Prepositions after "sustainable"

"sustainable in" or "sustainable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases sustainable in is used

They weren't sustainable in their form.

That's not sustainable in the long term.

This is not sustainable in the long term.

Whether this is sustainable in the face of the national debt is the big question.

Wood is a renewable fuel and so is sustainable in a way that fossil fuels aren't.

It is an eco friendly plant which is fully sustainable in the desert environment.

Challenges More care needs to be taken that street TV projects funded by NGOs are sustainable in the long term.

We know that the agricultural work force are an ageing population, and that is not sustainable in the long run.

But honestly, a calorie restriction like that is pretty severe and likely won't be sustainable in the long run.

While some of that is explained by average property sizes, that doesn't sound sustainable in the long run to me.

In 21% of cases sustainable for is used

It's simply not sustainable for anyone.

But that's only sustainable for so long.

Low economic growth is only sustainable for longer.

I don't think 100% raw is sustainable for the long term, but eating high raw is.

Are these positions sustainable for India? I'll have to distinguish between the two.

This budget is designed to be challenging, but also sustainable for maximum benefit.

China absolutely needs to be sustainable for industrialised countries to achieve sustainability and vice versa.

Borrowing 40 cents of every dollar may be sustainable for a year or two -- it is not sustainable for five years.

As with Medicare, the Social Security component of this plan will make the program sustainable for the long run.

Not only is fire fighting a short term solution, it's also dangerous, because it isn't sustainable for employees.

In 8% of cases sustainable over is used

That's not sustainable over the long haul.

This is also not sustainable over the long term.

It must be sustainable over a given period of time.

For most people those kinds of exercise are not sustainable over the long term.

I do hope that this arrangement works out to be sustainable over the longer term.

It should also have a strong maintenance plan sustainable over a long term period.

The Government has made it clear that a new funding system is needed and is sustainable over the longer term.

Nor will it be sustainable over the long term to promise economic reform without steady political development.

This is what gave energy to agriculture and that is what made agriculture sustainable over the last 3,000 years.

Paradoxically, it's this redundancy and unpredictable dynamism that makes systems sustainable over the long term.

In 5% of cases sustainable by is used

Not sustainable by themselves, they can work with subsidies.

Airbus hopes to make the airline industry more sustainable by the year 2050.

The Teachers Pension Scheme was made affordable and sustainable by the changes made in 2007.

Unsustainable levels of debt do not magically become sustainable by changing the lender or guarantor.

Right: Make it sustainable by implementing a FAT and stopping the investment banks from playing dirty &; greedy.

In other words, we consume way beyond what is globally sustainable by any reasonable measure - and increasingly so.

In other words, we consume way beyond what is globally sustainable by any reasonable measure -- and increasingly so.

Nestl hopes to implement plans ensuring its palm oil comes from suppliers that are certified as sustainable by 2015.

At the same time, it is also acknolwedged that the life of singlehood is not one that is sustainable by every individual.

In 4% of cases sustainable as is used

It is simply not sustainable as an economic model.

We wanted to be sustainable as a hotel, and my point was food.

These are the people who keep ShoutMix sustainable as a business.

Now I'd like to be able to do that, and also make sure it is sustainable as an activity.

Sustainable as well as healthy weight loss is a matter of mind rather than just the body.

That's got to be more sustainable as a business model than paying users to take your device.

Being a commercial venture, this is not sustainable as for this firm to be profitable, revenues must be higher than costs.

This trend towards discounting is however, not sustainable as the newer hotels will need to increase rates to service debts.

I think the organization's work is useful and sustainable as the focus is on English and IT - extremely important skills nowadays.

Furthermore, the research is looking to develop dust suppression agents that are environmentally sustainable as well as effective.

In 3% of cases sustainable without is used

It is not sustainable without charging.

It is not sustainable without catastrophic setbacks.

Parity will not be sustainable without revenue sharing.

IMO, current debt levels are not sustainable without the added burden of oil depletion.

The challenge is to make the work sustainable but to make it sustainable without strings.

And research itself would scarcely be sustainable without tremendous subsidizing from government.

A service like that provided in Gussoro is unlikely to be sustainable without a large amount of funding from outside.

Growth plans and articulated business tactics can not be sustainable without a framework of cultural values and rules.

Let's back to the very fundamental concept, no one can be sustainable without money and reserve, and keep on borrowing money.

If your business or idea can be sustainable without reaching its full goal, then partial funding might be a good option for you.

In 3% of cases sustainable at is used

China is sustainable at 611 million, over by 715 million.

Someone else with half the scale would not be sustainable at 44.

I guess it is particularly sustainable at a great place like UCL.

For the same reason, UK &; US gov debt is sustainable at much higher levels than ours.

Greece's second international bailout in March was supposed to make its debt sustainable at 116.

We don't think the dividend is sustainable at the current payout rate, and we think these levels ($0.

