Prepositions after "talented"

"talented in" or "talented at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases talented in is used

Tim is very talented in that way.

Most are not talented in any sense.

Some among us were talented in hunting.

On the way to the bar, we saw fire poi dancers who were really talented in this art.

It's not about even saying people are talented, everyone's talented in their own way.

If you are naturally talented in engineering of course you will excel in the diploma.

On the other hand, if you are exceptionally talented in math, then applied statistics could be the course for you.

Exchange knowledge with your friends Say you're talented in embroidery whilst your friend is very good at cooking.

Richard Dempsey: talented in this as much as Shakespeare, a whiz of a flirt, and a showstopper in a sequined dress.

We're certainly more talented in many ways -- actually getting talked about in some of the All-SEC preseason stuff.

In 23% of cases talented at is used

I wasn't overly talented at either.

She is very talented at what she does.

We're all very talented at screwing up.

Especially since they are all so talented at singing and dancing, it was phenomenal.

Even the really talented guys are usually only really talented at a couple of things.

Even the groomsmen were multi talented at cage fighting, handstands and freestyle rap.

Sometimes we would go to Coronation Market, where Granny was quite talented at negotiating prices with the vendors.

And I have been married twice, both to men who are very talented at really cool things and don't make a lot of money.

I am not that talented at sketching, but once you give me a PSD, I'll go into an application and code it by the book.

I know so many girls who quit the team because of those few who weren't talented at anything except killing confidence.

In 9% of cases talented of is used

And this guy's the more talented of the duo.

Difficult, even with the most talented of line ups.

So, I would rate He Zudao as the more talented of the two.

Nani is the most talented of them all but he's also one that needs the most support.

In this way DEVIL could be kept under control by righteous and talented of the world.

Only the most talented of individuals are blessed with the je ne sais quoi (Lara et al.

Chelsea were the biggest spenders of the summer and Eden Hazard was clearly the most talented of the new arrivals.

These xenon hid bulbs are talented of putting unfashionable three times beyond controlling beam over halogen lamps.

Prior to the start of the first round match-ups, Kessler was perceived as the most consistent and talented of the six.

The general consensus was that only the most experienced and talented of batsmen would have coped with Laker on that day.

In 7% of cases talented with is used

He is talented with baddest lyrics.

Also talented with silver -- Linda Upton.

He is so talented with his accents and wit.

He is very talented with lots of great ideas and the actual skills to follow through.

His club manager says he is so talented with a ball he could play for the Harlem Globetrotters.

And that it seems to recruit from the ranks of the talented with a strong desire to fulfil expectations.

She is uber talented with such a unique style and yet every piece she creates is different from the previous one.

I was a motor mechanic but I am talented with spiritual gifts many of which I didn't understand their significance.

Talented with the seventh sense of building up closets of classics and quirks for different personalities and shapes.

If you are talented with music, you can set up to entertain people in the park, markets, in restaurants during dinner.

In 4% of cases talented as is used

He was really talented as a composer and singer.

And he is genuinely talented as a comedic actor.

Mahinda Rajapakse is very talented as a politician.

He was very talented as a boy when he came over here from Ireland at 12 years of age.

This is as deep and talented as the talent pool has been in Detroit since the early 90's.

Colbert really is very talented as a comedian and what he was able to get McLeroy to reveal.

She is exceptionally talented as a student, a mid-level bureaucrat in government, as an academic administrator and fund raiser.

You are extraordinarily talented as an individual, and I am sure there will come a time when you will choose to move on as well.

Kobe, as good, gifted, and talented as a player as he is, nowhere near commands the type of passion for the game as someone like Jeremy.

In 3% of cases talented for is used

She's too talented for this bull.

JGS Is actually pretty talented for a young guy.

Do any of you know WaT? They are very talented for me.

Don't do anything for that bag of crap channel again Tim, you're too talented for them.

Topu discovered that he had a talented for music and songwriting when he was in high school.

As he is very talented for collection he will be able to really show himself at PSG and above.

It was an instinctive performance by Elliott; he was too strong, too determined and too talented for his opponents.

Frank Pollaro &; Brad Pitt in Brad's wine cellar Some Hollywood A List stars are just too darn talented for their own good.

U always have been very talented for the last 14 years that I hav known U and hav always bn n love with ur simplicity and upfront innocence.

In 3% of cases talented on is used

She's sweet and talented on so many levels.

Luckily for Lucas, he is very talented on both legs.

They're very, very talented on both sides of the ball.

The entertainment was great, particularly Daniel who was very talented on the trapeze.

