Prepositions after "tall"

"tall in" or "tall with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases tall in is used

The tallest in Dubai Burj Khalifa.

But Australia walks tall in the world.

This lighthouse, the tallest in the U.

Ada Hotel Istanbul A pristine glory standing proud and tall in Istanbul is the Ada Hotel.

I was the tallest in the school and the Principal was only six feet and one inch tall.

The principal weapon of Skanda is a spear (Vel ), pointed at its end and tall in stature.

So the problem isn't about people being taller; we haven't gotten that much taller in 50 years of commercial flight.

The International Commerce Center (ICC, 484m, map ), when completed in 2010, should be the 4th tallest in the world.

The magnificent lights and cool music created such a breathtaking aura as the Kenyan beauty stood tall in a blue dress.

In the late 1940s, eight very tall skyscrapers in Europe were built, the tallest in the continent for three decades.

In 16% of cases tall with is used

I'd 6 ' 5 tall with blond hair.

I merely 172cm tall with 65 kg.

He is tall with broad shoulders.

Nikhil is five years old and three and a half feet tall with black hair and black eyes.

Glute stretch (bottom) Start by sitting tall with your legs out straight in front of you.

He is approximately 183cm (6 ') tall with brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, and a skinny build.

Tree Pose with Back Arch: Standing tall with soft knees, bend your left knee and open from your hip out to the left.

Candidates need to be over six feet tall with a large frame, a playing age between 40-50 and be able to grow a beard.

Ross Taylor stand tall with unbeaten 62, but rest of batmans weren't able to over take the target of 140 in 20 overs.

Figure 4? Chin Tucks Shoulder Blade Squeezes Begin this exercise by sitting or standing tall with your back straight.

In 10% of cases tall for is used

Tall for a bantamweight (56 kg.

To share what you stand tall for.

Even Boca isn't that tall for a CB.

The women are quite tall for their sex, but, as a rule, not so good-looking as the men.

With Vermeulen only other player able to poach ball and he is a bit tall for a fetcher.

Personally I have dubbed it Kenya Tall or East African Tall for want of something better.

Edward was put to the rack in this way but his frame proved too tall for the carnivorous beast of the Vatican dungeons.

I've also seen vans that were too tall for a parking garage be driven in and bang the roof on the height warning signs.

Jordan has done a superb job of standing tall for our promises and leading the charge against leadership when necessary.

Ron Paul seems to be the only one who constantly stands up tall for what he believes and that is the mark of a good man.

In 8% of cases tall of is used

Odjer is not the tallest of players.

Luffy isn't the tallest of the crew.

The taller of the pair nodded at her.

Their long necks and legs made them ideal for work on the tallest of telephone poles.

It's more often the small shovels of earth that will flatten the tallest of mountains.

It is the tallest of the beech species reaching up to 30m and an age of 400-500 years.

Though there are giants in Soul Society, only two of them are Captains, and the tallest of those is nine foot five.

The other obelisk, the taller of the two, may, however, be seen peeping over the top of the left tower of the pylon.

The taller of the two men sat in the car while the short man beckoned to Lawal, the grin still plastered on his face.

The fruit that is attainable only by the tallest of the species prompts the dwarf to raise his arms as far as he can.

In 6% of cases tall as is used

Ask us to stand tall as a nation.

I emulated that in TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE.

It was was as tall as my dining room table.

This type of connector is a bit too tall as the cover of the case will not close properly.

VotA: Tall as the Baobab Tree focuses on a child marriage as well as an arranged marriage.

Instead it will stand up to three times as tall as the original and allow people to enter it.

The water tower was erected at the time and is now the Design Center's trademark, standing tall as a beacon of creativity.

Tall as a hop pole, skinny, bespectacled, bald, he has one of those aristocratic accents which rustles like autumn leaves.

Chipilin grew nine feet tall as an annual in my Massachusetts garden Honey Locust (Gleditsia tricanthos) was proposed by J.

He is much shorter than his fellow Turians who usually go over seven feet, being only about as tall as the human protagonist.

In 6% of cases tall at is used

That was very tall at the time.

He is also freakishly tall at 6? 5?

Jumbo was 4m tall at the time of his death.

Most Zoras stood proud and tall at around six or even seven feet and were lithe and graceful.

The grass is quite tall at the moment due to the heavy rains witnessed in the past few months.

Today, a massive four-storeyed building stands tall at Bristol Street Fort as the HQ of the MICH.

You want the beds to be tallest at the edges and sink in gradually as it fades into the middle in a slight U shape.

A Kodiak bear can stand more than 140 centimetres tall at the shoulder when on all fours and weigh more than 630 kilos.

I can remember Bashir Bilour standing tall at all the occasions and challenging the terrorists for their cowardly acts.

Khadim Ndiaye, standing tall at 192 centimeters, is widely considered as the best goalkeeper in the Senegalese Ligue 1.

In 6% of cases tall on is used

We stand tall on the world stage.

Fret on the inside, but stand tall on the outside.

Also our hot climate take a tall on players strength.