In the case of Spain and Italy, debt levels were clearly sustainable at the interest levels prior to the crisis.

For example, TanEdu realized that a website alone is not financially sustainable at this moment in the Tanzanian context.

He stepped down once he felt confident that the theatre was sustainable at which point he donated a 25-year rent-free lease.

As long as this peak use profile does not shift dramatically the flat fee access model is sustainable at the current price point.

In 3% of cases sustainable on is used

This is simply not sustainable on any dimension.

But there is no guarantee those levels will be sustainable on those dates.

I hadn't thought of the solar load, but yes it isn't sustainable on that front either.

Goat farming compared to cow farming is also more sustainable on small pieces of land.

Whatever we dream up of next better have the word sustainable on it or we are all toast.

But a social business is a self-fueling engine where the business becomes sustainable on its own.

However, such popular diet plans may look good on paper but are not sustainable on a long term basis.

This economical model is sustainable on a small basis, but as it gets larger it will cave in on itself.

Most people who travel full time do it for a year or so in their life, it's rarely sustainable on the long run.

It is best to choose an eating plan that suits you and one that is sustainable on the long run and stick with it.

In 2% of cases sustainable with is used

We are not sustainable with 22 million.

They are only sustainable with huge subsidies.

Your career is not sustainable with these as primary drivers.

The big problem though is becoming self sustainable with materials, plants etc.

We would need to make massive lifestyle changes to get to be sustainable with 22 million.

We are a not-for-profit centre, and are currently financially sustainable with very little surplus income.

They fooled themselves into thinking that false prosperity built on debt could be sustainable with monetary indulgence.

We're not just going to go after the low price bands if we don't see a value proposition, where it's sustainable with customers.

HEATING/ COOLING CLASSROOMS Once we become more sustainable with electric power the classrooms have a temperature control problem.

It is obvious from the outside that Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures thinks about being sustainable with every action they take.

In 2% of cases sustainable from is used

Such a system is highly unlikely to be sustainable from a business point of view.

This is not sustainable from the regulator 's, firm's or customer's point of view.

As such, the program is not financially sustainable from the carbon credits, and therefore not scalable.

So I am also mindful of striking the right balance so that what we are doing is sustainable from a faculty standpoint.

We also think about sustainable from an ethical standpoint and make sure our factories have a suitable working environment.

But I think many people now realize that the consumerist paradigm isn't sustainable from an ecological and sociological standpoint.

I expect another tranche of bank recapitalization by 2014 and lending has to keep shrinking until it's sustainable from customer deposits.

How should we think about that in terms of being temporary and reversing in the fourth quarter? Or is that pretty sustainable from here? Robert E.

Producing organic foods can contribute to increasing food security by generating incomes in small farms in a way that is sustainable from an environmental perspective.

In 2% of cases sustainable to is used

It doesn't seem sustainable to me.

Madrid's away form may not be sustainable to the tune of 50 points a season.

If you want to help you have to give something sustainable to the community.

To need to take six months to work out what an outcome does not seem sustainable to me.

Make sourcing the best talent in the market more cost effective and sustainable to our business.

Vitrified clay is the only pipe product that has been independently certified as sustainable to the.

Wood is great for its character, but if used for the worktop it is highly sustainable to scratching and cutting.

Does that sound sustainable to you? If it does, then you are not qualified to be a 3rd grade teacher, much less President.

The government in Ghana must be very careful to pay salaries that are equitable but also sustainable to those in her employ.

This approach must be equitable, transparent, accountable, and environmentally sustainable to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

In 2% of cases sustainable through is used

Believe it or not, life is sustainable through basic tasks like hunting and gathering.

He made it sustainable through various activities such as running 2 BPO's and other industries and the village is a thriving one now.

Make it known that Christ is our ultimate authority and that we need to stay blameless and innocent which is only sustainable through His grace.

Do you truly believe that NC 12 is sustainable through Pea Island beyond 10-20 years? If past is prologue, this bridge is a temporary band-aid at best.

Meanwhile most stock markets appear to be content to believe that recovery in the US, Eurozone and Asia will all be sustainable through 2010 into 2011 at least.

Global health R &D; funding is a public responsibility and should be both sufficient and sustainable through public investments based on fair sharing of R &D; costs.

There was a real concern that financially the crches were struggling to be sustainable through this funding and that families could not afford the fees in the community crches.

In receiving WUN support and recognition there is an expectation that the projects will become fully sustainable through successful joint applications to international agencies.

However, Sam says businesses need to demonstrate they are sustainable through processes and audits -- not just by claiming to be sustainable -- and there is a need for transparency.

In 1% of cases sustainable into is used

It means making informed decisions based on research, evidence and what will be sustainable into the future.

The scheme has to be sustainable into the future to cater for the health needs of generations of Ghanaians yet unborn.

Our position is that we need the control and governance structures put in place around clinical services, to ensure they are sustainable into the future.

