Prepositions after "tamil"

tamil in, as, for, from or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases tamil in is used

It is entirely Tamil in nature.

Always in Tamil in rural areas).

Nobody is holding Tamil in derogation.

This interview is published in Tamil in Tamil Mirror the Tamil website of Daily Mirror.

I don't think any Tamil in Sri Lanka would say that they are patriotic towards Sri Lanka.

The same group for classification of the Sinhalese and the Tamil in SL is ' Sri Lankan '.

There are Tamil literary texts and Tamil inscriptions, dated roughly, round about the beginning of the Christian era.

It was in the 50? s that the scheme started to become tied up with the state ideology of marginalising Tamil influence.

But I hope you can liberate yourself from this personal pain as soon as possible for the sake of larger Tamil interests.

This Guide, which is written in English has been translated into Hindi in India and into Sinhala and Tamil in Sri Lanka.

In 14% of cases tamil as is used

The country has Tamil as a National Language.

I am comfortable with Tamil as well as Telugu.

And all of them use Tamil as their home language.

Most Tamil as well as Sinhalese migrants accept this just as they accepted British rule.

Sinhal students would be taught Tamil as a second Language and Vice versa for the Tamils.

India is probably behind the government move to somehow keep a Tamil as the Chief Minister.

Our decision to adopt English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil as our four official languages came early in our nationhood.

The first paragraph that he quotes reads in Tamil as follows (I am assuming that I got the right paragraph here ): Mr.

They want to take Tamil as a nation to the international arena subject to that so they can have the best of both worlds.

Honestly I wish all eduction was changed to English in Sri Lanka while teaching EVERYONE both Sinhala and Tamil as well.

In 8% of cases tamil for is used

They do not blame the ordinary Tamil for it.

Glossaries in Tamil for all subjects were compiled.

Learning more Tamil for Lankans is a waste of time.

He won the Sahitya Akademi award in Tamil for the novel ' Puthiya Dharisanangal ' in 1994.

There are some scholars that argue that Sanskrit was created from Tamil for academic purposes.

He had to study Tamil for his efficiency bar exams, and he continued to study the language long after.

I am an employee of Ceylon Electricity Board &; there is a Tamil class which teaches spoken Tamil for CEB employees.

And TN has all rights to keep out other languages to avoid lazy people deserting Tamil for fanciful outside languages.

He made it a practice to get some English articles written by a few journalists translated into Tamil for him to read.

I personally have no interests of changing National Anthem in Tamil at this moment since it was sung in Tamil for a few decades.

In 7% of cases tamil by is used

It was translated from Tamil by C.

He somewhat smoothly parroted words in Tamil by the priest.

Read Dr Pradeep Jeganathan's work, he is a Tamil by the way.

I am a Ceylon Tamil by birth (according my birth certificate) living in Europe from 1985.

That publication featured a cryptic crossword in Tamil by a setter known as Vanchinathan.

All tempts to get the Sinhalese public servants to learn Tamil by providing incentives have failed.

OPPRESSION It later transpired that the Indian army officer who asked the sister to translate was a Tamil by ethnicity.

The Nalavar and Pallar were treated as Tamil by the colonial and post-colonial states as well as the Muslims and Sinhalese.

The same time I like to mention that I was asked not to sign the attendence register in Tamil by my Sinhala Chief Clerk when I joined the clerical service.

This information is now augmented by the serialized writings in Tamil by Gan? shan Iyer, another early fighter who was also the LTTE Treasurer at one point.

In 7% of cases tamil from is used

Its a pity! I am a Tamil from India.

Her mother was a Tamil from Badulla.

I am a Tamil from a medium income family.

I am a Sinhala speaking Tamil from Colombo.

I am learning Tamil from her; and she Hindi from me.

Sultan Muhammad Shah married a Tamil from South India.

You may know her as she is a Tamil from Canada herself.

A Tamil from Point Pedro and in 1959 -- 60 I was acting as a teacher.

Sinhala language and culture predates Tamil from all available evidence.

Irony of Ironies another Tamil from Batticaloa, and a batch mate of mine.

In 6% of cases tamil with is used

Do not equate the ordinary Tamil with the LTTE.

The son used to correspond in Tamil with the mother.

Any Tamil with self-dignity will not accept such a solution.

It is in Tamil with supers in English which I am sure could not do justice to the original.

I am able to read a UTF8 text file in Tamil with proper rendering, which I wasn't able to do in ICS.

We will not easily find a Tamil with his organizational skills and motivational power in the near future.

Satyamurty, Mayor of Madras, who had the distinction of speaking both English and Tamil with equal eloquence and fluency.

If Sinhalese deny a political solution to Tamil with in united srilanka Now, SL Tamils will achieve a separate state later.

Language was never a barrier as my limited Tamil with lots of gestures managed to get what I wanted! But that was in early 1970s.

In 6% of cases tamil to is used

Add Mandarin and Tamil to the compulsory list.

Quite disturbing to say the least, and done by a Tamil to a Tamil.

Completely agree with teaching English instead of Tamil to students.

He would often speak in Tamil to fellow Tamil and Muslim MP's within Parliamentary portals.

I see that the government has taken significant steps to teach Tamil to Sinhala speaking civil servants.

In mixed company Jeyaraj would talk in Tamil to Tamil -- speakers and in Sinhala to Sinhala -- speakers.

Speaking Tamil to a nervous young man who barricaded himself behind the formality of English would have unnerved him.

Junius Richard Jayewardene was elected in 1977 and promoted Tamil to the status of a ' national language ' in Tamil areas.

