Prepositions after "synonymous"

synonymous with, to, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 92% of cases synonymous with is used

Synonymous with photoautotrophy.

Synonymous with c#nt is his name.

Synonymous with Gaussian Distribution.

Synonymous with Africa, the drum was brought to the New World by African slaves.

Two prominent figures which are Synonymous with Positivism are John Austin and H.

But only a few brands become so engrained in the lexicon that they're synonymous with the products themselves.

For you the word interview is synonymous with the word interrogation, which is not, in my opinion, what it is.

His name was synonymous with the bogeyman, and was something used to scare small children, or so they thought.

Another famous saying of the Prophet at the same time became synonymous with the name of his grandson Hussain.

In 5% of cases synonymous to is used

Traffic is synonymous to chaos.

Christmas is synonymous to gifts.

Apple iPod is synonymous to Apple.

Silence in the face of transgression is synonymous to the acceptance of injustice.

The name Syed Mokhtar is also synonymous to someone who has done a lot of charity.

We live in a cynical country where politics is deemed as synonymous to corruption.

To those that don't ride, the perception of someone who does can be synonymous to that of a stereotypical biker.

Let's face it -- despite the deportation issues -- we knew Asi Taulava will always be synonymous to Talk N Text.

Her name will be always synonymous to me with decency, fairness and the highest level of humanitarian awareness.

But it does imply (to Muslims) that killing another (innocent) Muslim would be synonymous to killing all mankind.

In 1% of cases synonymous for is used

He is synonymous for the word customization.

Indeed, Bofors became synonymous for corruption.

United and wingers have been synonymous for years now.

Today, Malaysia Airlines is synonymous for its Malaysian Hospitality or MH brand.

As hinted earlier, democracy and egalitarianism were essentially synonymous for Tocqueville.

However, in China, it is also synonymous for horse and used much like a verbal question mark.

As Tom Griffiths notes, the very word ' Mallee ' became ' synonymous for heroic, even bloody-minded settlement ' (21).

Throughout the mathematical world the name of MIT and the name of Norman Levinson have been synonymous for many years.

We want to ensure that all our customers enjoy the first class service Suntel is synonymous for, no matter where we go.

With Sgt Pepper being synonymous for LSD or psychedelia, I suggest the opening lyric describes how LSD affected McCartney.

In 1% of cases synonymous in is used

They are synonymous in vedAnta.

However, the two have become synonymous in modernity.

I consider those three terms to be synonymous in this case.

They are nearly synonymous in many situations, and yet they are not truly synonyms.

So FOXP2 is synonymous in different species, but it's also very different between them.

Matheson's Synonymes, published in 1901, mentions Cogan and Keogan as synonymous in Co.

Because sexual and economic exchanges are virtually synonymous in this comedy, a further possible meaning is possible.

Needless to say, that buying a coveted car is synonymous in giving you heightened and electrifying zeal and enthusiasm as well.

I can't remember which particular word was used, but these terms are, as far as I can tell, synonymous in footballing vocabulary.

Metalworking and Asbestos-Ceramic pottery are somewhat synonymous in Scandinavia due to the latter's capacity to resist and retain heat.

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