largest number of people so it creates and perpetuates content targeted as the lowest common denominator.

In 2% of cases target on is used

Targeting on any large ad network still sucks.

This also protects your niches because it keeps people from doing reverse engineer targeting on you just by searching for your real name.

Tip: These generic services are likely to be potentially interesting to everyone, and so they are the most difficult to target on Facebook using conventional methods.

The multi-domain CogTr targeted on memory, reasoning, problem solving strategies, visuospatial map reading skill development, handcraft making, and health and physical exercise.

This session on leveraging Twitter and Facebook ads will teach attendees tried and true tactics as well as help determining which tools will improve targeting on social channels.

In 2% of cases target towards is used

The 4700 tractor is targeted towards bulk haul, local delivery and construction applications.

Yes, there is a specific type of marketing that is targeted towards potential customers of chiropractic clinics.

For those who don't know, Commission Tsunami is a software that creates micro niche websites targeted towards geographical locations specified by the user.

The two products -- the Jamaica gold sports drink and the premier power porridge -- have already been trademarked and patented, and will be primarily targeted towards an international market.

In 1% of cases target because is used

BJ Misar, former DGP Increase security at public places Pune is being targeted because of its strategic proximity to the Indian financial capital Mumbai.

In 1% of cases target of is used

He is a recipient of an NIH RO1 award for the molecular imaging and targeting of pituitary tumors.

During the trip, the visit to Samarra was canceled due to the bomb targeting of the Shia in that area.

In 1% of cases target toward is used

Excellent site usability is necessary for all sites -- those targeted toward younger demographics may actually have older shoppers accessing them.

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