Prepositions after "suspend"

"suspend in", "suspend for" or "suspend from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases suspend in is used

The dignity of class was suspended in this display of human feeling.

And yet I feel the whole edifice is made of gossamer and floats suspended in mid air.

But do not be completely partial so as to leave a wife, as it were, suspended in mid air.

Take the thrilling Skycar or (even more thrilling) walk up 550 steps suspended in mid air.

Picture an enzyme in solution, floating unfolded like a mop head suspended in a water bucket.

Cartoon Laws Any body suspended in space will remain in space until made aware of its situation.

Authorities subsequently ordered heightened security, with cellular services suspended in major cities.

I had an idea where I need some of my talent to be suspended in time, but was unsure how to achieve this.

Sale of this bond was also suspended in July 1995 and the outstanding balances with holders stood at Tk 15.

But there were economic problems: teaching was suspended in 1783 and the Academy was finally dissolved in 1786.

In 20% of cases suspend from is used

He's been suspended from the party by SF HQ.

Tyson was suspended from boxing and his purse was withheld.

Over the table and the seats, a rich canopy was suspended from the ceiling.

Inside he found a medal, a heart shaped metal medallion suspended from a purple ribbon.

She chose not to tell her bosses about her plans and has now been suspended from the party.

Kader had also been suspended from the central committee for about two months after the incident.

Chaudhary, whose negligence was later confirmed, was suspended from his services and a new doctor was appointed.

A pulpit made of beautiful wood, raised high in the old style, resting under a round baldachin suspended from the ceiling.

She could have warned both the student and parents of the possibility of their recalcitrant son being suspended from school.

The unnamed officer at a regional radar centre in Ohio has been suspended from duty along with a manager at the same location.

In 18% of cases suspend for is used

The stock had been suspended for most of Tuesday at Olam's request.

When a committee was set up, Sammy was suspended for 2 months without pay.

No doubt Jennings being suspended for a match is a case of officials watching each others back.

Your licence will be suspended for 28 days and you will still have to face court-imposed penalties.

The death penalty was suspended for a time after the US-led invasion of Iraq but restored in August 2004.

The Certificate of Authorization will be suspended for a period of 90 days at which time if no suitable P.

So she called Christian's mother Vanessa (Cherry Lou) and talled her that her son was suspended for doing so.

The third round of play was suspended for several hours Saturday and was closed to volunteers and spectators.

Five players were suspended for last week? s loss to San Diego State for unspecified violations of team rules.

It DID WORK to galvanize us, and make us play a bit better, but now he's suspended for at least another match.

In 7% of cases suspend by is used

In wartime it might suspend by rumors of British and 1870s as well as technical.

The bungy jump takes place from a pod suspended by cables between two mountains over the Nevis River.

He was suspended by SK Weeks later, when a sponsor showed interest in his show, Louis had a fight with RMS over revenue.

The couple were suspended by the Tory party after posting pictures of themselves holding golliwog soft toys on Facebook.

Crawford and Tustin Pop Warner President Pat Galentine have been suspended by National Pop Warner pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Judge explained this involved him being hooded as I was and placed in a straitjacket then a leather body bag and suspended by his ankles and weighted.

But the Wings traded him to Boston that summer, and he was suspended by NHL president Clarence Campbell late in the 1947-48 season for gambling violations.

And people have been so inspired by the design, which draws you literally into the building like a book opening its cover, some even dance on it suspended by cables.

The present Terms and Conditions shall come into force on the 11th of May 2012 and remain valid until 18th of August 2012 or until amended or suspended by the Organiser.

Cantona and ferdinand were both suspended by MUFC the day after the offense, Alf ing haalands career was ended by an injury to his other knee, not the one Roy Keane connected with.

In 4% of cases suspend pending is used

The suit is suspended pending an investigation due June 2013.

Clattenburg has been relieved of his duties, suspended pending a decision.

Those provisions are currently suspended pending the high court's decision.

The sentence is suspended pending the outcome of whether Liverpool want to appeal the charge or not.

