Prepositions after "tailor"

tailor to, for, from, toward or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases tailor to is used

Our aid is tailored to each family's unique situation.

Do not expect every beach to be tailored to tourist expectations.

Google uses this information to sell ads tailored to your interests.

This has enabled the Red Button team to offer the best games tailored to each system.

In Broward, the Reform Pilot plan offers them a plan tailored to their needs and condition.

Remember this is a Custom Coaching Course that will be tailored to you individual situation.

Together, you can create a unique marketing plan that is tailored to your company's own situation, goals, and budgets.

Maison &; Objet had 8 different halls (Salone has more than 30) and each hall was tailored to a specific home category.

You will be missing all the news on great deals, special offers, and new products, tailored to your specific interests.

Generic training content, not tailored to their subject area or to their own needs, is generally considered ineffective.

In 15% of cases tailor for is used

My wonderful husband and I used to do comedy shows tailored for seniors.

On the other hand, hire purchase is more tailored for domestic furniture and equipment.

It is too often people's experience that services aren't tailored for people with multiple, complex needs.

As such, it is clear that early intervention programmes need to be tailored for specific cases in isolation.

Again, it's going to be all about software, key games tailored for a specific market, that make the difference Sony desperately need.

One of the newest developments is a foundation degree tailored for the retail sector which has been piloted by Tesco, the UK's largest private sector employer.

Indeed, her upbringing was tailored for a career as a budding fashion designer: her mother was a showroom model and her step-father was a practicing suit maker.

What was worse was that the Sox couldn't even win at home, in the ballpark that they'd tailored for right-handed Australopithecine sluggers since God was a boy.

The Course Years 1 and 2 of the program focus primarily on instruction in the core medical sciences tailored for veterinary students to learn normal form and function.

Visit the Salon Visiting a salon is great while you're pregnant, because whether your hair gets thicker, becomes oilier, or dries out, they can offer personal advice tailored for your tresses.

In 2% of cases tailor from is used

Ahead of we commence, let's evaluation some recommendations I tailored from Alchemist custom: Rule #1: As it is over, so it is beneath.

In 2% of cases tailor toward is used

I did a newspaper article a while back for a college that had an entire program tailored toward helping women with children achieve their degrees.

All of the core-toughening moves can adapt to different body types for a customized workout, with specific classes tailored toward newbies, expectant mothers, and those rehabilitating from injuries.

In 2% of cases tailor towards is used

The children are to be tailored towards developing a habit for reading.

Kobo formerly relied on Getjar to deliver content to the devices, and in most cases the apps and games are tailored towards phones and not tablets.

In 1% of cases tailor according is used

Just as it was in the past, Jasmine Lounge serves its legendary tea sets from morning to evening, with selections tailored according to the different times of day.

In 1% of cases tailor like is used

Sternberg's (Band of Outsiders) khakis are tailored like dress pants, and the details are largely sewn by hand, including buttonholes and split waistbands, which can be altered easily.

In 1% of cases tailor of is used

My take on this is that it is imperative for Somaliland to separate allowing for diversity and tailoring of its needs to itself.

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