Prepositions after "sweet"

sweet for, to, of, with or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases sweet for is used

Her birth was bitter sweet for me.

Revenge was sweet for the B-Indians.

Life is pretty sweet for Abramovich.

If you find the cookies a little sweet for your taste, cut out some of the brown sugar.

Although the coffee is a bit like coffee and chocolate mixed together, too sweet for me.

Still, watching Ronaldo's tears will be all the sweeter for coming at the latter stages.

Clients Jobs at Colenso We're currently looking for the following people: We are currently sweet for people right now.

It was a conversation similar in scope and depth to the one we had after I showed her Life Is Sweet for the first time.

On top of it, their Double-Shot White Milk Tea is also superb, smooth and fragrant which is not too sweet for my liking.

The victory was especially sweet for Walker, who went through an entire rookie season without winning back-to-back games.

In 15% of cases sweet to is used

They were all very sweet to me.

It's somewhat sweet to the taste.

Arie would have been sweet to her.

The tenderness she showed under the surface was very sweet to me, and not at all manly.

Coffeemaker, one plus was subject to seem sweet to the machine of environmental fights.

We are always sweet to each other so people started to ask us how are we able to do it.

Also, American mass market bread tastes *very* noticeably sweet to me, in comparison to Australian mass market bread.

It is full-bodied, malty and slightly sweet to the taste, and the smoky flavour is fully expressed with every draught.

Some languages sound sweet to the ears, some have better expressions for certain situation, but they don't add inches.

After having tasted both digital pies from the kitchens of Sony and Microsoft, I know which one tastes sweeter to me.

In 14% of cases sweet of is used

Thanks, that's so sweet of you.

Oh how sweet of that little boy.

That is so kind and sweet of you.

Lily Allen has been unswervingly positive about what we do, which is very sweet of her.

In fact, I have found that black cheeks are the sweetest of all hand-fed Love Birds.

Really sweet of him considering that he had to wake up early to go to work the next day.

That means the decorating will begin early! So sweet of you to donate the $1 from your sale to the hurricane victims.

It was wonderful meeting you, and really sweet of you to battle all that Mumbai traffic and come over nearer my place.

It's not the lack of length, it's just that the short and sweet of it doesn't quite manage to hit the nail on the head.

But it was no time for dreams, though the Celt in all ages has proved the sweetest of dreamers, the truest of bards.

In 11% of cases sweet with is used

Life can be sweet with diabetes.

Sweet with a slight oak after taste.

She was sweet with long blonde hair.

The Malvasia is not only darker than the others but also sweeter with about 70 g/l.

The flowers are sticky and sweet with nectar, which attracts insects, especially bees.

But I taste just as sweet as a supermarket tomato, if not sweeter with firmer flesh.

He smashed like -- like some softish sort of sweet with liquid in it! He broke right in! He squelched and splashed.

Good quality jackfruit favoured for minimum processing is normally sweet with a thick rind and deep yellow in color.

To round the releases up I would say: Older and sweeter with a surprising consistency from nose through to finish.

Wear leather less edgy and more sweet with white complements like Francesca's tank top or with a neutral tone like grey.

In 10% of cases sweet in is used

He was very sweet in his remorse.

Smell Sweet in the Great Outdoors.

I found my copy of Sweet in WHSmiths.

As you've been working for three years already you'll be sweet in terms of eligibility.

The calamaris were tender and moist and the ricotta albumin was slightly sweet in taste.

Garlic herb powder is usually sweeter in comparison in order to garden-fresh a single.

On a girly note, I squealed when Won Bin showed up looking all dandy and sweet in his flashback scene at the hospital.

Their growing relationship is strange but sweet in a way that is quite unexpected between retainer and contract killer.

He's sweet in a fussy sort of way and kind of a loner who seems ripe to be inspired and woken up from the slump he's in.

Have you managed to film any footage for Pretty Sweet in London's streets? I got a few things in London that are in my part.

In 6% of cases sweet on is used

Everybody's suddenly sweet on MIT.

Oh and it plays sweet on the iPad.

Tso is sweet on the powers of honey.

So he finally asked me if I had ever found a girl I was sweet on in my 6 months of work.

Obviously the app has been upped in resolution to look extra sweet on the new iPad display.

Toasty, bready and sweet on the palate with some kiwi predominant flavours and quite bubbly.

Webb Simpson won this last year, and I was very sweet on him at the start of the season, backing him for The Players.

The A19 was that much sweeter on hearing the full-time score and seeing Mac's celebration after his second on the box.

And of course, if you're a big oil exec, you have the exact same reason to be sweet on the idea that AGW is bunkity-bunk.

I've been waxing lyrical about Sweet on my Facebook page for a couple of days and several people have mentioned the price.

In 4% of cases sweet as is used

Butcher it right, mutton's sweet as a nut.

Sweet as the subsidy may taste, it is a slow but sure poison.

Twenty, thirty, forty miles and still running sweet as a nut.

They are increasing, and love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by.

Sometimes I can be sweet as a rose or lavender but other times, I am 10 times more sexual.

It's a cute little thing, it looks very sweet as a cross body and it is a lovely free gift.

Dutch company Swallowable Parfum is developing a similar concept, although not so much a sweet as an edible cosmetic.

When cooked, the centre is firm to the touch but remains soft inside and is sweeter as a result of the coconut milk.

I guess I'd good to roll in on shorts? Sweet as! I was also told clubs in HCM will discriminate based on what you wear.

I prefer Sang Yoke Pau more than Char Siew Pau actually because Char Siew Pau is a bit sweet as compare to Sang Yoke Pau.