Editor E has sent details of the complaint to Dr A, advising him also that the review process has been suspended pending a resolution.

In March this year he was suspended from parliament suspended pending an investigation into allegations of misappropriation of public funds.

In 4% of cases suspend because is used

Now my account is suspended because of inactivity.

The agency of the member-applicant must not also be suspended because of non-payment and non-remittance of premiums and loans.

The employer-agency of the member-applicant must not also be suspended because of non-payment and non-remittance of premiums and loans.

The agency of the member -- applicant must also not be suspended because of non -- payment and non -- remittance of premiums and loans.

In 4% of cases suspend on is used

Parking meter regulations are also suspended on major legal holidays.

The officer was originally suspended on full pay pending the outcome of a trial.

Before you leap to the comments, yes several riders are currently suspended on the team.

For magnetic chuck and grab crane, put the truck and grab on the ground, suspending on the air is forbidden.

They had two kinds of Houses, one suspended on the Branches of trees, the other standing upright on the ground.

The remaining six months were suspended on condition she performs 210 hours of community service at Rutenga Clinic.

An employee may be suspended on full pay pending the outcome of an investigation into an alleged breach of discipline.

Where a person fails to sign on their signing day and has still failed to sign by the next payment run date, payment is suspended on the computer system and the next payment does not issue.

In 3% of cases suspend between is used

Swimming in the spectacular heated infinity swimming pool is like being suspended between sea and sky.

Now in the ' Home ', they live suspended between two worlds, in time and in space; they are on hold, waiting for what will come.

Erminia, suspended between desire and anguish, looks raptly at the prone figure of Tancred in Vafrino's arms and takes his sword to her long golden hair.

Freeze dried pineapple suspended between two sheets of pineapple ' glass ' that seemed to shatter than melt when you bit into it, then melt on your tongue.

For them, it is a time suspended between past and future which sees radical changes in their space; a passing phase in which tensions, reflections and life expectations are concentrated.

In 2% of cases suspend without is used

I've got my account suspended without warnings or doing anything wrong.

Julius Malema and his executive would be suspended without a doubt, if not expelled.

Based upon the hearing, judges may be reprimanded, censured and suspended without pay, or removed from office.

In 2% of cases suspend above is used

The frog glides down from trees to breed in plants suspended above stagnant bodies of water.

Throughout the show a carefully choreographed collection of 12 square screens are suspended above the band.

In 2% of cases suspend until is used

But of course the conclusion is just what IPCC needs for its forthcoming AR5 so all thinking must be suspended until further notice.

In early 1995, on the grounds that the rehabilitation of displaced people had not been adequate, the Supreme Court ordered work on the dam to be suspended until further notice.

In 2% of cases suspend over is used

The peasant's wife cooked on a cauldron suspended over the fire and the family ate from wooden bowls.

These trees will over grow and they will be suspended over the roof and they will easily break off leading to injuries.

Mr Carter, an electorate officer to the NSW Minister for Energy, Chris Hartcher, is currently suspended over allegations he oversaw a donations slush fund.

In 2% of cases suspend after is used

A major air and sea search of the routes was suspended after five hours.

The DSP was suspended after protesting Shias accused him of? negligence? in clearing the routes of Ashura processions.

Two accomplices of the attackers were giving cover to them, said Station House Officer of Pakistan Bazaar, Ghulam Nabi Afridi, who was suspended after the incident.

The steepest drops occurred in Mexico, where some programs were suspended after the State Department issued travel warnings, and Japan, where programs were disrupted by the earthquake and tsunami.

In 1% of cases suspend following is used

Road communications of the district with other parts of the country remained suspended following the strike, causing immense sufferings to the passengers.

In 1% of cases suspend under is used

Right now patients can not receive the full range of routine treatments such as fillings, scale and polish or gum treatment as they've been suspended under the medical-card scheme.

In 1% of cases suspend as is used

Unfortunately during the game players do stupid things, and the Vancouver play was suspended as a result of the cheap hit on the Boston player.

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