Prepositions after "sweep"

"sweep under", "sweep through" or "sweep across"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases sweep under is used

Basically I felt as though i was being swept under the carpet.

Linda, this particular case MUST not be swept under the carpet.

Establishment paedophilia exists and is being swept under the carpet.

How very sad that all this clear thinking is being swept under the conservative carpet.

Dawkins and other atheists, like myself insist that it can not be swept under the carpet.

Any setback, for example when one of their plans doesn't work, is just swept under the carpet and ignored.

It is very disappointing to see that she is trying to sweep under the carpet the actual reason for the ' regional sentiments '.

It's not a lot, but if a lot of people do something similar we can make sure this does not get swept under the carpet yet again.

He said that there were other sensitive issues confronting the nation which were also deadly, but were being swept under the carpet.

In 15% of cases sweep across is used

A deep sense of patriotism swept across me.

Sweep across the room with Magnetic view on and just aim at all the bad guys.

Cyclone Tomas, which swept across the island on 5 November, helped spread the bacteria.

In the early nineteenth century, a series of Fulani reformist jihads swept across Western Africa.

And now another shocker from Aleem Dar: Cook plants the front foot, sweeps across the line and misses.

As firefighters ' flashlights swept across the water, they landed on a partially submerged car farther downriver.

Weeks before the 2008 presidential election, the financial meltdown in America that soon swept across the world occurred.

Sensitive radio telescopes such as the CSIRO facility at Parkes can detect the radio waves as they sweep across the Earth.

These forests are also affected by typhoons that sweep across the South China Sea, hitting the western side of Luzon every few years.

What is not in dispute in history, however, is that when World War II broke out, a wind of change swept across St James Palace, London.

In 15% of cases sweep through is used

It swept through the dust and lifted it up to the machine's head.

This was the day after a typhoon had just swept through the area.

Large fires swept through much of the Ashland watershed in 1910 and again in 1959.

But he could not avoid the tide of popular revolution sweeping through the Arab world.

This wind has blown across airlines and swept through airports, bringing irreversible change.

More than two weeks since Sandy swept through the city, life is seemingly returned to normal for many in Manhattan.

Earlier, when the sentiment against corruption swept through the nation, it was invariably personified by an individual.

As AMISOM sweeps through small towns in pursuit of the militants, it is up to local administrators to maintain the peace.

In 9% of cases sweep into is used

Suddenly the doors swung open, the harsh shriek of wind swept into the bar.

Truth, goodness and beauty lose their meaning and value when unconditional doubt sweeps into our hearts.

A first chord and I am swept into a mess of tears and nostalgia as a swarm of Little Memories tug at my sweater.

I think that he would not have stood by if the Germans had headed West and would have sought to sweep into eastern Europe.

The state's Liberal-led government has taken a red pen to public sector expenditure since being swept into power on March 24.

It is said that there is an increase in accidents, murders, suicides and fights when the Santa Ana winds sweep into southern California.

Investment bankers, legal practices and logistical enterprises swept into China and with them brought in their capital, technology and ideas.

Who would have thought the Conservatives would be the largest ideological group (Gallup Poll) less than a year after Democrats swept into power.

Benedict Arnold Continental soldiers swept into Philadelphia under the command of the newly-named military governor, Major-General Benedict Arnold.

They swept into power in 2010 based on the notion of ' jobs, jobs, jobs ' but instead devoted their energies to hassling women and obstructing Obama.

In 8% of cases sweep over is used

A wave of nausea swept over me.

These swirling air masses sweep over New Zealand from the west.

Springtime is often windy, as variable weather sweeps over the country.

The fact that he was swept over the Horseshoe Falls was not his choice by design or otherwise.

As I walked down the stairs, a Christmas memory swept over me that led to a big smile at 1:30 a.

However, disaster strikes when Aragorn is swept over a precipice and into a swift-flowing river.

He had to tell someone! Waves of fear, doubt, certainty, and fear again swept over him; his ears rang and his hands trembled.

Nonetheless it is clear that most Europeans have not, in fact, been gripped by the same anti-gun hysteria that has swept over Britain.

Most of the animals placed aboard were able to safely escape before the ship broke apart on the shoals and was swept over the Horseshoe Falls.

Thank you! This would seem to lend some support to Julian Jaynes idea that a new type of consciousness swept over the word several millenia ago.

In 7% of cases sweep from is used

In Israel, the body parts of every suicide bomber, after swept from the street, are collected and wrapped in pig skin.

At 0935 jet sweeps from both carriers had been sent against airfields in the Seoul-Suwon region and against the harbor of Chinnampo.

The skies have been cloudless and warm due to a high-pressure system, with warm winds sweeping from inland over the bay and out to sea.

Egypt's Sinai has suffered from faltering security since President Hosni Mubarak was swept from power in a popular uprising in February 2011.

With a LMG equipped to have good control (I suggest a bipod ), sweep from left to right across the two guards in the bunker and then the three guards outside.

In 6% of cases sweep in is used

Obama swept in millions of young voters by his tolerance.

