Prepositions after "swim"

swim in, with, to, at or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases swim in is used

Kids started to swim in a panic.

Or really ever swam in the ocean.

Dad and I were swimming in Suffolk.

Girls used to be able to swim in pools in public, without fear from the bearded maulvis.

Let them sink or swim in the dog eat dog environment that their corporate greed created.

If you are in a position to, take advantage of swimming in a pool on a typical basis.

As far as Bill is concerned, he's way behind on his reading assignment, and swimming in waters deeper than he knows.

Many of the places such as the warm water swimming in Hot Springs, now called Evans Plunge, Wild Bill's grave at Mt.

Weinberg: Look at this, last night he's swimming in Jack Daniels and now he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

In 14% of cases swim with is used

Swim with Australian giant cuttlefish.

You literally swim with schools of fish.

Karen P I would swim with a whale shark.

Clearly, Stephen is a Taranaki born Pakeha shark swimming with Russian oligarch sharks.

This is before I realized that swimming with manta rays involved snorkeling in the ocean at night.

The chance to interact and swim with these magical creatures is sure to make for an unforgettable experience.

I do want to say that these guys play for keeps and you either play or you could be found swimming with the fish.

Then, with our heads swimming with all of the different things we had to think about, we hit the water to practice.

It offers resorts of all stripes, tax shelters and famous diving, snorkeling and swimming with schools of stingrays.

With luck and patience, during this sea safari, you will have the unforgotten experience to swim with them in the INDIAN OCEAN.

In 6% of cases swim to is used

They were able to swim to Goat Island.

There were no islands it could have swam to.

I'd curious as to know how long it would take to swim to the bottom.

Hill jumped out of the barrel and swam to shore dragging the barrel behind him.

The lyrics suggest that it is possible to swim to the edge of a known world and.

The fishes whose names are known as should quietly begin to swim to another side.

When the ball reaches the final person, the last person should swim towards the first person.

During my school years in Chicago, my single swim test was basically jump in the pool and swim to the other side.

So, I leaped amazingly into my profession at the deeply end and expected to go swimming to the top instead of falling.

At the Whirlpool, Campbell was able to swim to the Canadian shoreline where he was rescued twenty minutes after his journey began.

In 5% of cases swim at is used

Both boys regularly went swimming at Devils Hole.

One day they decided to swim at river and took off their.

We also have no desire to return to the swimming attire of the 1800's.

We started swimming at two and three because we a pool available to us.

She didn't wear it at home (her parents forbade her from wearing it in the house) and she wore a bikini swimming at the beach.

Relaxation and swimming at a nice small port called Omis followed, a good portion of the team ventured off to do some white water rafting.

Always swim at a relaxed pace, breathing at a comfortable rhythm, using floating aids if you need to and stop before you get too tired or rest between laps.

This is also the end which is patrolled by surf lifesavers; with the beach often having dangerous rips it is safest to swim at this end and only between the flags.

Do you also need room for the kids to relax and play in? One of the best things you can do for the safety of everyone that swims at your pool is take lifeguard lessons.

For an Olympic Park day pass, you can see any sport in the Park -- but not Athletics at the Olympic Stadium, Cycling at the Velodrome or Swimming at the Aquatics Centre.

In 4% of cases swim through is used

He swam through the excited crowd to try the bottom.

Visions of raising the next Picasso swam through my mind until the next morning.

Here visitor may see gibbons swimming through the trees and birds like bee-eater owls parrot.

Swimming on land seems to be a natural thing to do whether you are standing on shore thinking about swimming or really swimming through time on the land.

As emergency crews arrived on the shores at the bottom of the falls, they saw the man swimming through the water, which was only a few degrees above freezing.

Why not stick ITS on the end of a needle and inject, along with your daily infusion of right-wing pablum? Maybe ITS will swim through the ice-water to whatever passes for your brain.

Irrespective of what happens in the sea: whether the sun shines, algae bloom or a school of dolphins swims through a marine area -- everything and everyone leaves biomolecular tracks.

Seals spend much of the year swimming through the seas fishing as they go, while they may spend time with other seals, they do not form strong bonds with a partner to rear their young.

While Thom Yorke skulks the edge of the platform as if he is having the most pleasurable of anxiety attacks, hair tied back in a pony tail, arms stretched out like he is swimming through quicksand.

In 4% of cases swim for is used

My next goal is to swim for an hour without taking a break.

Goggled up I swam for about thirty metres and saw three weird looking fish.

If we swim, she will swim for a bit but them wants to go inside and get in bed.

Go swimming! Children under 3 swim for free at the K-Leisure pools in Naas and Athy.

I am happy to say that as of Friday 6/8/2012, I was able to swim for 35 minutes without taking a break.

They have suffered their worst medal haul in swimming for 20 years, failing to secure a single individual gold.

I take him swimming for exercise but it is hard finding trunks to fit him and even the rubber rings are too small.

Other than being grouchy at having to lay off all pilates, parkour and swimming for 7 full days, I'd in swell condition.

I was fortunate to have had a great experience swimming for Cormorants, Leinster and Ireland, something I'll always cherish.

EDIT: 6/14/2012, I swam for 63 minutes today! A word of warning though, you might get very bloated from swimming for such a long period of time.

