Prepositions after "swirl"

"swirl around" or "swirl in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases swirl around is used

But those, like so many stories that swirl around Ewood Park, turned out to be untrue.

Rumors have been swirling around the internet this week that Teresa tried her hardest.

Hidden in plain view There are three different Dubais, all swirling around each other.

I stood there, paralysed, as the voices began to swirl around me, filling the huge chamber.

Ron, the electrical tech, Don and I got out with only the sound of the breeze swirling around us.

The answer, of course, is that one can never be sure, especially with the ongoing concerns swirling around China.

Rumors have been swirling around the internet this week that Teresa tried her hardest to get backstage and hangout.

A mix of Swahili and English swirled around the room along with the smell of strong tea rising with the steam from our mugs.

Despite the drama inherent to his profession and the melodrama that swirls around him, Shekhar moves through the story like an ordinary man.

A stone wall ran several kilometres around the high city, and a castle too, could be limned from among the mists that swirled around the topmost ramparts.

In 25% of cases swirl in is used

The sound of ice cubes swirling in a glass.

So many conflicting thoughts swirling in my mind.

Germany mythological history too is swirling in the background.

Create a never-ending menagerie of stimulus that?? s constantly swirling in your airspace.

Rumors that Catalonia might wish to go its own way and no longer be part of Spain (?!) swirled in the markets this morning.

This layered ballistic changes colour as it fizzes, swirling in haze of orange and pink and releasing its sunny lime and neroli fragrance.

This song is kind of spacey, with a neat hi-hat rhythm swirling in the background and the clear crystal sound of love working as a secondary melody base.

In 13% of cases swirl with is used

This book swirls with animal life telling us how and why these unlikely partnerships are formed.

Drop spoonfuls of peanut butter mixture into chocolate mixture and lightly swirl with a skewer or knife.

In the golden afternoon the cafes swirl with life and the buskers are jamming their hearts out, audience or no.

It wasn't the only one: the planet has six other major tropical oceanic gyres, all of them swirling with ugly debris.

The drink is served in a chilled Old-Fashioned glass that has been swirled with absinthe, resulting in a lingering anise note in the scent and flavor.

In 4% of cases swirl across is used

There is no indication anywhere nearby of the financial crisis swirling across the city.

In 4% of cases swirl within is used

There's a simple, three-note hook at the outset that morphs ever so slightly over six minutes, as house-inflected beats drop in and out and chiming synths swirl within the watery, permeable mix.

In 2% of cases swirl before is used

That sound is swirling before the beat drops in and helps to make everything sound totally crazy, like a state of emergency.

In 2% of cases swirl to is used

Soon music filled the air and the young woman was swirling to its cadences.

In 2% of cases swirl towards is used

It involved levitation, furniture being moved through the air, and flying objects swirling towards witnesses.

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