Prepositions after "swelling"

"swelling of" or "swelling in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases swelling of is used

Swelling of your hands and feet.

Swelling of fibreboard skirting.

Symptoms include swelling of lips,.

Many expectant mothers will experience swelling of the feet and ankles by day's end.

Symptoms include severe breathlessness, fatigue and swelling of the ankles and feet.

There is a huge swelling of anger against the violence used by police on protesters.

Advanced symptoms of Elephantiasis can include the swelling of limbs and the scrotum to a unimaginably large size.

The added swelling of the nasal lining by the cold virus simply favours the retention of secretions of the sinuses.

After a while the effects of famine began to manifest themselves in the sufferers by a swelling of the extremities.

In 17% of cases swelling in is used

The swelling in my leg was gone.

I used to have swelling in my feet.

There may also be some swelling in the area.

These illnesses could lead to fluid blockage and painful swelling in the middle ear.

If you experience sudden swelling in the days after your surgery, call your surgeon.

Some patients have episodes of painful swelling in the saliva glands around the face.

However an interesting point raised in the video is that sometimes pain can be from excessive swelling in an area.

It speaks of the swelling in the heart that aches tenderly against that huge volume of the empty sky, softened only.

I had a headache for two days on the right side of my head (same side as the bruising and most swelling in the eye).

Suppose you developed a small swelling in your groin lately, you have some pain and discomfort and you see a surgeon.

In 7% of cases swelling on is used

Check for any swelling on the scrotal skin.

The swelling on the cheek had gone down a little.

Day 9 The swelling on my left eye is almost recovered.

The morning after his wife died the old man woke up with a large swelling on one knee.

Day 14 The swelling on my right eye is almost gone and the bruising has subsided a lot.

Think the slurring and drooling due to the swelling on my tongue must be very attractive.

For example, exposure to poison ivy may cause red swelling on the skin two to six hours after contact with the plant.

The challenger rained strikes from the bottom, causing swelling on St-Pierre's face, but it was yet another round for the champion.

Case Report A 10-year-old girl presented with a slow-growing, painless swelling on the left side of the tongue for 6 months duration.

After treatment at Royal Derby Hospital, she was off work for a few weeks, while her wounds healed and the swelling on her face went down.

In 2% of cases swelling around is used

Further tests detected a swelling around his jaw area.

It results in the swelling around the eye lashes or eye lids.

His head was in a bandage, and there was excessive swelling around his eyes, but he was conscious.

A dead leg after his first 90-minute shift settled to reveal a swelling around the old knee injury.

First thought: I'd alive and apparently not bleeding, though I felt a growing swelling around my right eye.

By keeping your head upright and by walking as much as possible, the swelling around your eyes can be reduced.

The victim, aged 48, sustained heavy swelling around his eyes and nose, and a sore and bruised right lower leg.

Upon doctor's orders, he underwent a biopsy, which revealed that the swelling around his right eye was a tumour.

The caffeine in the coffee has anti inflammatory properties which help in reducing the swelling around the eyes.

The swelling around the surgery site is actually protection for the incision, it's fluid that acts as a cushion.

In 2% of cases swelling at is used

The ovary: This is the swelling at the base of the flower.

The actual hair cells sit in a small swelling at the base called the ampula.

Simply local swelling at or around the bite site is not grounds for ASV administration.

Sometimes there is mild pain and/or a small swelling at the base of the affected finger.

Some rarer reactions, when an epidural/spinal has been used, are headaches or a swelling at the site of injection.

Like a number of other vaccines, Equivac-T or Equivac 2 in 1 can cause a local swelling at the site of the injection.

However there were no improvements in his conditions, and after a few months, the swelling at the knees still stayed.

After hair removal treatments is also common to see a slight swelling at the mouth of each hair follicle, similar to goose bumps.

There was some swelling at that time and the doctor wanted to make sure it didn't get worse as that could be a sign of internal bleeding.

She had also developed a swelling at right wrist at the site of access for coronary angiography, which was carried out about a month ago.

In 1% of cases swelling after is used

You'll also have some swelling after the surgery, but that goes away within a few weeks.

This have a number of functions including releasing stored glucose from the liver (for energy) and controlling swelling after injury.

In 1% of cases swelling due is used

This is a condition of severe swelling due to fluid (oedema) in the fetus.

Never the swelling due to sinus or cold and cough is more than 5% of the body volume.

The doctor looks for small spots of bleeding or areas of retinal swelling due to fluid leakage.

