Prepositions after "talk"

"talk about" or "talk to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases talk about is used

Talk about all in a day's work.

Let's talk about your director.

You don't want to talk about it.

I also talked about it with two close friends who I thought would be understanding.

Talk about things you enjoy, your hobbies, your interests and ask him to do the same.

I thought this was precisely what Toffael had talked about for almost half an hour.

I repeated the gyst of media coverage that's there in the media to cover up whatever we should be talking about.

Talk about the churches, mosque, and the government itself, we are suffering from national apostasy and denudation.

To be honest, I was totally surprised at how willing they were to talk about a property that was not their listing.

All I could be at the time was a mom to 2 chronically ill children (we won't even talk about how bad I feel for Ms.

In 28% of cases talk to is used

Talk to her over your shoulder.

MORRIS: They might talk to him.

You need help, just talk to me.

I never realized that talking to liberals is so much like talking to a four year old.

Later, talking to journalists at the headquarters of the party's State unit here, Mr.

I love talking to people who have been around the Salvation Army for decades because.

Do the people you are talking to look like idiots? They must if you expect them to believe that load of camel dung.

Without realising it, you could be talking to the boss's good friend or someone who wants to score points with him.

Coach Tom Thibodeau talked to Noah about the shot, and the center said he regretted the choice, reports ESPNChicago.

This suggestion is followed up in key Scene 33, The Tango of Yes, where Linklater plays pinball as he talks to Wiley.

In 4% of cases talk with is used

You are not fit to talk with me.

Goolsbee says he talks with Mr.

Mary, I would love to talk with you.

The Government must talk with each iwi group that has a complaint concerning the Treaty.

Her demeanor is so charismatic and lively that talking with her leaves you energized.

The next man I met was Father Smith; he could not talk with me because he was in a hurry.

Recently I was talking with a friend who was helping her Baby Boomer mother work through her retirement planning.

It is emphatic that one does not spread the details of another's offense before you talk with him or her one on one.

At Kuala Lumpur station I had to talk with the station manager to be able to take my bike on the train to Singapore.

However, most of my extended family still lives in Europe so when I visit and talk with them I hear similar concerns.

In 2% of cases talk of is used

People are talking of his death.

What is the confidence they talk of.

You talk of only one political party.

His face was white, and it moved; he prayed for mercy, and they talked of killing him.

On the other hand those who talk of 13th Amendment plus at this juncture are also wrong.

Not to talk of the environment that will take at least ten to fifteen years to put right.

I get mad when they talk of making inexpensive solar cooking stoves in Chicago and importing these in India and Nepal.

Good one but it will take years before china can even come close to Russia not to talk of US in military capabilities.

She wasn't used to such things happening since she grew up in a kingdom where relationships weren't talked of often.

I hope I'd wrong but I fear that the death-toll from this Sendai quake will be far larger than anyone is talking of.

In 1% of cases talk for is used

Let's talk for a bit about health.

He talked for about 35-40 minutes.

We talked for a straight 30 minutes.

After a long time, my father and I sat and talked for a whole night because of Fayaz.

I would talk for 30 seconds and my translator would follow with about 2 minutes of Chinese.

We talked for several hours, had a great time and kissed again but he never called again.

After sitting and talking for so long, everyone was glad for a break, and people drifted off to eat and talk more.

I found the rest of the video so boring, they talked for over an hour about all the minimal details of corporate taxes.

But guess what? We talked for months before our big trip started and talked for months during our travels about housesitting.

None of the Microsoft employees, both current and former, would talk for attribution because they worried about potential repercussions.

In 1% of cases talk in is used

That's how we talked in the 70's.

So my son can hear me talking in the next room.

Brick can walk on fences and talk in cat language.

It is always necessary to avoid being too negative when talking in front of children.

Talk in the Philippines The Philippines has two official languages: English and Filipino.

This implies that you are talking in the present about your past decision not to smoke.

After reading your post, I have renewed confidence to step out of my shell and talk in my broken cantonese to the locals.

They will talk in front of him forgetting that he is present, almost as though he is a piece of furniture - deaf and dumb.

We even have an English Week wherein we could only talk in English and gets penalized for every Filipino word that we spoke.

I recently did an article on my build confidence blog which talked in detail about recognising your inner beauty and talent.

In 1% of cases talk like is used

I expect you to talk like a Prof.

We were just talking like old friends.

He can not talk like a dumb Poramadulla boy.

We met the members for an interview so we decided to talk like what an interview implies.

When I talk like this, many who know naught what nature can do, think it is just a mere joke.

I don't think like the world, neither do I talk like them because the life in me is different.

I was about to go after them and tell them how unacceptable it was to talk like that (or at least the drunken remix.

It isn't one I need for obvious reasons -- but if YOU would like to talk like an Aussie then you can use Outback Chat.

So do nt enter a lane where u do nt belong, and find urself some peace by being among those who think like u, live like, talk like u and ofcourse DRESS like u.

Wow, Today watch the new and sew a foreigner on news interview and he even talk like a PAP, as what like if we want to have a better singapore, we must this and that.

In 1% of cases talk on is used

They asked if we could talk on the phone.

We've talked on the phone, but that is it.

You talk on the phone with his/her relatives.

Probably say, Oh God, help! I am talking on Skype with him, my guy, I men not God lol.

Walking, sitting, driving, leaning and laying down, all while talking on a cell-phone.

We may talk on the same subjects as twenty million other people but our slant is different.

If the state can give them free education then why would they suffer? You don't talk on behalf of the state government.

If she's a good enough friend and you guys have talked on the phone once or twice, I'd actually recommend calling her.

Even when you are talking on the phone, it isn't as bad as texting, but you are still taking a big risk on your life.

Your repentance had already been considered as nothing since that day when Marwan talked on behalf of you at your door.

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