Prepositions after "sustain"

"sustain by" or "sustain in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases sustain by is used

Almost all of which are sustained by.

And this system is sustained by the mindset and an ethos.

Henderson for the loss alleged to have been sustained by him.

Like the Army, the Air Force is projected, supported, and sustained by surface shipping.

New ways to ensure affordability and design solutions that are sustained by market forces.

The other parties are just mimics and any Green Party policy would not be sustained by them.

I can attest that New Orleans musicians ' lives are sustained by the fact that they never retire from performing.

During this initial review it was discovered that many stories focused on injuries sustained by professional athletes.

It talks about how our living souls were sustained by living foods and that meat and cooked foods are both dead foods not intended for humans.

Disturbing details have emerged concerning injuries sustained by Mr Ofusu as he was restrained by GEO officers shortly before he collapsed and died.

In 19% of cases sustain in is used

This type of coverage will cover damage sustained in an accident.

Yet this pricing strategy does not hold true and sustain in the international market.

This is a love that is difficult to sustain in our world where immediate gratification and reward for service is promoted.

Only by striving to make certain that my life is sustained in a balanced way can I make the positive difference that is my destiny.

Helmets protect the brain from forces sustained in a collision by lengthening the duration by which the forces are applied to brain tissue.

I dedicate it to Canadian Corporal Brian Pinksen, who died Aug 30, the 152 nd soldier to die as a result of injuries sustained in Afghanistan.

Pace is where England will like to hurt India, but Steven Finn has failed to recover from a thigh injury which he sustained in England's first warm-up match.

If the carbohydrate intake is reduced, there is no doubt that some people might see some initial reduction in weight loss, but this is not sustained in the long term.

In 9% of cases sustain for is used

I am also hoping that the kind of response we have had so far, it sustains for the 13 episodes.

But infrastructure development must be sustained for the forseable future to support rapid growth.

Climate change now brings serious risks to ensuring that such gains are sustained for future generations.

In patients who respond, improvement begins within four or five days, and may be sustained for weeks to months.

If the amount that was spent on him, was given to a poor family, they would have sustained for their entire life.

There is growing evidence that the production systems and consumption patterns of our economies can not be sustained for much longer.

This will ensure that the Penang Botanic Gardens can be sustained for future generations, even as its role and scope evolves over the years.

In 8% of cases sustain during is used

June 4: Lord Edward Fitzgerald dies of wounds sustained during his capture.

It is recommended that collecting information on injuries sustained during sparring/training be a matter of priority.

It took a knee injury sustained during his career in the Royal Navy for him to change direction from the military to musical fame.

M EDICAL FACILITIES The Government of Pakistan will not be responsible to pay any compensation for any injuries sustained during the tests.

DISCUSSION This is the first study of prospectively collected medical record data on all injuries sustained during professional boxing in Australia.

Coach Bert van Marwijk said Friday that Mathijsen is still recovering from a left hamstring injury sustained during a 2-1 friendly loss to Bulgaria on May 26.

On several earlier occasions, he was sighted in the park bearing wounds possibly from gunshot injuries sustained during his periodic sojourns outside the park.

Two thirds of the injuries sustained during the fight participations were an open wound or laceration, and these lacerations generally occurred to the face (table 3).

In 4% of cases sustain at is used

City bridges may be shutdown if winds are sustained at more than 60 mph.

Notably, the company expects margins to sustain at current levels, despite escalation in cost.

Arran Lee-Barrett is on the bench in the absence of Scott Loach, who misses out with the thigh injury he sustained at Walsham.

Fatigue improved in both groups at the 1-month assessment, but improvement was sustained at 6 months only in the ceftriaxone group 294.

In 4% of cases sustain from is used

In fact, one school mate died from head injuries sustained from motorbike stunts.

The shock and the burns sustained from the lit crackers killed the foxes instantly.

The debate is whether bicycle helmets offer protection from head and facial injuries sustained from bicycle accidents.

One out of the five cult guys escaped allbeit with a gunshot wound he sustained from the vigilante while trying to escape.

Firstly it was only Nari Contractor's Test career that ended after the terrible injury he sustained from a Charlie Griffith bouncer in 1962.

In 3% of cases sustain to is used

The American health insurance system is sustained to a large degree by the more generous employers, whether big corp 's, union plans, government employee plans etc.

Gaining self-belief from his success in the third round, DeMarco fought in an aggressive tone that belied a man bleeding from a cut sustained to the side of the eye.

In 3% of cases sustain through is used

If the bonds and associations it has established can be sustained through a long, dark period ahead -- because victory won't come quickly -- it could prove a significant moment in American history.

In 2% of cases sustain over is used

I recall his blog on the vile mother &; stepfather of poor baby P, who died with over 90 separate injuries sustained over a prolonged period of abuse, neglect &; torture.

Any change process that does not include the participation of all segments won't be implemented and sustained over time by everyone, thereby setting the process up for failure from the start.

In 2% of cases sustain on is used

Attempt to save Mat in Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital in Bacolod City failed because of the fatal bullet wound he sustained on his forehead.

Silva has been struggling to overcome the hamstring injury he sustained on international duty with Spain last week and he has failed to recover in time to make the trip to Amsterdam.

In 2% of cases sustain as is used

Remember to keep safe The ACC processes thousands of clains a year for injuries sustained as a result of DIY accidents.

In 1% of cases sustain without is used

Presence, on a long-term basis, in Afghanistan, can not be sustained without a long term relationship with Pakistan.

In 1% of cases sustain with is used

But the fact others can appreciate and be sustained with what you like to do, and are happy to do, is fantastic.

In 1% of cases sustain above is used

Jaiprakash Associates has been sustaining above its resistance level of Rs 86 since last one-two months.

In patients receiving recommended courses of treatment, antibiotic levels would be expected to be sustained above the MIC of B.

In 1% of cases sustain throughout is used

This speaks to one of the confusions sustained throughout the poem: whether the world is dead and being anatomized, or whether it is the anatomy which is actually killing it.

In 1% of cases sustain against is used

The loss of John Terry -- first through his four-game ban for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, then the knee ligament injury sustained against Liverpool -- was the crucial factor.

In 1% of cases sustain following is used

Fong, who is two months pregnant, had also posted up pictures of the injuries she had sustained following the incident.

In 1% of cases sustain due is used

As states gain legitimacy and become stronger, the shadow economies become more difficult to sustain due to the lack of insecurity, as shown by the example of Northern Ireland.

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