Prepositions after "survive"

survive in, on, by, for or without?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases survive in is used

Would I ever survive in Europe? Probably not.

Today, he survives in the city by pulling a rickshaw.

Astrology Ideas like that survive in modern astrology.

Man can not survive in the kind of state of nature that the ecologists envision -- i.

Trying to survive in a chaotic, dishonest and generally immoral society is difficult.

As they need to survive in the world, being difficult becomes the way of life for them.

You display built-in prejudice just because they are from Cambridge, Mass and so far, surviving in JFK high school.

The objective was simple: we want the batsmen to learn how to survive in conditions where the ball is darting around.

I find it unimaginable that anyone could survive in a climate such as this, and in reality, they are barely surviving.

In 14% of cases survive on is used

Can we survive on 3000 per month.

And I also survived on dry ugali.

They mainly survive on donations from individuals.

I might not have bleed to death without his help, but I could have survived on my own.

You need to survive on scraps, wherever they can be found, as well as shelter when needed.

I think these people (libs on the take) need to get up and learn how to survive on their own.

Then, like millions of other wounded servicemen of the time, he was left to survive on a pension of ten pence a day.

Umno survives on an elaborate patronage system where crony companies do business and give money to Umno leadership.

It seems as if the entire machinery is neck deep in corruption and surviving on a parallel economy of loot and plunder.

Vegetables, milk and meat disappear from the table, and people in some parts of the world are forced to survive on wild fruits.

In 9% of cases survive by is used

They still survive by the jungle.

Hei s survived by hus wife and three children.

Moloch is an outcast surviving by any means necessary.

He is survived by his five children and his wife, Morah, from whom he was separated.

Lorraine is survived by her five children, 10 grand-children, and 5 great grandchildren.

He is survived by his wife, Helen, now 45, and children Justina, 21; Andrew, 19; David, 14; Theresa, 12.

They waged a valiant battle to survive by running an alternate educational system based on the madrasah and the shaykh.

For weeks and weeks our grief was overwhelming, but we survived by setting short-term goals, often only an hour or so apart.

She is survived by two sons, Liam who lives in Srath Mirtn, Derrybeg, a former teacher in Pobal Scoil Ghaoth Dobhair and Dnal.

Their parents and siblings survive by means of casual labour in the tea plantations or rice paddies ' (Argenti-Pillen 2003: 2).

In 8% of cases survive for is used

These leeches can survive for months after feeding on blood.

Thanks to the gel, the plants can survive for up to a month in cold storage.

Our bodies would be able to survive for many days hunting or getting chased.

They are trained to not think of the future, but just to survive for the day, ' Raksha said.

At any time you must have enough money to survive for at least 3 months without getting paid.

Right from the being I began operating 7 times a day but that only survived for about monthly.

Also be aware that even if you faint, you still have more than enough blood in your system to survive for a long time.

The direct implication is that his standard of living would need to be adjusted if he has to survive for a longer time.

Many people in Jesus times really worried about how they would gather enough food to survive for one more day (Matt 6:31).

And how did America survive for over 100 years with legal opiates? And over a hundred and fifty years with legal cannabis? Well OK.

In 7% of cases survive without is used

No society survives without an army.

No army can survive without its cooks.

If I was on a desert island I don't think I could survive without them.

The lowest human tribe can not survive without that alleged source of pollution: fire.

Are you sure you have a valid business can survive without that Google needs to be done.

This car has made my life easier and I can easily say that I can't survive without it now.

And why does everyone trip on how bruce survived without all his money and supplies before he made it in the city.

Moreover, this very reductionism is part of a broader naturalistic view of the world that can not survive without it.

I could survive without kosher dill pickles and tomatoes and potatos -- not happily, mind you, tho -- no music and books.

Islands and small coastal villages could not survive without the volunteer work of these dedicated groups and individuals.

In 4% of cases survive with is used

They knew better than most how to survive with nothing.

