Prepositions after "tackle"

tackle by, in, for, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases tackle by is used

And like weed, it had to be tackled by the root.

Missions can be tackled by stealth, combat or a combination of both.

What can be done to prevent angina? Many of the risk factors for angina can be tackled by lifestyle changes.

These problems may be the root of bullying and so they all need to be tackled by the parents, teachers and other social leaders.

Without paying a lot of money you can easily have your loan applications tackled by the best professionals in the housing industry.

The rapid changes in modern times have given rise to new problems and issues which are to be tackled by law through pragmatic approach in interpreting law.

Cooperatives are an improvement because Ethiopia's chronic problems are better tackled by the long-term capacity-building that cooperatives promote, he contends.

Franco, 2nd May, 2012 Ignored by the mainstream media, the world's nuclear weapons and energy problems are being tackled by the international community gathered in Vienna.

In the unlikely event that immigration reform is actually tackled by Congress in the near future, guess which group will be first to be sacrificed by the Democrats? Yup, you guessed it.

In 12% of cases tackle in is used

Denver Broncos - Totaled two special teams tackles in a 36-14 loss.

We also see from the chalkboard that Chelsea won more tackles in Man Utd's half.

In Sunday's 5-1 win over Real Sociedad, for example, he made two attempts at tackles in 90 minutes.

You touch on an issue here that I didn't even tackle in this post: when family and friends ask you for free services.

As such, The Gunners hold the curious distinction of making the most tackles in the league and also the most tackled team in the league.

If it's your first time to tackle the topic, it's normal to define psychology to have an understanding on the subject that you will be tackling in the class.

These are among the many issues tackled in this actually rather interesting book (though it's more of an anthropology into US academic culture and perception).

In 12% of cases tackle for is used

They lead the country in sacks and tackles for loss.

Jarvis Jones had four tackles, two tackles for loss and two sacks.

They're 59th in tackles for loss, 78th in sacks and 27th in net punting.

Alec Ogletree led all defenders with 10 tackles, two tackles for loss and one sack.

Commits a direct free kick foul in a reckless manner while tackling for the ball from any direction c.

Fellaini dominated us in the air and his hold up play was brilliant, while Jagielka put in 3 game saving tackles for them.

OLB Connor Barwin (Houston Texans) 11/11/12 at Chicago Bears - Totaled six tackles, including two tackles for loss, in a 13-6 win.

In 11% of cases tackle with is used

I am especially a fan of the powerful Adusei who is built like a rock and tackles with great passion.

Once she understands their nature, tackling with them will become easy and then she can also employ hikmah to have her way when she wants to.

The impression I'd getting at the moment is that gender imbalance at conferences like Marxism 2012 isn't being highlighted or tackled with any sort of meaningful enthusiasm or effort.

In 8% of cases tackle on is used

It has to be tackled on a case-to-case basis.

To get tackles on him I hope the refs don't look at it that way.

He said negative perception was a problem for Pakistan and it should be tackled on urgent basis.

Can someone get sky to show Essiens tackle on Pennant and ask why is there no fuss made out of it.

Messi has received the occasional bit of flak from Pepe, but the majority of tackles on Maradona were attempts to break his legs.

In 4% of cases tackle before is used

Their influence and their way are to be tackled before all essential problems could be sorted.

The run was befitting of the moment -- Ball loped through the OSU defense, shedding tackles before plopping down in the end zone in front of his peers in the student section.

In 3% of cases tackle to is used

Run, fight, tackle to the final whistle display, leave it all on the field.

The Pumas had 66 percent possession and 68 percent territory in the first half and had to make just 23 tackles to the 48 made by the Kings.

In 3% of cases tackle through is used

Disaster prevention and mitigation's impact is best tackled through regional co-operation.

For sheer economic efficiency, public welfare and growth, this form of corruption is best tackled through economic reforms.

In 2% of cases tackle about is used

Miss Daphne also tackled about the lifestyle features of the Windows 8, in relation to the Windows Phone 8, with Mr.

In 2% of cases tackle of is used

O'Brien picks great lines and shrugs off the last gasp tackles of opposing players better than any flanker I watched in the 2010/11 season.

In 2% of cases tackle into is used

I know that if I tackle into my work, my mood will lift so why don't I do it??? It's the motivation that is the killer.

In 1% of cases tackle like is used

He is for some reason overlooked?? Probably because he can not tackle like Gerrard and Parker.

In 1% of cases tackle off is used

Right from the opening kick-off when Butcher was tackled off the ground and received the first penalty, there were hints this would be no ordinary game.

In 1% of cases tackle over is used

Australia was falling off their tackles and was struggling around the contact zone and the breakdowns; they missed a total of 21 tackles over the 80 minutes.

In 1% of cases tackle as is used

He noted that 45kilometers of roads are tackled as the Roads Engineering Management accesses areas where this rehabilitation should take place.

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