Prepositions after "swing"

swing in, into, by, to or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 12% of cases swing in is used

The momentum swung in Boys ' Town's favour as they.

The door of universal law swings in all directions.

Let their carcass swing in the breeze for all the carpetbaggers to see.

Here, one can simply laze around the beach while swinging in a native white hammock.

Funny, the ball always end up with the right back who swings in a pointless corner or just pass back.

She threw me a bit startled glance, then ran away and landed on the lap of man swinging in hammock.

Klan have always opted for the Republican Party while the African-Americans swing in most instances towards the Democrats.

Adam Oakes swung in a corner from the left hand side and Bond rose, effectively unchallenged, to head firmly past Sean Davis in the Storks goal.

Juan Mata swung in the corner (his set pieces are eye-wateringly good, unlike Liverpool's ), John Terry lost Daniel Agger and powered in a free header past Brad Jones.

The lawyers representing the Government had hastened to assure them that indeed they would, and, what's more, that there were seesaws and slides and swings in every park.

In 11% of cases swing into is used

That same moment a great crocodile on the other bank swung into action.

Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister swung into action and let Tibetans migrate to India.

We do not use the finger as an isolated unit, the finger is swung into position on the right key at the right moment by the forearm.

Fans may remember seeing the old man pulling Roper around and various signs swinging into shot, one of which was for a famous club called Copocobana.

Finally a carrier was sighted, and the remaining eighteen bombers switched on their signal and blinker lights as they swung into their approach and landing pattern.

Finally, any call to Clement Doherty Adjusters Ltd will be passed directly to Police immediately, forthwith and the Pre-planned undercover operation will swing into action.

Senior Minister Bashir Ahmad Bilour swung into action and suspended Tehsil Municipal Officer Umer Khan Kundi and held the district municipal officials responsible for the blast.

In 11% of cases swing by is used

The rod tied to a rope was swung by and office boy.

So I asked the teamster who was driving to swing by Paul's apartment.

Edwin Reeder swung by a gas station in Miami Shores -- not for fuel, but drinks and snacks.

If you swing by the Perth Cultural Centre then be sure to come say hi to us too! Comments Great interview.

If you're in the bar, I'd going to be swinging by and talking to you and letting you know what's going on.

An enforcement officer can swing by just minutes after the meter starts working again while you are still away.

The next day the guerrillas awoke to the sight of heads swinging by their pigtails from every branch of every tree in the compound.

Lily-Rose, 13, is such a huge fan of the famous five that her dad Johnny arranged for the chart toppers to swing by his home recording studio.

It's when you swing by unexpectedly that you might realize how empty the fridge and cupboards are or how the housekeeping is becoming unmanageable and a health risk.

Don't miss out on the fun this year, swing by one of the many Halloween shops throughout the city and make sure you have a costume that is just as impressive as the other Haligonians.

In 10% of cases swing to is used

We're swinging to chaos and destruction.

John's as opposed to the pair of road swings to Newfoundland last season.

Visitors are invited to hook their feet into them and swing to their heart's content.

The bigger problem is that the Wizards don't have players that can make a play when the ball is swung to them.

At some point close to Dufferin, the line swings to the north side of the corridor with the intention of running in or along the embankment.

The rider on the front then swings to one side, eases up slightly and waits for all the riders in the line to pass, then drops in behind the last person.

But up in Blackpool, surrounded by advisers, David Cameron is gambling too, on the fastest makeover in modern politics, as he swings to the right and calls for an election.

Of course, this does not mean that America will swing to the other end of the religious spectrum represented by the likes of President Obama's former chaplain in Chicago, Rev.

In 9% of cases swing from is used

I'd still swinging from that poplar tree that he mentioned.

He swung from tree to tree, and the kids fed him fruits and nuts.

Swinging from left to right, Bounty took the stage with Ready Fi Dem.

In the air, the airliner began to swing from side to side and rolled into steep banks.

Sand Trap Be respectful to the other golfers by limiting where the sand goes if you are swinging from a sand trap.

Money amplifies our tendency to overreact, to swing from exuberance when things are going well to deep depression when they go wrong.

The sun is not exactly at the centre of the orbit of the earth, which is an ellipse; this is the reason why the earth swings from perihelion to aphelion.

In 8% of cases swing on is used

Swing on the half price banners 87.