Lligers are the largest felid in the world and can stand 12 feet tall on their hind legs.

The horse is not dead and from where I stand someone is sitting tall on it, looking down.

His furs retracts, his front paws become arms and hands and he stands tall on his hind legs.

There are all sorts of tricks to make people appear taller on camera, like surrounding them with other short people.

Instead of seeing her tall on the podium, Felix discovered Jamaican Veronica Campbell-Brown stole the show once again.

In the middle of the chasm the cliff walls are over 60 feet tall on both sides and the chasm floor is about 70 feet wide.

The tower stands at 777ft tall on the mountain, so when you get to the top, you can really feel every foot of that height.

In 4% of cases tall by is used

I grew taller by 4cm YAY (175cm).

The display would be taller by approximately 0.

Three months old and getting taller by the day.

The backdrop of the stage was a giant 30 foot tall by 60 foot wide (rough estimate) screen.

Ruth Matete and Valerie Kimani aren't tall by any means but for female artists, it will do.

More iconic now are the tube houses, skinny and tall by force of a land tax on street frontage.

It's true that both sexes are taller by an average of one inch, but that can't account for 25 extra pounds of weight.

U know, half way thru the baking, the loaf continued to rise and rise and it was tall by the time it was completely baked.

It created a profound sense of a nation beginning to stand tall by its own power, building with its not-so-small human resources.

In case you've never heard of the cajn, it's a wooden box, about a foot and a half tall by about 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

In 2% of cases tall against is used

Let's stand tall against the plutocracy.

Khare for standing for a man who stands tall against all odds.

In other words, Iran stands tall against the bullies and their heavy-handed tactics.

Curated content stands tall against the ever-noisy, ever-cluttered backdrop of data on the Internet.

They must then stand tall against claims of racism, religious intolerance and having an anti immigration policy.

ONE not doing well as expected, Arjun stood up tall against the ' baadshah ' Shah Rukh Khan and was much appreciated.

He stood tall against mass devastation of land by the corporate state, a practice that enjoys bipartisan political support.

Historical sights stand tall against natural wonders, while musical, artistic, and culinary delights tick off the cultural boxes.

Therefore, time has come for the citizens to stand tall against all manner of selfishness and the politically generated ' truths '.

He stood tall against all the obscurantists including fascist political Islamists; he was ready to wage a war against them using his mighty pen.

In 2% of cases tall among is used

Mensah Otabil stands tall among them.

And it's true she was d tallest among them.

Huashan is the tallest among the five great mountains.

With an average of 50-plus in Test cricket, he stands tall among contemporary batsmen.

Vaino Myllyrinne was a soldier of Finnish Defense Forces and was tallest among all.

Mamboa-Rockson further mentioned that the former first lady stood tall among the other aspiring presidential candidates.

What tends to make them stand tall among the group is that they are highly light weighed and that as well with really fine finishing.

The imposing front grille, compact and sleek exteriors coupled with exclusive interiors makes Kizashi stand tall among competing brands.

In 2% of cases tall to is used

RG3 stands tall to that beating, Alex.

From tall to short and one of my sisters had almond eyes.

Balloons are often any where from 15 feet tall to several reports taller.

She was tall to the point of stretching, effortlessly poised and graceful beyond reproach.

The definite forms of ugg boot vary from tall to small along with almost universally between.

I raised the screen high above my head, effectively looking taller to the bears, and they ran away.

Works just like a plastic PayPass card, except it's more ' convenient ' (depending on who you tall to) Ok I thought so.

And the fact that you're walking and standing straighter will make you appear taller to yourself and those around you.

Sensing at the unit they possess, it isn't tall to illustration out why Kolkata emerged as the guardian lateral in the IPL.

The ratio of taller to shorter bars would serve to indicate the average number of months the men stay on the meal program.

In 2% of cases tall like is used

Her talents too are tall like her.

I guess it also helps to be tall like her.

This rather than ' Tall like a skyscraper '.

Now he is a fully grown young child, tall like his mother and a bit on the heavy side.

When I first knew Kimora, I really liked that she was tall like me and I liked her energy.

I'd so small, not tall like one of the trees and I'd so ugly, not beautiful like one of the flowers.

The morning after her disappearance a young woman, tall like Jennie Brice and fair, had been seen in the Union Station.

I don't think I would be able to play in PF/C position in professional carear because you need to really tall like 7 ' 0.

In our garden we had this green plant which we called King's Vegetable - it was sort of cabbagey but tall like a sprout plant.

All six and seven coconut trees - tall like the light post - me haffi climb every week just fi get some jelly fi achieve a living.

In 1% of cases tall from is used

An adult bull moose can stand over 7 feet tall from the ground to the top of his antlers.

That was still high enough to make the skyscraper the world's tallest from 1931 until 1972.

Its observation tower is the tallest from all of the United States as it has almost 1,150 feet.

Instead, she ran straight to the mirror to wave at Reggie as he stood tall from the top of her head.