For this reason, it would not shock anyone if this group swept in this event.

The Yankees haven't been swept in the postseason since the 1980 ALCS against the Kansas City Royals.

The team continued to evolve, reaching the playoffs for the first time, only to be swept in the first round.

Shreds of its wings and tail surfaces slither along the carrier? s deck like sheets of paper swept in front of a gale.

Three minutes later, Greenwood followed up on its ninth corner of the half as Topkins swept in a shot from a long pass from Hattie Kuhns with 15:15 remaining.

In 4% of cases sweep by is used

Their traditional way of living will not be swept by a liberal tsunami tomorrow.

Even then, all the House of Assembly and Federal seats in the state were swept by the SDP.

He took an otherwise understaffed Cavs team to the 2007 Finals (where they were swept by San Antonio).

However, it was already made clear to him that we will not be swept by his excuses and our agreement should be met.

He walked away after the Lakers were swept by Dallas in the second round of the 2011 playoffs - denying the Zen Master his fourth three-peat.

Rahul Gandhi, his mother Sonia and his sister Priyanka had campaigned heavily in the UP elections that were eventually swept by the Samjawadi.

They hadn't lost the first two?? home or away?? since 2001, when they were swept by Colorado as the Avalanche was on its way to the Stanley Cup.

Ella (Olga Natividad ), a supervisor in a hotel's housekeeping, watches in horror as she opens the door to a room that has almost-literally been swept by a tsunami.

The mathematical statement of the law is that the area swept by the planet or orbiting object in a giving time is the same, independent of the distance to the object at the focus.

Swept by westerly winds through the Gibraltar Strait from its north Atlantic habitat, Physalia physalis is set to colonise the Med and cause more pain to beleaguered holidaymakers.

In 4% of cases sweep to is used

Deeming down at my unchanged arm I swept to the door to escape any on-lookers.

Flintoff swept to his doom and heralded a manic passage of play when the stadium erupted back to life.

Different lives, different values February 4: Seven schoolchildren are swept to their deaths on a skiing trip in Canada.

Police officials said there was a chance that the man had fallen off the ship and drowned and his body had been swept to the Sinai beach.

I was wearing a dress I loved, blue with white and red polka dots, and at the last minute I decided my pixie bangs would look far more stylish swept to the side.

Hawaii By Ian Lovett Democrats swept to victory in the major races in Hawaii, with President Obama easily carrying the state where he grew up, while Representative Mazie K.

In 3% of cases sweep off is used

Holiday maker, William Watson, was swept off rocks and drowned while fishing at Sorrento's back beach.

John, that's not rain, that's hydraulic mining! Everything would have been swept off the surface of the continents.

Prominent men such as the critic Max Nordau and the poet Richard Beer-Hofmann were swept off their feet by his message and sang its praises.

Make sure any stains are removed from the upholstery, pet hair is swept off of the seats and floor, and the exterior is washed, waxed, and polished.

A 2002 Chinese television series of the same name depicted a hard-charging lawyer who was swept off her feet by a handsome, up-and-coming politician.

In 2% of cases sweep along is used

The first crew discovered a major fire being swept along the ground between the trees, driven by a strong wind.

And Gervasio turned the volume way up for evening wear, offering romantic flowing pleated or tiered skirts that swept along the floor.

The anti-ice system works by a fluid sweeping along the flying surfaces, and there is only a limited volume of fluid that is carried.

In 1% of cases sweep with is used

A girl was sweeping with a broom that was too long for her.

In the third match Ryu had no mercy with Tregler and swept with him by 11:2.

Gao redeemed himself and swept with Brossier by 3:0, but Martinez overcame Eloi by 3:1 and secured victory for Angers.

Then Freitas surprised and swept with Chuang by 11:1 but the Taiwanese player reacted at the right time and secured his victory by 11:8.

In 1% of cases sweep up is used

Guests would sweep up to the grand entrance portico with its dramatic columns.

In 1% of cases sweep out is used

New York was swept out of the post season because of an inability to do anything offensively, not because of pitching.

To recognize it is to sweep out of one's mind all dreams of a world-peace contrived by a few jurists and influential people in some odd corner of the world's administrative bureaus.

To recognize it is to sweep out of one's mind all dreams of a world- peace contrived by a few jurists and influential people in some odd corner of the world's administrative bureaus.

In 1% of cases sweep on is used

Far across the broad main will we sweep on our search after novel luxuries and unexperienced pleasures.

He invites Sehwag to sweep on a turning delivery and is successful as the batsman misses, only to see his stumps take a beating.

In 1% of cases sweep away is used

Not long to go until a complete systemic collapse and the turd that is neo-liberalism is finally swept away from our shores.

The pure and stern lessons of that creed to which Olinthus had sought to make him convert, were swept away from his memory by the deluge of new passions.

In 1% of cases sweep around is used

It will sweep around the entire earth! The elements themselves will be dissolved, the surface of the earth will be purged and consumed with tremendous heat.

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