Prepositions after "tangled"

"tangled in" or "tangled with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases tangled in is used

But then, I got tangled in my own net.

The squirrel may get tangled in netting.

I hope they get tangled in the power lines.

A floating piling can ruin your day, not to mention things that get tangled in props.

He drew back his arm but it became tangled in holly branches and he could not strike.

Anyone many fall down because lower limbs enjoy tangled in your own tankini underside.

Wrap Up - Wear a scarf, hat or cap which will protect your hair from the cold and from getting tangled in the wind.

This got me thinking about Ed Wegman (sorry! ), the statistician who got tangled in a series of plagiarism scandals.

Never use twine, thin rope or similar materials as these can cause injuries if the dog becomes tangled in the tether.

My would-have-been older sister died when my mother was eight months pregnant--she got tangled in the umbilical cord.

In 16% of cases tangled with is used

No more yarn getting tangled with another project.

While you were in the jungle, you got tangled with Paschal.

If the Thek let them land considering their that tangled with that.

Tangled with Maldonado while trying to pass the Williams for third, losing three places.

The BC foursome had the morning off while Goss tangled with Nova Scotia's Dave McCusker.

She is too busy tangled with the mess that is her life to meet with her life in the flesh.

I was playing basketball, my feet got tangled with an opposing player, and bones snapped below and above my ankle.

Allstate insurance auto locations belt and I that tangled with that winging through lubbock auto insurance drizzle.

Well, too bad for him, because that vamp has just made the worst mistake of his afterlife? he? s tangled with a shifter.

If you for some reason become tangled with tax related complications, you should seek the counsel of a tax relief attorney.

In 4% of cases tangled on is used

She got tangled on the barbed wires and screamed in panic.

But after my rod kept binding up and getting tangled on itself.

She could not cross the fence and got tangled on the barbed wires.

The hops were nearly all in, the stripped bines lay tumbled and tangled on the ground.

He also tragically buried one of his daughters in 2009 after she got tangled on a cord on an exercise machine.

They lure me in with their conceptual promise, and then I get hooked and tangled on distinctions and disciplinary nuance.

I have enough room to put a sufficient stake in the ground for the both of my dogs with a pretty long cable and them still not be able to reach other or get tangled on anything.

In 4% of cases tangled up is used

Imagine what would happen if DNA became so tangled up it could not function.

Girls Aloud have not performed together since their sell out Tangled Up tour in 2008.

Tie your beads in such a way as they don't get tangled up all the time in your bead bag.

The twisted structure superimposed on the map is an artist's conception of the tangled up ribbon.

By the next morning we were so tangled up it took a coordinated effort to extricate ourselves enough to get dressed.

And because the media now works like a web, rather than through straight lines as it used to, things can get tangled up more easily.

But Delta Swamp's detailed booklet reveals just how tangled up black music and white music could get in the south of the late-60s/early-70s.

Tangled up Christmas Lights Overgrown Mulberry Tree ? The Mulberry will get a good haircut in another month, so that can wait until Fall too.

Even though I'd not recovering from an addiction, we all have knots in our past, situations that get tangled up -- and quite often hurt people.

In 2% of cases tangled around is used

Secondly, there is a tendency for the mainsheet to become tangled around the base unless you are careful.

In the winter these lose a lot of their leaves, but the long trailing branches can get tangled around a dog's body.

As described above, a bag can be used in conjunction with cotton wool within a compartment box to prevent any stands of cotton fibre become tangled around the specimen.

In 2% of cases tangled by is used

It seems unlikely that the key could have become tangled by accident.

It's better to choose roses with few or even thorn free, so no one will get tangled by it.

Perry got tangled by some Christmas lights and Doofenshmirtz tries to shake him off the plane.

According to Inuit legend, the only way to soothe Sedna is to send a shaman into the depths of the ocean to comb her hair, which has become tangled by the sins of man.

In 2% of cases tangled into is used

The statement itself has been manipulated and tangled into a conundrum.

This way, it is more discreet and you will not get tangled into anything while on the road.

From a marketing perspective, to add Tangled into Kingdom Hearts 3 would be a win-win situation.

Jayattileka's write-up should have opened the eyes of those that crave for ' accountability ' for it explained very well how other countries has progressed around it without getting tangled into it.

In 1% of cases tangled among is used

But you soon wake up tangled among decaying corpses and learn of a Well of Souls that had granted you another life, so to speak.

In 1% of cases tangled at is used

Hair pieces can become easily knotted or tangled at the installation place.

It's much safer if the kite gets tangled at the point that you can reach without climbing.

Like embroidery that was knotted and tangled at the back, the child needs support to gently untangle these threads and to weave them into her ' narrative ', her story of her life.

In 1% of cases tangled for is used

As many of us are visual thinkers, I believe the visa issue gets tangled for some because it is a PROCESS that is being reduced to words and has no known visual representation.

In 1% of cases tangled from is used

The tram system in the middle of the wide road is shattered, the track in convoluted twists in places and the power cables hanging tangled from their posts, like some art nouveau may pole.

In 1% of cases tangled like is used

I hate the cord covering; they get tangled like mad.

In 1% of cases tangled to is used

The wounded duck dived down into the sea and tangled to the weeds to never come up again.

This is between necklaces chains can become tangled to the point that they are not worth fixing.

Having two necklaces become tangled together creates stress on both chains, and unnecessary wear and tear on your jewelry.

In 1% of cases tangled under is used

In the late spring of 2000, police searched the tangled under brush around the Brookmont neighborhood where Thresher's car was found late May 2000.

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