Prepositions after "sympathetic"

sympathetic to, towards, with, about or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases sympathetic to is used

And I'd very sympathetic to the.

I am sympathetic toward the protestors.

It is sympathetic to the pain of others.

Gregoire, while sympathetic to the goals of the bill, wound up vetoing much of it.

I am sympathetic to the complaints of OWS, though not necessarily their solutions.

As a humanistic, Calvin was sympathetic to the reform movements within the church.

Just because it is racist doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad poem, or that it is unsympathetic to its subject.

Though Pacheco was a mediocre painter, he was a capable teacher, sympathetic to the new interest in naturalism.

I am sympathetic to the idea we sometimes need to change, and even expand, the powers of our security agencies.

So they used individuals who were very, very sympathetic to the Taliban to set up purported blocking positions.

In 7% of cases sympathetic towards is used

I feel hugely sympathetic towards them too.

But I am sympathetic towards Rashi ben as well.

It is our holly duty to sympathetic towards him.

For it was difficult not to be sympathetic towards the late President Mills.

The doctors are more sympathetic towards you than in the UK in my experience.

But many creditors are sympathetic towards people who have fallen into arrears.

Believers should similarly be sympathetic towards misguided people and proactive in calling them to Allah.

They break laws over and over and over again, get fines wiped and then judges are sympathetic towards them.

While some people may be sympathetic towards some stated socio-political reasons for these new concepts, e.

Vegas Recent Media Act A Fake, Says Konshens While some dancehall artists are being sympathetic towards Mr.

In 5% of cases sympathetic with is used

So, I'd sympathetic with you, Father.

You were sympathetic with the last post.

I am very sympathetic with your struggles.

I have read Dawkins and Hitchens and am generally sympathetic with their views.

You know, I'd very sympathetic with young photographers, and I don't mean to say.

It has not made me sympathetic with Islam, but it focuses my attention on the truth.

Not very sympathetic with the Test match schedule, are they? But on the bright side, we're here for you, guys.

The paper drew a readership sympathetic with, if not directly involved in, the burgeoning republican movement.

Our class discussed the issues that the song raised, and my prof was very sympathetic with Bernhard's critique.

Not surprisingly, Steve Hege and his team focused their? research? on sources sympathetic with the FDLR in Congo.

In 1% of cases sympathetic about is used

I am really sympathetic about you.

Any decent person will be sympathetic about it.

There was nothing sensitive or sympathetic about Madge.

Some songs have a slow burn about them, and you have to be sympathetic about that.

Saying anything remotely sympathetic about paedophilia is bound to invite grave suspicions.

When talking to elderly people, I spend my energy being sympathetic about their problems an.

They saw our rent house and they were very sympathetic about our house, which was small with only two rooms.

They were sympathetic about my situation until they realise what a great time I was having outside the house.

I would say this: you're not supposed to feel sympathetic about the 1930s upper-class character Robert Frobisher.

His daughter complains that he is not sympathetic about her sore throat at a most precarious moment in the operation.

In 1% of cases sympathetic for is used

I felt sympathetic for the mother.

I do feel sympathetic for your situation.

I won't pay for or be sympathetic for STDs.

And Quigley adds that he feels particularly sympathetic for the Grimsby forward.

They don't ' do you favours ' and suddenly become sympathetic for nothing in return.

Nothing wrong with feeling sympathetic for someone who has tranformed into a lowlife.

I feel very sympathetic for my fellow men whom their beloved wives have been taken by taxi drivers and tourists.

Muslims familiar with the history and politics of the region naturally feel sympathetic for their brethren in Gaza.

Galifiniakas leaves his loveable moron behind, and Gilchrist is surprisingly sympathetic for a poor little rich kid.

In 1% of cases sympathetic in is used

Hamilton is noticeably more sympathetic in her narrative than Boswell.

One appeared sympathetic in his questions early on, some more technical.

He had reasoned that bringing her along would make him more sympathetic in his deal.

Courts are usually sympathetic in the granting of preliminary injunctions in Free Speech Cases.

Furthermore, they seem to have become less sympathetic in terms of how they deal with employees.

Yet each character is exquisitely drawn, with even the most despicable people rendered human and sympathetic in some way.

As an industry we ought to be sympathetic in our understanding of someone wrongly labelled because of the wrong doings of a few.

It's just that heads tend to follow where hearts lead, and if a group is sympathetic in one area, one tends to follow them in others.

Lots of Tamils will welcome both so they can go and reaffirm the Vaddu Resolution thinking that the IC will be more sympathetic in 2013.

In 1% of cases sympathetic of is used

Is he sympathetic of romance? Not at all.

He was the most sympathetic of companions.

This shows that you are sympathetic of her plight.

Before the Restoration, he painted the most sympathetic of all portraits of Cromwell.

Views supportive/ sympathetic of tribal communities could be similarly run down and dismissed.

The grumpy Jones actually gets most of the laughs -- even as he's the least sympathetic of characters.

Mahony, who was very sympathetic of Christian's complex medical history, as well as proactive in his treatment.

What sympathetic of medium do you equivalent to see? I sex watching comedy, proceedings thrillers and horror movies.

While he's no less creepy than some of the other denizens on this list, he is certainly the most sympathetic of the bunch.

It is these conclusions which are most often quoted and referred to, particularly by those who are sympathetic of Mr Tapps position.

In 1% of cases sympathetic toward is used

I am sympathetic toward the protestors.

I don't feel very sympathetic toward him.

He was trying to get me to become sympathetic toward him.

And that blogging makes you more aware of and sympathetic toward others? Priceless.

I am especially sympathetic toward those in the 54-64 cohort who struggle with low incomes.

And if you think that Irish people feel sympathetic toward Israel, you again are away off track.

This outlook makes me even more sympathetic toward those who find themselves in the situation of addiction.

Like Suyang, I never quite feel sympathetic toward him, but I see him more as a weak human than an evil one.

This tells me that Fatima's is kind and humble because she sympathetic toward a person that she does not like.

The rallying call goes out that we must all support the army and be sympathetic toward them in this difficult time.

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