Prepositions after "switch"

"switch to" or "switch from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases switch to is used

One was switching to the Greens.

Switch to NOR and boot the device 2.

We should switch to the green economy.

We're off contract now and want to switch to Verizon with the release of the iPhone 5.

The prevailing system should be abolished and we should switch to Presidential system.

Open a terminal, switch to another user and open from there another instance of skype.

If you switched to the 4s and is now sour about having to pay full price fo the 5 then i do nt feel sorry for you.

That's an indication that, at the last minute, some of the Nader voters switched to Gore, thus enhancing his rally.

In 17% of cases switch from is used

Then they are switched from the steady supply of replacements.

Large buildings switched from electric to oil-fuelled boilers.

Reggie recently announced that he was switching from hip life to.

Peter Vaghi, whom he had known before Vaghi switched from politics to the priesthood.

It means that you can easily add video clip without switching from your favorite browser.

Android loser #26 01:11 pm Aug 22 2012 Now You admit you want to switch from ' Droid to Windows.

EDOF technology keeps the camera always in focus, even when you quickly switch from subjects nearby to those far off.

Switch from RPI to CPI Two years ago, the government announced plans to move the indexation of pensions from RPI to CPI.

Herbert found that in less than one minute of TV viewing, our dominant brain waves switch from beta waves to alpha waves.

When it hits a ceiling we'll be able to see more clearly when people are switching from iOS to Android and vice versa.

In 10% of cases switch between is used

You can switch between a dark and light background.

The user may switch between the available multi-cases.

Owls do not switch between morphs through their lives.

The ability to switch between the display of two or more formatting object subtrees.

Switching between languages?? is pretty fast - it will need to press only one key.

Click the magnifying glass in the Find search field to switch between the two options.

To switch between multiple users, click the icon in the upper left-hand corner and select the appropriate profile.

The series does a great job of switching between story-telling and eye-candy action scenes during each episode.

Asus has included custom software and a keyboard shortcut to allow users to switch between different display modes.

But sometimes it is nice to make all layers active, or be able to switch between active/inactive without editing HTML.

In 1% of cases switch at is used

You might switch at any point in time to the other browsers we make available on this site.

The street railway companies also had to make changes to their tracks and switches at some locations.

Some tabs are operated manually, some by a manual-hydraulic method, but the best boats have an electric-hydraulic system controlled by rocker switches at the helm.

Federal Court in Los Angeles that suggest a bullet from the crime scene was switched at the time of Sirhan's prosecution to ensure it matched his gun and helped secure his conviction.

In 1% of cases switch for is used

The netting could always be switched for blue, and the dress wouldn't lose it's happy, dancy, quality.

He founded Huawei in 1987 with the equivalent of $2,500 at the time to make traditional public phone switches for Chinese businesses.

Nexus 1000V provides management and feature consistency with Nexus physical data center switches for a seamless integration of physical and virtual and cloud environments.

I particularly like to leave email reading until the end of the day, as the amount of context switches for each email can be mentally tiring and make it hard to continue working afterwards.

In 1% of cases switch in is used

Conversely, an aggressor can cause decreased delays when switching in the same direction as the victim.

Similarly, crosstalk can cause increased delays when an aggressor switches in the opposite direction of the victim.

I finally installed more chips to reach a whopping 256k and eventually switched in a 20MB hard drive in lieu of the 2nd floppy.

If you only have one account and want to do this, you will have to disable welcome screen &; fast user switching in USERS in control panel.

In 1% of cases switch into is used

I had to actually switch into ' techie ' to navigate.

Once the game started, though, you switch into game mode and focus just on the match.

Alert/Search: If an NPC hears a nearby sound, or sees either the player or another NPC from a rival faction, they will switch into this state.

Switching into a fresh set of equipment definitely adds to your comfort level, but you'll be sacrificing precious time that could possibly score you a personal best.

In 1% of cases switch on is used

He made all the comments as in previous posts and asked me to switch on my computer.

LA, since the time that I switched on the TV set in the 2nd quarter, the Clippers led each and every minute.

I used to let them finish their drivel, sounding more and more concerned, until they asked me to switch on my computer.

I was called yesterday buy a foreign sounding man claiming he was calling from ' Windows ' and that I had to switch on my PC immediately as we had corrupted files and were liable to being hacked.

In 1% of cases switch over is used

It was easier than I thought to switch over the billing.

I just switched over routers just before, as one of them is a slow peice of ****.

It's likely that any suitable candidates are already being used for something else, hence there would be a cost to society in switching over such spectrum to mobile.

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