Read why: Speaking Tamil to a nervous young man who barricaded himself behind the formality of English would have unnerved him.

In 4% of cases tamil at is used

The SL leader is the first and only national leader to speak in Tamil at the UN.

Can any of you read the Tamil at the bottom of the picture? This might tell us more.

There? s daily sound and light show in English at 1845 hrs and in Tamil at 2015 hrs.

I am not a Sinhalese and a Sinhalese will not say he is a Tamil at any point of his life.

For me, much more important was the fact that the president spoke in Tamil at the beginning.

If this notion made any sense, what would happen to Colombo, which is dominantly Tamil at the moment.

A Tamil Tiger sniper assassinated Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, who also happened to be a Tamil at is home in Colombo.

I personally have no interests of changing National Anthem in Tamil at this moment since it was sung in Tamil for a few decades.

Although they cut into give news, they only switched to No advert Broadcast mode in Sinhala and Tamil at 15:40 and did that till 18:15.

His Lordship Bishop Valence Mendis preached in Sinhala and His Lordship Bishop Kingsley Swampillai preached in Tamil at the jubilee festive Mass.

In 4% of cases tamil on is used

All coins, notes have Tamil on them.

I definitely want to do something to be able to go through Tamil on my cellphone.

My question was why the Portuguese chose the Sinhala name in preference to the Tamil one.

An abridged version of the seminar proceedings is available in Sinhala and Tamil on request.

There seems to be relatively few Sinhala films to see in Colombo in comparison to Tamil ones.

The influence of Tamil on the development of the Sinhala language and literature is deep and indelible.

Every Eelam Tamil on an average has to face this oppression every day and is pushed into an unease, political as well as military wise.

Need that information in French, Spanish or Tamil on Wikipedia? That is not a problem, you can read that information in those languages.

Then came a book in Tamil on The Art of Broadcasting; Rajaji in his Foreword to it suggested that it would have been better named Radio Vadiyar.

There are far more publications in Tamil on science, literature, fashion, movies etc than you could ever imagine to exist in the Sinhala language.

In 1% of cases tamil into is used

I as researcher translated her work from Tamil into English.

And not all Sinhalese fall into the category Sinhalese or Tamil into Tamil or Muslim into Muslim.

Translate and publish major literary works from Tamil into Sinhala and Sinhala into Tamil and disseminate them among school children and youth.

In 1% of cases tamil worth is used

That is something no Tamil worth his salt will come to terms with.


In 1% of cases tamil without is used

Can any person speak 10 sentence in Tamil without using English words.

Then the army who came that way beat the driver and the cleaner of the vehicle belonging to the Tamil without any inquiry or questioning.

Now that he has become a worthless penny as far as the electorates are concerned, he shouts for the Eelam Tamil without knowing the real situation (or not wanting to know the real situation) there.

In 1% of cases tamil vs is used

This is not just a Tamil vs Sinhalese problem.

This has nothing to do with Tamil vs Sinhala squabbles.

In 1% of cases tamil out is used

First, kick that Tamil out of the SL High Commission in UK.

Colombo alone is now some 44% Tamil out of over one million people.

He has also learned Tamil out of a personal desire to be able to communicate with Tamilians.

If you think we must go then we want to make arranagement for safe passage of Tamil out of Sri Lanka.

Both Malayalam and Sinhala have strong Tamil root and the reality is that if try to cut/clean the root (Tamil out of Malayalam and Sinhala) both tree will die itself.

In 1% of cases tamil of is used

As woman and Tamil of Indian origin, Valli is unable to fit in, unlike Krishna who makes it to the U.

At the same time, books with translations into Sinhala and Tamil of three of Ibsen's most well-known plays, The Master Builder, Hedda Gabler and Pillars of Society, will be launched.

He had appeared in Tamil Nadu, His fame has spread all Tamil of Tamil Nadu, Tamil who dwells in other regional lands of India, Why? all around the world wide Tamil dwellers and all Indians.

In 1% of cases tamil like is used

We are mixed with Tamil like blood related.

They taught fabricated false theories to uneducated youth of Tamil like Prabakaran.

But it seems many a Tamil like Raja prefer to choose LTTE rumps than Thondaman type as the vehicle to reach their goal.

A Journalist, Playwright and Author of several works in English and Tamil like Annadurai, should have made but good note of very many books.

Maybe it should be ascertained to the parts played by then Tamil like Syed Moktar and Nazamuddin in the May 13 riots that qualify them licenses after licenses or thousands of free APs.

In 1% of cases tamil About is used

There is an abundance of literary evidence in Tamil about the Vanni chiefs in Northern Vanni and in the Eastren province.

Pandaravanniyan's descendats are still living in Vanni, he only died 200 years ago and there are temples and enough literary evidence in Tamil about Pandara Vanniyan.

In 1% of cases tamil before is used

There were some others who came from the Tamilnad coastal areas of Kayalpattinam and Keelakarai where they had already settled down and started speaking Tamil before arriving in Sri Lanka.

In 1% of cases tamil along is used

A veritable revolution, it claimed a place for Tamil along with other classical languages such as Sanskrit, Greek and Latin.

Our ever smiling, kind and playful God who created Tamil along with Saint Agastiya is the Divine Driving Force for Tamils of Jaffna.

As an example, he urged us to look to his own community, the Malays, who speak most if not all of the country's languages: English, Sinhala, Tamil along with their own dialect, Ja.

In 1% of cases tamil after is used

Bhoomika, making a comeback in Tamil after a long gap has a meaty role.

If she knew Tamil, she could have switched to Tamil after a few words in English.

Today I am talking in Tamil after twenty five years, which gives me a great pleasure.

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