Fully assembled, the model is 160mm tall from feet to the top of its head and 90mm from shoulder to shoulder.

He had a vision to restore and reforest the property, and now trees grow straight, sure and tall from all sides.

Standing large, grey and silent on the east side of Northwest 16th Street, it looms very wide and tall from the curb.

The figure is actually only 6 inches tall from the base of the stand to the top of the Spalding ball Bryant's palming.

Hawaii's Mauna Kea has a better claim as the world's tallest mountain than Everest, as it is tallest from top to bottom.

It was 175 feet tall from the keel to the top of the four stacks or funnels, almost 35 feet of which was below the waterline.

In 1% of cases tall without is used

Who needs it? I could care less if the grass is 10 feet tall without a tractor.

We are bounce of Nigerians that can write, tall without offering or preferring the solution at list a beat.

Their wedges will leave you walking and talking tall without the headaches of the normal heel and they look great.

All of these methods may help you get taller without having to go through any harmful chemicals or dangerous treatments.

It's good to feel tall without having to walk on tippy-toes in stilettos, but platform clogs are like pogo sticks with straps.

It's complicated for developers and makes the phone unnecessarily taller without changing the most important aspect: viewability.

Tuck in your chin, stand up tall without slouching, your shoulder should be aligned with the hip to prevent excessive back arching.

Did I notice subconsciously? Most definitely, as I do believe most people would in the way they would notice a person is short or tall without necessarily forming judgments to that fact.

In 1% of cases tall over is used

Back from break and Show standing tall over Bryan.

Focusing, he could see Anna standing tall over him.

Then I grew alot taller over the summer and now, they're everywhere.

The Watanoa Gate has stood tall over the southeastern entrance to Waikato Stadium since 2004.

He's considered an unusual phenomenon, however sprinters have been getting taller over time.

Some people will find skinny more attractive than fat, curvy more attractive than muscular, tall over short.

Standing tall over the grounds, the Ice Palace welcomes visitors of all ages during the day, then turns into a disco with a bar on-site at night.

The Duomo Cathedral: Florence's Duomo Cathedral stands tall over the city with its magnificent Renaissance dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi.

It is worth protecting the seedlings from frost with a cloche and if they get very tall over the winter they may need staking with canes and twine.

A little odd for the departing star to stand tall over the Money in the Bank holder, but maybe this is all setting up for Jericho to return during.

In 1% of cases tall above is used

He stands tall above all other democrats in Ghana.

He was the leader who stands tall above all other leaders.

Sadly Wreck it Ralph stands TALL above the last 2 Pixar duds in my book.

The seven storeys stand tall above the ground overlooking the town and the Rajang River.

And he stood so tall above me, His blue eyes they were shining And his voice was very cold.

His looks may be deceiving, his size too, but the Ugandan stands tall above Kenyan footballers.

They have their horses and chariots and weapons of flesh -- and of course they have their king who stands so tall above the rest.

I close my eyes and I see images of Justin standing tall above those crowds, speaking the way he does with passion and authority and boldness.

After that, you started this blog which stands tall above every other Indian rock/metal website because of the nature of the content and your writing style.

Yet standing tall above the slime in which he immersed music remain those giants still: Mozart, Schubert and Liszt (technically Hungarian, but culturally Austrian).

In 1% of cases tall amongst is used

Akosa would have been the tallest amongst all the flagbearers of the other parties.

Gregory College, were known to stand tall amongst their peers from anywhere in the world.

Brand names have come plus absent yet this monarch stands tall amongst all faucet providers.

Some also state that they are two spans tall and the tallest amongst them are three spans.

He will always be admired for his strength and conviction, the tallest amongst Maharashtra's politicians.

Alhaji Dikko's performance as Controller in Charge of Investigations made him stand tall amongst his colleagues.

She acknowledged the support of KFC members in gaining the recognition the Council enjoys from stakeholders far and wide, standing tall amongst peers.

Okay, desiring the one man I can never may say more about me than Bond, but in Presents, home of the alpha male, he stands tall amongst the best of them.

The former military administrator said the successful launch of the satellites would boost the nation's corporate image and help it stand tall amongst the powerful countries in the world.

In 1% of cases tall after is used

They are going to walk very tall after what they achieved.

They thought I was cute and I felt inches taller after that.

One reason is that smoking takes its tall after twenty or more years.

Author's Resource Box Watch Our Free Video For How To Grow Taller After Puberty.

When watered, or not, they will grow no taller after the first spring of showing its self.

Unlike the Baltic States or west Ukraine, the ' partisan ' Communists walked tall after the war.

What he in fact was hinting at was, his people stood up 10 feet tall after two and half decades of terror on a daily basis.

Alan may not be much taller than five foot three, but in this instance he was ten feet tall after taking on the might of Australia's militant unions.

Especially for only 25!! Being tall after all is my life's ultimate aim (if I had 100k I wouldn't hesitate to spend it on a leg lengthening surgery!).

Therefore folks, who would like to expand taller after puberty, can concentrate on other places -- the actual spine and the knee collagenous cartilage.

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