But, as the time goes on, they get rid of their difficulty and become talented on what they do.

Atiba Hutchinson There is no player who is as talented on Canada's national team as Atiba Hutchinson.

I've also had the pleasure of meeting many new people through my blog, of whom are all very humble and talented on their own rights.

They are the straight laced heroes; the ones young players should aspire to be like - supremely talented on the ice, but grounded off it.

In 2% of cases talented by is used

You know, I'd not very smart or talented by nature: I just study a lot.

The fact probably is that he is out talented by many great American chefs.

I acknowledged the services of the talented by rewarding them and had to tell the weak persons about their weaknesses.

I do hope that Nico does not sufer the same fate of Sutil which is to be quite talented by never landing a high quality seat.

Yohan Blake talked candidly about everything from his love for cricket to his Richard Mille watch to his desire to help talented by economically challenged athletes in Jamaica.

Since no professional schools are dedicated to giving systematic trainings, enamellers can only become talented by virtue of superior talent as well as a great amount of effort.

In 2% of cases talented from is used

It's safe to say she was talented from early on.

That to me is very talented from acting to singing, and the best at everything you do.

It is this practice that has perhaps prevented the skilled and the talented from entering local legislatures.

Natalie Portman Natalie Portman is incredibly talented from a young age and it is apparent in all the movies she has acted in.

Certainly very talented but wouldn't even say he is the most talented from the French class of ' 87 playing in the Prem (Diaby, Nasri).

Still it manages to have a very high standard of living with enough headroom for growth and further immigration of talented from across world.

The thousands of American colleges and universities that educate our men and women -- and attract the bright and talented from across the globe -- vary in size, shape, focus, mission, and resources.

In 2% of cases talented like is used

She is not talented like Mariah is.

And if you are talented like Mad and sri ji then you rule.

To be likened and compared to someone who is wonderfully talented like Omotola is a plus.

You did a really great job; you're talented like your mommy and I love your new bangs (both of you).

As a Reader said above, to know that somebody talented like you (and published!) feels criticism in an agonizingly keen way, and will write about it, is heartening.

In 1% of cases talented among is used

The most talented among were sent for higher education.

Among the lot I will leave Rohit out as he is way talented among the lot.

But just as important, sport offers income-earning opportunities to the most talented among us.

At its height, Festival featured an array of talented among them, Michelino, Sam Mangwana, Jerry, Dizzy and Matalanza.

He is easily the most talented among the Swedish ranks but his ability to perform on the big stage has been repeatedly questioned.

They select the most suitable and talented among their staff in the first place, to give them the chance to train as Kilimanjaro climb guides.

Creating opportunities to stretch -- to grow -- is also desirable, because the more talented among staff members will seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and experience.

In 1% of cases talented amongst is used

Metropolis (of Foreign Beggars) My brother Ebow was always the most talented amongst us.

Assuming that no one has the chance to rig an election then there is no reason to suspect that people will not identify the most talented amongst themselves.

Daniel Beban, one of the more amazing and talented amongst us, took the time to answer a few questions about cycling in Wellington and ride his bike around outside his Frederick St.

Rohit, a late bloomer in terms of the hard-hitting numbers in international cricket but easily the most talented amongst the three, had caught up with Kohli and Raina with those twin tons.

In 1% of cases talented beyond is used

RichKids as a rapping collective, they are talented beyond their years.

Ji-sung must be a Renaissance man -- he's talented beyond his sport and fit in so easily with the flow of RM.

STARS PAY TRIBUTE TO ROBIN GIBB B roadcaster Paul Gambaccini said Gibb was ' talented beyond even his own understanding '.

We were both talented beyond the rest of the students and we competed in all things, but none more fiercely than for Jaania.

Our community is talented beyond words and we're constantly inspired by them, which is a pretty good sign of all around success.

They are all talented beyond the shadows of any doubts but as always, there shall be haters but we refuse to listen to them or their tasteless opinions.

Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini said the performer and songwriter was ' talented beyond even his own understanding ' and dubbed him as ' one of the important figures in the history of British music '.

In 1% of cases talented to is used

Michelle is a sweetheart and talented to book.

You two are the most talented to grace this stage.

This year is looking to be one of the most talented to date.

Not alone as some would have you believe, but the prior year was his breakout from very talented to world class.

Talented to a fault, and loved by many, he's actually not been able to shine as bright as he should, no thanks to a protracted stay in D'banj's shadow.

Organized by Malta Guinness, Ghana's iconic and vibrant malt drink, the aim is to provide a platform for the energetic and talented to showcase their exciting dance skills.

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