The trick, I was often told, to increase chances of funding was to apply a liberal sprinkling of the words gender, scalable or sustainable into any project proposal.

Although Greece approved a tough austerity budget for 2013 on Sunday, its international lenders still need to agree on how to make its debts sustainable into the next decade.

If this process had been allowed to develop naturally, then non selective post primary education available to all denominations would have been sustainable into the future in the town.

Worries persisted even though the Greek government approved a tough 2013 budget, because of the lack so far of a consensus on how to make Greece's debts sustainable into the next decade.

Of critical importance in this initial phase will be ensuring that the new National Representative Body is adequately funded and has the financial structure to be sustainable into the longer term.

He's caused the president or persuaded the president to pull back the number of troops, to continue the drawdown, because they think that's politically more sustainable into the next administration.

In 1% of cases sustainable within is used

The amounts being loaned were not sustainable within the lenders resources.

The incubators must therefore aim to be financially self sustainable within that time frame.

But it was only sustainable within the continuum of a career that usually nets us a lot more money per gig.

Legally the fund can not lend to countries that have no prospect of being sustainable within a time frame of their programme.

In order to make projects sustainable within the community, community incentives need to be aligned with the goals and objectives of the project.

Since teachers already face pressures to deliver existing curricula, financial education must be made a national priority to make it sustainable within the school system.

In 1% of cases sustainable under is used

It is also not sustainable under current conditions.

I don't believe that such a division is sustainable under conditions of modernity.

Overall, China's high economic growth rate is not sustainable under its current demographic dividend.

Hahn's landmark twenty-year study shows that cassava yields are sustainable under continuous cultivation.

We conclude that these suggestions, and some of them are made by Citizens United and some by amici, are not sustainable under a fair reading of the statute.

At 200, 250, and 300 mg/L, mid marsh was sustainable under a high rate of SLR for progressively longer periods of time (up to 80 years with 300 mg/L SSC ), but not over the full 100-year period.

In 1% of cases sustainable of is used

Forests for paper and timber appear to be the most sustainable of all agricultural systems.

Our specific goals are to- make sustainable of research outcomes through the publication of Research Journals.

In fact it is the greatest strength there is, and the most sustainable of all the methods of achieving any result.

How the hell can anything be more sustainable of there are more of us? Every improvement we make is negated by our sheer numbers.

The earth receives more solar energy than it will ever need, and will continue doing so for billions of years, making solar energy the most sustainable of all our energy sources.

All resource use has environmental impacts, but wood is the most renewable material we use -- and forestry is the most sustainable of all the primary industries that supply us with our materials.

In 1% of cases sustainable about is used

I could ask what is unsustainable about it.

I'd really concerned about being sustainable about it.

There's nothing sustainable about anything we're doing.

Sustainments are processes, ways of actively promoting and sustaining what is more sustainable about a project.

One thing is for sure, the environment is the economy and we need to get smarter and more sustainable about using our natural resources.

I am a big admirer of Darling but there is nothing especially clever or sustainable about buying 2% growth with a 10% of GDP public deficit.

What is projected as being sustainable about a development needs to be actively sustained if that development is to continue to be sustainable.

His financial position is worrying and is not dependent on anything except oil supplies, their is nothing sustainable about the model, $hiite-y are basically bankrupt.

In 1% of cases sustainable beyond is used

We decided early on that the project we start should be sustainable beyond the rumble.

Greed may be sustainable beyond passion, but compulsion and obsession will leave its bones in the desert.

This approach is open, efficient, and sustainable beyond traditional proprietary logistical solutions, which are often plagued.

In 1% of cases sustainable because is used

But it's not sustainable because of the detrimental effect on normal life.

This state-led exploratory approach was not sustainable because of the high cost of exploration.

However, this project wasn't sustainable because of the lack of teaching support in both countries.

A blend of cotton and synthetic fabrics are not sustainable because of their reliance on petrochemicals.

The traditional approach of funding infrastructure from the state budget is not sustainable because of limited public finances.

Once you create a lock in it is sustainable because of its ' network effects ', which is based on the proverbial ' virtuous cycle '.

We believe that the demand part of this current equation is sustainable because of the structural demographic changes happening in Asia to drive prices higher.

Immunization became sustainable because of this and Sri Lanka has been able to eliminate immunizeable diseases such as polio, whooping cough, tetanus and measles.

Studies of the sustainability levels of small holder farm management practices showed that fallow system is unsustainable because of the persistent grazing by domestic animals.

The lop-sided dynamic between managers and the rest was only sustainable because of an internal pretence that the army of executives was required to protect and speak for the BBC.

In 1% of cases sustainable after is used

Eight months later, the question is now whether Greece's debt is sustainable after a 75% writedown on over 200bn.

The ability of innovations to become sustainable after project funding has been depleted is a common, recurring concern (Gunn, 2011; Tynan &; Lee, 2009).

They have been less successful in mobilizing support for resource management and many associations have not yet proved to be sustainable after project completion.

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