Prepositions after "symbolic"

symbolic of, in, for, to or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases symbolic of is used

Flowers are symbolic of wisdom.

Anton is symbolic of that violence.

The ellipse is symbolic of dynamism.

Symbolic of this is the best selling African novel of all time, ' Things Fall Apart.

It's a nice touch and symbolic of the way the island has been cautiously modernised.

A private joke, perhaps? Good name as symbolic of the high call charges if accurate.

Symbolic of his new concerns, in 1761 he paid 7s 6d for a whip, the ubiquitous instrument of a master's authority.

Mr Freschi is, in a way, symbolic of the strengths that come from, the very diversity of the Canadian way of life.

Every form existing in the diversified sphere of being is symbolic of the divine activity by which it is produced.

The ' destruction ' being basically symbolic of the evolution from previous paradigms that no longer hold currency.

In 5% of cases symbolic in is used

But it is symbolic in so many ways.

The journey is symbolic in many ways.

It may be cheesy, but they are symbolic in this way.

He died in 1900, and ever since people have seen something symbolic in that event and date.

Culture is symbolic in that a lot of it is expressed using resources within the community's environment.

For example, Mount Kenya is symbolic in the Kikuyu worship being the medium of communication to their God.

But it is also one of the most symbolic in terms of cinematography employing certain layers of light and movement.

In fact, this contributes to the landscape by offering a unique monument that is symbolic in the heritage of the country.

Nanotechnology is changing our perception of life and this is symbolic in the unusual optics of the Blue Morpho butterfly.

The rally was symbolic in the sense that it threw the voices of Nigerian youths into the mainstream media's consciousness.

In 4% of cases symbolic for is used

Satan is symbolic for hopelessness.

The fruit is symbolic for knowledge.

The shot is symbolic for him for two reasons.

When it ends though, I started putting pieces together and its all symbolic for me.

Of all my subsequent visits, this one is especially symbolic for me and my community.

Most of the hairstyles that are popularised today are symbolic for grace and elegance.

Symbolic for let the light shine that you have within? Has to do with the soul, feel entlightend, because you are.

The seat is symbolic for her party, as it was there that it was implicated in the desecration of a Jewish cemetery.

There are religious connotations: the heart representing God, the hands symbolic for Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

In Kiswahili Subira means ' wait! ' which is very symbolic for how girls are being brought up along the Swahili Coast.

In 2% of cases symbolic to is used

This death is symbolic to the approaching death of Hedvig.

They seemed too incidental, too symbolic to the thrust of the action.

The blue colour of the ellipse is symbolic to stability and reliability.

It is sometimes suggested that what the voice says is symbolic to you or meaningful.

Then try and find something symbolic to that event that she can keep and always remember.

Christmas trees are as symbolic to Christian Americans as the Menorah is to Jewish Americans.

The name of the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite, which means ' ' bright lode star ' ', is highly symbolic to the Kim family cult.

As a major planet, it was cast as a world that was very symbolic to both of The Old Republic ' s factions, the Sith and Republic.

The law would be unique to France and is symbolic to the Socialists, a government official who declined to be identified said Thursday.

In 1% of cases symbolic about is used

There's nothing obviously symbolic about a white skunk.

Something symbolic about treadmills: runners aren't moving forward.

There was something symbolic about the mingling of the crowds at Portia's swearing-in.

There was nothing particularly symbolic about the origin of Halloween games such as these.

There is something so symbolic about the burning of the little girl on the road to Port Royal.

There is something powerful and symbolic about this shot of a Rasta cleaving his way through the blue green water of the Caribbean sea.

Of corse Iraq was the defining act, but there was something deeply symbolic about deregulated gambling which in some ways provided a more penetrating glimpse about what was happening.

There's something very symbolic about diving, and the pool, and I watched a lot of tapes of legendary US Olympian Greg Louganis diving over and over and over again while I was preparing for the role.

In 1% of cases symbolic as is used

Solutions could be symbolic as well as tangible.

Thus, even a ' realistic ' picture is symbolic as well as iconic.

Metaphor can thus be seen as involving a symbolic as well as an iconic quality.

The move is largely symbolic as the Syrian cabinet wields very little actual power.

The Diamond Sutra is symbolic as the sun, while those demonic laws and religions are dew.

Kristeva describes the relation between the semiotic and the symbolic as a dialectic oscillation.

It is nominal and symbolic as to the governmental functions in the executive and legislative branch of government.

It is said that in Ancient Egypt, blue represented heaven, and since it is a calming color, blue can be wonderful and symbolic as a wedding day theme color.

The critics somehow overlooked that the mission was to highlight the issue with the help of the international activists which was symbolic as well as revealing.

In 1% of cases symbolic rather is used

This name is symbolic rather than descriptive.

Now, capturing him will be symbolic rather than anything else.

Old forms become symbolic rather than vital, a token for something, not the thing itself.

These icons are not only rare (as previously noted) but they are symbolic rather than phonetic.

Lord Justice Leveson has shown little interest in systems that appear symbolic rather than practical.

Indeed, it will not surprise anyone if eventually they take on a symbolic rather than a substantive function.

It is possible to represent the astral realities of ritual magic with symbolic rather than physical instruments.

As the States had used only a small portion of the money available, this had symbolic rather than real importance.

When you're on a budget and you wish to make this gift a unique one, focus on something symbolic rather than expensive.

And no natural three and a half years has two and a half leap years, showing that the numbers are symbolic rather than literal expressions.

In 1% of cases symbolic with is used

The 7 mountains are the 7 hills that is symbolic with Rome.

His name is not symbolic with reference to the following history.

Most often Tagore's love poetry is symbolic with his yearning to meet with the Supreme.

If today is to serve as the first day of a new chapter, it is symbolic with the first brick being laid.

His Ivy League credential is much more symbolic with the Democrats than the party of the Proles (Republicans).

So it seems that Pesach becomes symbolic with ushering in a new beginning: people being delivered to serve (worship) the Lord.

Some have argued that his role was largely symbolic with an increasing inability to communicate and effectively lead his al-Qaeda organisation.

MQM being the jason that whips people (symbolic with the hockey stick of Jason) and taliban, well they would be claw hand freddy as they do behead people (one up over MQM).

The silence of Sarala in the novel (later revised, altered and extended in drama form by the Poet himself, but never staged during his lifetime) is only symbolic with a scientific sense at the core.

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