So each day I used to just survive with that awful sick feeling.

Malone survived with the support of Johnston's superiors, Major General Sir A.

If DBSK can survive with 2 members then I guess SJ can survive a while without a leader.

The conductor of the trailer was said to have died while the driver survived with injury.

These days though, stupid people are everywhere and can even breed and survive with impunity.

For the best have an effect, survive with the body and customise it also! Women love to understand you're thinking about that company.

Her crew survived with one injury attributed to a capsized lifeboat, but the vessel's cargo and as well as the ship itself were unsalvageable.

Small hotels can survive with not much more than a household kitchen provided, of course that it meets the health and safety regulations of the state.

In 3% of cases survive as is used

Man can not survive as man without culture.

It is the reason we have survived as a species.

She survived as a successful adult, not so for her ' friends ' though.

For as long as we survive as a species we will always have climate change.

For the first time, the Maasai can not survive as subsistence pastoralists.

Sharp warned earlier this month that it may not be able to survive as an independent company.

It is very clear to all and sundry that something has to give if Nigeria is to survive as a nation.

I knew that if I was going to survive as a freelancer, I needed to figure out how turn things around.

Thinking for ourselves and risking others ' criticism is the only way that we will survive as a nation.

In 3% of cases survive to is used

Being simple, they survive to this age.

This total quantum entanglement survives today, it is called the space-time continuum.

Of these wonders, the only one that has survived to the present day is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The pure endowment insurance will pay the sum assured if the insured survives to the end of the endowment period.

Although nowhere do the walls survive to their full height, the evidence (from preserved stretches of stairways; etc.

From their beginnings in the area that is now Tuscany, these Etruscans had deep rooted influences which survive to this day.

It's a very rare animal that survives to birth and lives to procreate if it is faulty, weak or does not fit into it's suroundings.

Structure only survives to the extent it absorbs more energy than it loses, otherwise ambient energy reacts to it and breaks it down.

These people belonged to a primitive epoch of Malayan culture, which has apparently survived to this day among certain groups such as the Igorots.

This artificial scarcity of money is the root cause of people's problems from hard struggle for surviving to the loss of happiness from their lives.

In 2% of cases survive at is used

With the condition of that defence, no team in the EPL could have survived at Everton.

Ice cream: Avoid soft-whip ice cream from machines (Listeria can survive at low temperatures if the machines are not clean).

In reality, they had little talent except the dark art of surviving at the BBC and alienating those who were answerable to them.

Wolfgang Schuble has survived at the top of Germany's political system for three decades - and for him 2012 might prove a vintage year.

Also, to think of trading as a zero-sum game eventually, it is hard to imagine how so many traders survive at the expense of other traders.

The FT says Wolfgang Schuble has survived at the top of Germany's political system for three decades - - and for him 2012 might prove a vintage year.

In a merger, egos sometimes dictate who survives at the board level (and at the CEO level ), and offending board members from one company are rarely retained.

In 2% of cases survive from is used

Portions of the floor mosaic survive from this period.

He knew everything he needed to know to survive from the very beginning.

Over several decades, Montego Bay has primarily survived from the underground economy.

They represent the only intact native Irish church built on a Continental scale to survive from before the Norman Invasion 1169.

TEARS trickled down Ndaba Ntsele's cheeks last Friday night as he recalled how he had survived from day to day as a young entrepreneur.

In 2% of cases survive through is used

The language of ancient Egypt was hieroglyphic, which survived through the ages.

During recent years, the euro area has been surviving through a temporary backstop.

I wonder how can anyone survive through such pain, God save her! then next was Chinho.

If it weren't for them, many of our forefathers would never have survived through those long cold winters.

What is Special about my Father - He taught me how to survive through the hard times - Melvin Perry (United States) **40;1143;TOOLONG.

If Christians get prepared, they should be able to lead the way in the giving and sharing that will enable people to survive through difficult times.

