Prepositions after "symptomatic"

symptomatic of, at, for, in or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 95% of cases symptomatic of is used

This is symptomatic of the state of my life.

This is symptomatic of the nation of Israel.

This is symptomatic of the ivory tower disconnect.

And so the existence of people is symptomatic of the kind of universe we live in.

This lack of imagination is symptomatic of the main problem afflicting the record.

And it's symptomatic of the new Panda inside, there's a pleasing tactility about it.

Being against the Tories on everything as a policy is symptomatic of the clueless leadership the party now has.

To us this is anathema and is symptomatic of the broader markets lack of understanding about network monitoring.

Dorris ' failed amendment is symptomatic of a Bill that threatens to destroy the ideals at the heart of the NHS.

One could argue that this is simply a rejection of the label, but for me it is symptomatic of a greater malaise.

In 1% of cases symptomatic at is used

Firstly, young onset or juvenile HD- which is defined as HD becoming symptomatic at under the age of 18- is very rare.

It is quite rare for someone to become symptomatic at the age of 18 so I would check whether your boyfriend is gene-positive or symptomatic.

Therefore, infants with? -chain abnormalities tend to be symptomatic at birth (or before) whereas those with? -chain problems develop symptoms usually after 4-6 months.

The congenital myopathies are a group of diseases of muscle characterised by weakness that may be symptomatic at birth, although some do not appear until later in childhood.

In 1% of cases symptomatic for is used

This omission is symptomatic for the report's shortcomings.

If a woman is symptomatic for anemia, perform uterine aspiration.

Actually quite symptomatic for the general state of global affairs I would say.

The patients had been symptomatic for the last 1 to 10 years (mean, 4 years) and had received several medical treatments.

I read our medical records and a common thing to see is people have been symptomatic for days but are afraid to go get help until they are at death's door.

All patients were markedly symptomatic for dysphagia, regurgitation, excessive salivation, halitosis, weight loss and general malaise prior to undergoing surgery.

In 1% of cases symptomatic in is used

I would like to say that i have been very symptomatic in the past two weeks.

Their collaboration in L'Esprit published by Emmanuel Mounier looks symptomatic in this respect.

While he may have become symptomatic in his 50s you may become symptomatic in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or even later.

The typical age of onset is from the 40's-50 's, but you might not get symptoms older in life even though your parent was symptomatic in his/her 50's.

The interpretative practice of Art &; Language and the artist Joseph Kosuth, who was for a time associated with the group, is symptomatic in this regard.

However, other studies suggest that longer symptom duration (>7 days) was associated with increased likelihood of sexual activity while symptomatic in men and women.

These findings are consistent with those reported by Irwin et al in that factors associated with sexual activity while symptomatic include duration of symptoms <7 days, black race, and male sex.

The boy is obviously one of my 10% who don't exist because they're in the little " outside the 95th percentile " corners of normal distribution and is already symptomatic in his late teens.

In 1% of cases symptomatic with is used

It may be initially asymptomatic, but often becomes progressively symptomatic with age.

Die Another Day has a great first half, and sub-par second half, symptomatic with the rest of Brosnan's era.

All but one had undergone endoscopy prior to surgery and all were symptomatic with a mean duration of symptoms of 2.

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