Should it be a small tear or injury on the tendon, these pills have acted efficaciously and have area and reduce the swelling due to the tear inside tendon.

I have several times seen one on the tip of the shoulder exactly over the subacromial bursa, so that its external appearance simulated a swelling due to distention of the bursa itself.

In 1% of cases swelling for is used

I would say I had swelling for 3 full days.

You will experience some swelling for a few days after surgery.

There may be significant swelling for a long time after the surgery has been completed.

Under gas I ended up with a HUGE swelling for a simple extraction - which I never experienced since.

Ten subjects said they had an abnormal swelling for which they had seen a doctor and only one remembered that it was tumor.

So, with all of the healing cells in your body rushing to the area to help repair your toe, you are going to have some swelling for a while to help the surgical site close up.

In 1% of cases swelling from is used

In this way, you help prevent any swelling from ' tracking ' down into the foot.

Make sure it is tight enough to stop the swelling from going down into your ankle but not enough to make your toes turn blue.

For a child, if there is frequent swelling from too many colds, mucous will gather in the middle ear and become thick and sticky.

This stretching prevents the local swelling from putting pressure on the nerves passing through it and permanently affecting deeper structures.

Use of anti-bacterial creams over the afflicted areas can keep the secondary bacterial infections at bay and stop the swelling from getting aggravated.

As a result, from all the therapy for my right knee, I have awful stretch marks from rebuilding muscles and on my left leg from the intense swelling from my acl hamstring graph.

In 1% of cases swelling over is used

Case report A 12-year old girl presented with a painless swelling over the left parotid area.

Case-4: A 12-year-old female presented to our clinic with complaint of a swelling over her nose since few years.

Many women with fibroids resemble a late pregnancy appearance, and begin to see an gradual increase in the swelling over time.

On examination, there was diffuse swelling over the subcutaneous surface of the left tibia at the junction of middle and upper one-third.

In 1% of cases swelling to is used

One example of a PVD is the swelling to one leg or to both legs up to even the pedal.

The schoolboy woke up the next morning with a rash on his face and a slight swelling to his ear.

He (Jamie) had swelling to his face, blood on his face, a broken nose I think and a puffed out eye.

Complications A small proportion of patients develop a swelling to the left of the incision related to the bone graft.

The impact of the ' box ' caused the complainant's nose to bleed, and there was also a swelling to the left side of her face.

Okay, so what the hell is going on here? It looks an awful lot like a chimp sexual swelling to me, but maybe that's just me, I don't know.

I suffered massive bruising to my sternum and my daughter had a lacerated spleen, broken ribs and suffered from severe swelling to her head.

The age of the group is getting younger, with those under 40 swelling to 26 percent last year from 23 percent in 2004, according to the survey.

Severe swelling to the injured area or an abnormal appearance or deformity of the injured muscle can indicate a more severe condition such as a muscle tear.

Location: Mrs Hemme suffered the bite, which caused horrendous swelling to her arm, in bed at her home in Wallington, Surrey (file picture of area) Her muscles and nerves were dying.

In 1% of cases swelling under is used

A swelling under the armpit or around the collarbone (lymph nodes).

But I think there is also a swelling under the skin of my right groin.

Feeling pain or a swelling under your thigh when sitting is also quite indicative.

This is a type of cancer that she was diagnosed with after five months of a big swelling under her arm.

For now, I'd planning to run every other day (with easy walk days in between) until I can get the swelling under control.

An abscess may first appear as a swelling under the skin and can be hot, painful, and firm, or can be cold to the touch as well.

In 1% of cases swelling with is used

Abscesses An abscess is a swelling with pus usually below the skin.

The swelling with lower jaw surgery will usually be gone in three weeks.

Eventually I quelled the swelling with chocolate shake and sucked the rest down, drenched in water.

The market demands rapid swelling with a minimum of disintegration during cooking, and a large volume after the second cooking.

Postoperative brain magnetic resonance imaging showed a diffuse swelling with ill defined enhancing abnormality in the left frontoparietal region.

Don't ever soak a head in water, whether it be a hammer, axe or froe, as the swelling with water compresses the fibres and then when it dries it shrinks even more.

All of these factors combined allow us to do this procedure with less trauma to the patient -- less bruising, less swelling with a much lower risk of other complications.

Usually this type of urticaria is limited to the site of contact with the substance and can be slightly red and itchy to severe swelling with bullae (blisters filled with fluid).

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