This theory survived through the 16 th century and the following illustration from a book published in 1547 shows how Aristotle ' s theory was applied to cannonballs.

And the ordinary people, I am an ordinary person! Social welfare is there for families like mine who do not have an income in order to survive through the tough times.

One issue not covered in this article is how will all this digitised information survive through time? The word written down on paper and/or carved in stone will survive.

For the soldiers fighting, the ideological or political arguments about the war were meaningless when compared to the reality of their environment, and trying to survive through their tour of duty.

In 1% of cases survive like is used

Yes Wilpons survived like it or not.

He adds that insurance is a highly saturated market with big companies losing business to smaller companies, and it is hard to survive like this.

In 1% of cases survive until is used

That core policy would not have survived until now unless Germany had been behind it all the way.

In 1% of cases survive under is used

What that choice may be when humans have to survive under severe environmental stress can not be predicted.

People, on maharaji tola, stayed on the platform, not knowing how long they can survive under these conditions.

The Roman Empire fell to the Barbarians because the people could no longer survive under the Roman administration.

In 1% of cases survive till is used

I can't play till 2014 and say I am not fit enough to survive till the next World Cup.

The place survives till today as Indesvara in the Maulvibazar district only a few miles from Pachimbhag, the find-place of the copper plate.

In 1% of cases survive past is used

It's never survived past 2 weeks for us.

In 1% of cases survive outside is used

No history before that date should survive outside the biblical myth.

The preparation of hormones to stimulate growth and the development of plants which can survive outside the laboratory are problems which still lie ahead.

ZINDLER: I would hope you would know that! MORRIS: Well, you're making the statement that you know this knowledge, that no whales could have survived outside the ark.

In 1% of cases survive off is used

We have survived off the land for thousands of years without anybody's help.

In the past, humans have survived off of nothing but meats, produce, and legumes.

If her skin is that thin, she needs to find another line of work to survive off of and make her hats as gifts to family and friends who will appreciate them.

Given technology that is low power enough to survive off of solar, you can tag people and process their trustworthiness so that prejudice is less necessary as a sorting mechanism.

In 1% of cases survive After is used

I don't know whether man survives after death or not.

The man had survived after all, but now also fails to recognise his teenage assailant.

But with that exception, there are no dinosaurs surviving after the end of the Cretaceous period.

Miraculously, 30 people survived after a very heroic rescue by members of the various emergency services in both countries.

Will America survive after 4 more years?? Have you all seen where over a dozen House Democratic women who are calling the Republicans racist and sexist becuase they are questioning S.

In 1% of cases survive into is used

However, only several volumes of The Comprehensive Book on Medicine have survived into modern times.

Conspiracy theories: A computer-generated image of what Hitler would have looked like had he survived into the 1960s More.

Isabella emerges from the past as a strong character who survived into her 80s and, perhaps because she herself was illiterate, fought for her children to be educated.

In 1% of cases survive inside is used

More people survived inside high trust groups.

Seeds of the conservation ethic survive inside all of the 11 major religions, religions which together claim 85 per cent of the human race.

In 1% of cases survive due is used

I survived due to a combination of sheer luck and perseverance.

He only survived due his own screams, which alerted a nearby police officer.

These were innovative enterprises that first thrived, yet most could not survive due to the realities of society.

In 1% of cases survive because is used

Coral is an animal that only survives because of the algae living within it.

The writing is on the wall we'll never survive because of these archiac beliefs of 30 yrs ago.

Canonical examples survive because of their continuing ability to influence and be used by, i.

He give the vision of Justice as a solution to solve the destruction of the country sixteen years before and make it happened as mater of fact today Pakistan Survive because of independent Judiciary.

In 1% of cases survive against is used

In the pictures, Kim is trying hard to survive against a legendary killer named Bong Min Jung (played by Song).

The scores were tied at 6-6 shortly after half time and Scotland had nearly the entire half to survive against the wind.

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