In 4% of cases sweet like is used

Not too sweet like other brands.

Become very sweet like the Father.

Rajat says, this is sweet like you.

Some words are sweet like honey, bringing words of promise and blessing and consolation.

Breathing has the faint taste of sugar to it, sweet like honeysuckle yet thick as molasses.

Romney needs policy plans in concrete jingles and short and sweet like Newt's Contract in 1994.

It was chunky like the texture of say egg mayonnaise, but it tasted sweet like white chocolate with a tinge of acidity.

She was right -- it was really good! Not too sweet like most desserts are, and just the right amount of chocolatey-ness.

He would not leave his house on the morning of eid without breaking his month-long fast with something sweet like a date.

Uhm, I asked why your face was melting because it's like chocolate, sweet like chocolate, not because I was making fun of you.

In 3% of cases sweet by is used

The story is so sweet by the way.

It is getting sweeter by the day.

Life So Dear Or Peace So Sweet by C.

Go wild with colors and textures or stay simple and sweet by using a neutral tones and warm lights.

When you dislike a task, you can make it a bit sweeter by celebrating its every accomplished step.

I married a simple hard working, God fearing man and my marriage only gets sweeter by God's grace.

It's an embarrassing car, but now that we know he bought Mom and Dad a new one, it's all the sweeter by comparison.

Arsenal achieved their second double under Arsene Wenger, made only sweeter by beating Manchester at their home ground.

And their journey to the final was made sweeter by a morale boosting penalty win against Mourinho's Madrid in the semi finals.

Even if we should by chance be parted from time to time, the joy of our meetings would be all the sweeter by reason of its rarity.

In 2% of cases sweet about is used

There was little sweet about Detroit now.

He's very sweet about these things, really.

Storm was very sweet about the whole thing.

There was just something so sweet about recieving the first parachute from another district.

He is so sweet about it though that you don't mind the gallon of sweat you lose during class.

There is nothing delicate or sweet about dying for one's country, as Dulce et Decorum Est makes clear.

I felt like a nerd but I asked Aimee the reporter to then take my photo with Rebecca and Rebecca was really sweet about it.

What a standup guy, he was so sweet about the fact that CeCe's ex is constantly hitting on her and throwing insults his way.

That's what's so sweet about this particular approach -- there's basically zero learning curve, as Greg's template uses a piece.

US customs were very sweet about it as if truly understanding what it means to be a kid and the value of those shells to a young person.

In 2% of cases sweet at is used

It is always sweet at Zwartpan.

It was amazing and sweet at the same time.

I thought it was really sweet at the time.

But do you LOVE these stripes as much as I do? Look at my boys being sweet at the beach.

It's short and sweet at 12 episodes, and was completely written in advance of its broadcast.

Anybody else for seconds on the ice cold Schadenfreude? I hear it's especially sweet at this time.

The ground is sweet At the other extreme, lick spittles will migrate to whichever platform is the flavour of the day.

I thought his gesture was sweet at the time, but since then I have kept that white paper bag and have added many of my own.

Catherine loved it too: but she said it sounded sweetest at the top of the steps, and she went up in the dark: I followed.

I just got out of a 4 year relationship and I met this guy a month ago and he's been really sweet at courting me and whatnot.

In 2% of cases sweet from is used

Crisp and naturally sweet from the potatoes.

They didn't check anything and it was all sweet from there.

Ratzo does not come out smelling too sweet from this affair.

This is the place to come for good conversation over something sweet from lands afar.

Yet the soup is lovely and hearty, the broth naturally sweet from the vegetables and pork.

The end result should be sweet from the veg, and savory from the chicken - something great to.

That Street Tracker that they have as their first bike looks pretty sweet from what little I can tell from the website.

Both of us agreed that the harmony of the sweet from the mango slaw and the flavor of the herbs was very well executed.

She looked so sweet from her two white feet To the sheen of her nut-brown hair Such a coaxing elf, I'd to shake myself To make sure I was standing there.

Visitors always feel like locals amid this homey collection of kitchen shops and bakeries (I always take home something sweet from the Fat Witch Bakery).

In 2% of cases sweet without is used

Sweet without being sentimental.

Thick and sweet without the curry flavor.

You can't have the sweet without the sour.

And her relationship with Calvin is sweet without getting all High School Musical.

We particularly love the sauce, which is thick, rich and sweet without being overly.

I'd say Dulcie May has used a similar recipe to make the caramel so sweet without being overpowering.

It manifests itself as something easy to carry, sweet without a drought of bitterness, but leaves you with failure.

It is like unto honey; it is sweet within, it is sweet without, it is sweet throughout; so is the Buddhas? teaching.

Share this quote Edmund: There are no guarantees, but remember: Even in the future, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

It lathers like an explosion in a bubble factory, and smells sweet without being sickly (I put that down to the raspberry extract).

In 1% of cases sweet after is used

They taste sweeter after a few frosty nights.

It is hearty, fluffy and with a sweet after taste.

But victory is sweeter after a close brush with defeat.

Kale freezes very well and actually tastes sweeter after being exposed to a frost.

I also fingered her and think I ate a sweet after that without having washed my hands.

If you know me by now at all, you'll know that I neeeed to have something sweet after my meal.

Eating it with corn chips added a sweet after taste, and avocado will create a calming effect if too spicy for some folks.

The feeling can easily be captured by a child who after being denied a sweet goes on to say that he doesn't need the sweet after all.

In the first example, sweetness is an additional quality for tea; the tea was not sweet when it was made, it became sweet after sugar was added to it.

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