It has been said that our faith swings on the hinge of the Cross.

I won't try to spent time predicting Mr Market's mood swings on this counter.

You may have abandoned Lego and handball and chasings and wrestling and swinging on swings and see-sawing on see-saws.

The election will swing on the results in the so-called swing states, most of which are swing states in almost every presidential election.

So what are you going to do, not let you kid off the ground? Do you allow your kids to get on slides? Or to swing on swings? Because they COULD fall.

The park is in a bad shape but if you go with children you can not convince them of how dangerous it is to swing on a poorly aligned swing or a glide down a rusted slide.

In 7% of cases swing at is used

As I was falling I swung at Seydou with my knife, I remember doing that.

If Anrio and AW3 are not up to the challenge, it may be time to consider a 3/4 swing at the 3.

A wide berth is plenty of room, especially important in former days for a ship swinging at anchor.

The bending of time is always present, sometimes you feel like a ball player swinging at the ball and the ball is just traveling through the air oh so slowly.

In 5% of cases swing through is used

It swings through the strike zone smooth.

He made monkeys swinging through the trees and giant gorillas sitting in the forests eating bananas.

He performed this act, called Le Tambour Aerial - ' the aerial drummer ', on his opening night, swinging through the air balancing on his neck.

Fast food on the dialysis diet If your idea of dining out is swinging through a fast food drive thru, there are some food choices for the dialysis diet that are better than others.

In 4% of cases swing for is used

Like I said earlier, stick him in the him swing for the fences.

The problem might be that hitters are sitting fastball and swinging for the fences when they see one.

He has not stopped swinging for the fences in certain situations, as when he hits with the bases loaded.

It is getting old, and those that are not old are swinging for the fences, not a good recipe for success.

The free-roaming, free-swinging Manhattan Island action had a huge amount of content, but it was just being able to gracefully swing for hours on end that made it.

Fundamentals Overview While the recent earnings are causing large price swings for PCLN, it is important for us to take a look into PCLN's fundamentals to assess where PCLN stands.

By not putting on shoes and stockings, you are going to intuitively golf swing with increased harmony, as you should keep yourself securely rooted instead of swinging for max potential.

In 3% of cases swing over is used

The basket could be swung over the castle walls.

In 3% of cases swing with is used

Back when netbooks were starting to heat up, Acer came out swinging with its cheaply-priced Aspire One line.

The axle of crushing cone swings with the force of eccentric shaft shell so that the surface of the crushing wall is closely to the roll mortar wall from time to time.

In 2% of cases swing between is used

He may swing between authoritarian and permissive, even neglectful, parenting.

Lots of practice swings between shots make sense, because the range is about getting the process right and not the result.

In 2% of cases swing around is used

Or she swung around the pole a few times while fliping her hair.

In 2% of cases swing across is used

A number of dangerous looking crosses were swung across the box but the attackers could not get on the end of any of them and the goal was never really threatened.

In 1% of cases swing toward is used

The prevailing social mood swings toward stifling the violence at all costs, and those who directly experienced the civil violence maintain the peace for about a human generation -- 20 or 30 years.

In 1% of cases swing towards is used

I swung towards yes for a while, because of what it would mean for the image of conservation if pandas went extinct.

But ever so slowly, the momentum started to swing towards the home team as the Crimson continued to make mistake after mistake.

In 1% of cases swing upon is used

To say it shall be all three together is no answer; the verdict must swing upon majority or plurality drawn from one or other group.

In 1% of cases swing throughout is used

There were a lot of crankiness and mood swings throughout the day, especially amongst the girls.

In 1% of cases swing about is used

Now the debate is tomorrow, the poll on the Society of Biology website is swinging about 3/4 in favour, and I still haven't voted.

In 1% of cases swing without is used

To move other parts of the body, to swing without wiggling or sway without writhing on the dance floor must be the epitome of being uncool.

In 1% of cases swing out is used

Then I made a belt guard which swings out of the way when necessary.

In 1% of cases swing behind is used

Support gradually began to swing behind the defending champion.

In 1% of cases swing because is used

The fifth health effect is some mood swings because of depression.

In 1% of cases swing away is used

You can date the moment Jaguar swung away from its sports car path: October 13, 1956, when Jaguar officially stopped racing.

The Japanese pilot frantically opened his throttle and at full speed swung away from the vessel, followed by his astonished men.

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