In 3% of cases swim against is used

They decided to stop swimming against the current.

Tip for ocean swimming, if yo get snagged by a riptide do not swim against it, its futile.

Read More Wan na know the truth? If you're going to be slim, you're going to have to swim against the current.

Swimming against a profoundly strong cultural current is nearly impossible, especially when the resulting discomfort threatens our own privilege.

In 3% of cases swim on is used

A raft of 20 cormorants swims on a shallow river pool.

Go swimming on a quite beach or sunbathing on sundeck.

Last week I went swimming on a rest day in the afternoon 1.

He took up swimming on his doctor's advice at the age of four as he was an asthmatic.

Enjoy swimming on quiet beaches, visiting water tunnels, fishing villages or kayaking.

I totally agree with those who think that in a normal market situation, companies should sink or swim on their own.

He?? s a potential free agent this February, and the time has come for the 29-year-old to sink or swim on his own merits.

I'd back up to 3xx lbs (don't make me say it) and one of my fitness buddies asked me to swim on her triathlon relay team.

Swimming on land seems to be a natural thing to do whether you are standing on shore thinking about swimming or really swimming through time on the land.

She is however a good patient and she stayed nicely in bed and I believed she would be fine to join us the following day, when we were to go swimming on the Southern Beach.

In 2% of cases swim from is used

This dive is carried out entirely in the sand, essentially swimming from buoy line to buoy line.

In 2% of cases swim across is used

Swimming across the Mississippi on cold mornings is my favorite activity.

No wonder, you may come across a Royal Bengal Tiger swimming across the streams or the crocodiles basking on the riverbanks.

On a third occasion he escaped from Port Arthur -- this time by swimming across the channel; his companions were eaten by sharks.

On July 18th 1933, William Kondrat age 18 of Chatham, New Jersey began swimming across the Niagara River near the Maid of the Mist docks.

They are continually swimming across the River in droves and very often they get caught in the current and carried right down by the boat so close that they are often struck by the wheels.

In 1% of cases swim by is used

I wish I can confidently wear bikini and swim by the beach.

Bigger ones may swim by undulating the sides of their bodies.

Eels swim by moving their muscular bodies in S-shapes, rather like a snake.

Apart from shape, neither Melibe nor the related Mediterranean Tethys have been reported from the west Atlantic - they swim by lateral flexion of the body, have no spicules etc.

In 1% of cases swim away is used

They called for him to come to shore, extending poles for him to grab, but the man swam away.

Specially trained falls rescue crews tried to assist the man, but he swam away from them toward the middle of the river.

We wont need to worry about running from radiation Wade, or swimming away from it, a couple more disasters like this, and they WILL occur, and we will be all be contaminated.

In 1% of cases swim into is used

Currently the net fishery involves Gill nets, which trap and kill anything that swims into it.

At one time I swam into the deep water of the channel and just hung there motionless for quite some time and watched a school of small fish below me.

Our weekend away was wonderful, but was complicated with the birthday boy swimming into the side of the pool, splitting his head open in a minor, yet gross sort of way.

In 1% of cases swim like is used

All with their backpacks and one of them swimming like a rat thrown into the pond.

We were in Martha's Vineyard where we used to have houses and we were swimming like the old days.

They can swim like fish, for miles and miles, they attack freakin ' whales in the water, for goodness sake.

It looks like a duck, quacks like a duck (fundamentalist, of course ), swims like a duck and waddles like a duck.

Then, the labs made a mistake, and destroyed all the mud stuff, so we had to redo it! Then afterwards, I had to swim like hell.

When it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, flies like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddlies like a duck, swims like a duck, dives like a duck, fishes like a duck, and paddles like a duck.

In 1% of cases swim as is used

I loved to swim and I always swam as a kid.

Being One Infection Swim as a killer whale as you break through walls and solve other puzzles to progress further in.

In 1% of cases swim around is used

Once they swam around the boat, impeding the rowing.

The person is standing with their head well above cloud level as clouds swim around them.

One woman on the estate had her goldfish bowl washed away but the goldfish were found swimming around the garden and rescued by hand, which was pretty amazing.

In 1% of cases swim toward is used

All goes well for a while, and then you see someone swimming toward shore.

He grabbed a cord attached to an inflatable life raft and, lungs bursting, swam toward the surface.

Bryn Martin, a Perth businessman who regularly swam in the waters off the city's busy Cottesloe Beach, vanished on Monday while swimming toward a buoy about 380 yards offshore.

In 1% of cases swim towards is used

Behind him, hundreds were already swimming towards him.

He was swimming towards the centre of the river but was being dragged by the tide.

When the ball reaches the final person, the last person should swim towards the first person.

Thanks to this structure, these birds don't have dim sight underwater; they see very clearly and can immediately swim towards their prey.

Most fertility experts believe that, since millions of sperm are usually deposited and most will swim towards the egg, sexual position is irrelevant.

In 1% of cases swim without is used

No need for the use of glasses and contact lens and that I'll be able to swim without the risk of infection with my contact lens on.

Losing weight can help you gain back the energy that you once had to be able to do things like jogging, climbing stairs, or swimming without having to stop and rest every couple minutes.

Although only a small part of my training during the week I found myself getting bored after 45 minutes of swimming without music and after a week or so of looking I decided on the Exeze model.

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