Prepositions after "suspicious"

suspicious of, about, to, in or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 76% of cases suspicious of is used

We are suspicious of the world.

I'd suspicious of polls, though.

Both are suspicious of the postman.

I am suspicious of the money they have spent fixing the vote and buying the votes.

Don't be suspicious of the low prices -- Yeung knows his food and demands the best.

Police have been suspicious of the parents ' story since their initial questioning.

Asian nations should be suspicious of the USA ' s intentions when the USA keeps talking about its pivot to asia.

Michonne remains suspicious of the Governor as he throws a party with a unique twist for the people of Woodbury.

The 25-year-old Midlander is in prime form, but he is right to be a little suspicious of the Wallaby scrummagers.

The other races have been marginalized in the past so they are more suspicious of the core conservative ideology.

In 11% of cases suspicious about is used

Something suspicious about him.

Min is suspicious about the matter.

Nothing at all suspicious about that.

I'd a little suspicious about the ingredients at the bottom of the list though.

Suspicious about Adam, April endeavors to learn more about Bianca's new friend.

For example, gamers are still somewhat suspicious about the free-to-play model.

So he had to be suspicious about Jobs calling him out of the blue and then demanding to speak off-the-record.

Having heard and read about bogus phishing websites, users are getting suspicious about filling forms online.

At the same time, the Gusii are very reserved, polite, and in many ways suspicious about others ' intentions.

In addition, many of us are biased to not use these products since we are suspicious about their side effects.

In 3% of cases suspicious to is used

It sounds mighty suspicious to me.

It seems a little suspicious to me.

I will never look suspicious to you.

Hmm, a 40-year-old female virgin sounds mighty suspicious to me, but that's just me.

But it began as suspicious to me when the seller could not provide a tracking number.

The reactions were varied, from the stunned to the suspicious to the simply delighted.

Fearing the consequences of saying or doing something can come across as secretive or suspicious to one's partner.

Re: Soldier shot in front of Istanbul's Dolmabahe Palace yes i have seen it on tv news, but sounded suspicious to me.

I have to rustle the cover over my ear in bed each night so I do nt hear any noises that would sound suspicious to me.

Christy was not wrong by telling you that your not welcome, b/c your motor bike and yourself looked suspicious to them.

In 2% of cases suspicious in is used

Saw nothing suspicious in or about the boat.

That's suspicious in itself! I have not read the dri.

This financial arrangement is suspicious in many ways.

It is important to realize that humans by nature get suspicious in such situations.

The foreigners are a little suspicious in terms of how to take the India story forward.

It's just a saying meaning something is suspicious in reference to the person from that land.

In addition, there may be a wholly innocent explanation for conduct or behavior that appears suspicious in nature.

However, if a building is reported collapsed before it actually does collapse, that indeed is very suspicious indeed.

At this point, the TSA agents appeared satisfied we had nothing suspicious in our luggage and that we posed no threat.

I would ask that anyone who hears anything suspicious in or around the area or has any information, contact the police.

In 1% of cases suspicious as is used

Was suspicious as the number pattern is odd for Quebec plate, found this.

This helps making it seem less suspicious as a game won't be a few kilobytes.

The Chinese were becoming more and more suspicious as the Khampa rebellion was unfolding.

This video is suspicious as the girl knows what ever is being said and she knows how to speak: S exactly.

The local press became increasingly suspicious as to how a young child could produce such masterful drawings.

Which is also a little sad, really, as I have become so much more suspicious as a potential buyer than I would normally.

I just think they find your suggestion that any adult involved in the organisation is suspicious as a complete over-reaction.

It was only when he started asking me about the scrums and how they worked that I started to get suspicious as to his intentions.

She said it was also suspicious as to how two suspected people received visas to go to India two hours after the incident took place.

In 1% of cases suspicious at is used

This seemed suspicious at the time.

Reviews are suspicious at Reseller Ratings.

That's a reason to be suspicious at the very least.

Were you suspicious at the time or did you just think that they were exceptional athletes? S.

Alert and suspicious at Gil Dong's arrival, they don't believe Gil Dong's warning to stay away.

Your kids are growing and so it does make sense that you're more concerned and suspicious at times.

We see Daniel is suspicious at the end of this chapter even though Kip had earlier referred to himself as a boy.

Maybe that's why I found myself often a little suspicious at other whites and their motives for being where I was.

Because, while I remain deeply suspicious at these developments, overall I'd left with a feeling of quiet optimism.

Your friend doesn't want to go backwards and she's obviously suspicious at your sudden desire to go backwards yourself.

In 1% of cases suspicious by is used

I was even suspicious by the sales they were claiming.

While I was opening the door I got suspicious by the look of them.

Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.

Wolfgang Schuble is a ruthless and slippery man found suspicious by most German politicians.

His death was treated as suspicious by the Home Office pathologist who carried out the post mortem.

I'd extremely suspicious by nature so if there is even a hit of something going on, I normally figure it out.

Asad Rauf gave contradictory statements Asad Rauf made the whole case suspicious by giving contradictory statements.

I would hope that MM is above all that, and I have a great amount of respect for David, but I am suspicious by the silence.

One would surmise that Holmes would get suspicious by the fourth or fifth time he was asked to present a ring as the best man.

Obinna's death has been ruled suspicious by his family members who have suspended his burial until a proper and thorough autopsy is carried out.

In 1% of cases suspicious for is used

Folks become suspicious for some reason.

People don't act suspicious for no reason.

If the calcifications look suspicious for cancer, a biopsy will be done.

We have become excessively vigilant, touchy and more suspicious for no real reason.

CT showed several lesions suspicious for malignancy, with probable mets in the liver.

Furthermore, three cases had associated findings suspicious for non-accidental injury.

There is no need to say how valued some of them are, but anyone suspicious for coup can not be held within the ranks.

Some psychiatrists and employers now find it suspicious for an individual to keep off Facebook, reports The Daily Mail.

The mass-like enhancement indicates neovascularlity of a small hypo-intense mass, which is suspicious for breast cancer.

I hope that you will find out that you were suspicious for no reason and you will be able to relax and have better life.

In 1% of cases suspicious from is used

Was suspicious from the start, but the first step they tried was to Run www.

But the local newspaper, the Taunton Courier, was suspicious from the start.

Assessment Needless to say, that the story looks suspicious from the beginning to the end.

Mentality here is miles away to my motherland, Everyone here is suspicious from one another.

Ulman is heavily suspicious from his first appearance, playing a tense and faintly sympathetic bad guy.

I have not confronted him as yet however I know that he knows I'd suspicious from my constant questions.

The police are free to become suspicious from the exercise of rights and some -- not the best -- will do so.

I was suspicious from the outset and suspected that they wanted to put some hacking software onto my computer.

While you make it clear your reviews are independent of the marketing arm of WE, it looks suspicious from the outside.

Yet in June 2005, interviewed by the bullhorn buffoon himself, Alex Jones, Shayler says he was suspicious from the start.

In 1% of cases suspicious on is used

Conan started getting more suspicious on Eisuke.

Not impossible, but suspicious on the face of it.

I often end up being suspicious on two levels now.

Yet in the view of several vaccine skeptics, this claim is suspicious on its face.

I'd really suspicious on how should i give hand to my mother land on this occasion.

Such behavior is suspicious on its face as it can not be made by honest, intelligent people.

We have spotted something suspicious on your account, in which case we will have emailed you explaining any action taken.

The health workers grew suspicious on finding a baby in the house of Sanjeev (name changed ), in the absence of the pregnancy records.

His cell phone record also does not show anything that he was in any type of contact with anybody suspicious on that day or some days before that day.

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