Prepositions after "surprised"

"surprised by" or "surprised at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases surprised by is used

I'd a little surprised by this.

I am surprised by the poll too.

Surprised by the welcome drink.

I was surprised by the level of angst and emotion in this book, for a Blaze I mean.

Here's a quick transcript of what he said: On whether he was surprised by the hire.

All of the officers were off duty when they were they were surprised by the gunmen.

Anonymous, I am very surprised by the article you cite, which says there's no evidence there were 37/8 witnesses.

I'd excited for my Honey to see! I think he'll be as surprised by the novelty of it all as if I had dyed my hair.

I am surprised by the fact that on a number of occasions they have told me that your mood is not as it should be.

And in 2011 we had a very solid lead going into the final day but were surprised by the Europeans in the singles.

In 36% of cases surprised at is used

C) She is surprised at the news.

He was surprised at the results.

The man seemed surprised at this.

I am surprised at the anti-brit resentment expressed in some of the comments above.

I am surprised at not only the frequency, but also the intensity of these thoughts.

I'd surprised at the amount of complaints I am hearing about the pace of the drama.

He began his own business in 1968 and was surprised at the lack of precise information about both coffee and tea.

I'd very surprised at the decision not to play Basel, but after reading about the situation above it makes sense.

No one is surprised at the theatrics cued by the announcement of an imminent resumption of the scrap metal trade.

In 8% of cases surprised with is used

Wow, I was surprised with Wendy.

I was a bit surprised with that.

We were a bit surprised with the.

So, one shouldn't be surprised with anything that happens out of that convention.

Dig up your existing materials and you might be surprised with what you can find.

But I was a little bit surprised with the amount of turn we got on the first day.

So I'd not sure why the MSM seems to be surprised with this latest move and it's (non) effect on Black support.

We were pleasantly surprised with our room which felt like our own little studio apartment with a roof terrace.

In every case, we were highly surprised with the quality and life-like clarity of the sound F &D; F6000 output.

The British journalist was obviously surprised with the silence of the Sinhalese elite about what was going on.

In 4% of cases surprised about is used

I was surprised about this one.

Not at all surprised about that.

Not surprised about Boulder, CO.

I sense things about others that they are surprised about when I share with them.

Many people were surprised about this but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

So to say that I was surprised about how good their Second EP was, would be the mother of all understatements.

I was surprised about the beauty of the shop, the selective assortment of products and the cool service ideas.

I'd not as surprised about the lack of innovation, though -- I expect to see those things in higher-end bodies.

I have been pleasantly surprised about how high-tech everything has been since I accepted my offer from Sauder.

In 1% of cases surprised as is used

He was surprised as the rest of us.

He was surprised as well as puzzled.

I was surprised as to what I found really.

So I was surprised as the co-bidder who was raising so much never wanted the product.

I, a UK-er, was surprised as to me the US seems like the epitomy of westernised sexism.

I am surprised as an American to learn how the people feel on the other side of the pond.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised as the Live turned out to be much more ' plug-and-play ' than the VB-101.

I am not surprised as the BodyHoliday is far better than the other ' all inclusive ' resorts that I have stayed at.

Personally, I am a bit surprised as the club lost some of their best players during the mid-season transfer window.

Audience laughs So, we were very surprised as to what did he do in 43 years of his government? He didn't do anything.

In 1% of cases surprised for is used

It will be surprised for the viewers.

It's all about being surprised for me.

She is surprised for that and called me back.

You will be surprised for a small contribution of a gift of $5 how grateful I'll be.

After being surprised for a bit, the orcs regain their confidence and start smirking.

If, Kajol will come as an item girl then definitely it will a great surprised for her.

PS I'd be surprised for Given to come back but I wholeheartedly expect him to be unhappy that he has been dropped.

Don't be surprised for a cab driver to tell you he knows the route to a destination when he has no idea where it is.

As for MSG -- I wouldn't be surprised for a show or two there, as I wouldn't be surprised with a show or two in Philly.

But, since Cherry Mobile is positioning its products to be affordable, you can not be surprised for their price points.

In 1% of cases surprised in is used

I am not surprised in the least.

I am surprised in your straight.

LOL! I'd not surprised in the least.

However Im surprised in this case that the police couldnt see that they had problems.

I was shocked and surprised in a good way when you drenched me in rain that afternoon.

Liam Pitchford also surprised in the first round after beating Austria's Robert Gardos.

I've been quite surprised in a positive way at some of things that I can do but now it's fitness fitness fitness.

But scientists were surprised in the beginning, because it does not take any part -- just its presence is needed.

But what indeed got me surprised in this entire event is the fact how entire political framework reacted to this.

The realists, decrying recent municipal and national cut backs in infrastructure, were not surprised in the least.

In 1% of cases surprised of is used

You will be surprised of what you can do.

I would be incredibly surprised of the 31.

He was very surprised of what he discovered.

Greg stepped up and did a few tunes as well to the surprised of the people in the house.

The cook will keep you surprised of the diner which he prepares for you on his charcoal fire.

This friend was surprised of that person? s poor living, and reminded him of the priceless pearl in his clothing.

Secondly, I was surprised of how difficult was for me to find an answer when I needed some time ago on this issue.

I'd not surprised of this coming from Coleman, having lived in the Twin Cities a few years while he was Mayor of St.

In 1% of cases surprised on is used

I was very much surprised on March 15th.

We were pleasantly surprised on our return.

We are positively surprised on a daily basis.

When the results came, Gilbert was pleasantly surprised on the results of his exam.

StarHub surprised on the upside due to lower traffic costs while SingTel disappointed.

If any one is surprised on this news item must be kidding himself or must be too naive.

Overall, banks performed either within expectations or surprised on the upside with their 2011 financial results.

Such people still exist in this world and im surprised on how brave and intensely he/she in throwing such remarks.

But housing starts surprised on the upside, as home building jumped in the west as other parts of the country languished.

Quazi Hussain (London) Azhar Fakharuddin (Malaysia ): Really surprised on the role of UN and other concerned authorities.

In 1% of cases surprised to is used

I was surprised to learnt we have M.

Don't be too surprised to this thing.

So I was a little bit surprised to this issue.

I like Sweet Home, I'd still surprised to this day that Capcom never brought it the U.

Police, who rushed to the spot, too were surprised to found the nature of the conspiracy.

And that, argues Pierre Lapointe, could mean we're about to get surprised to the downside.

I was surprised to all see a fork-marked lemur there, since this animal had not yet been recorded from the region.

Last week I asked everyone in my bootcamp what they ate for breakfast; I was genuinely surprised to what I was told.

When I pulled off the roof cap and looked down the pipe I was surprised to see---nothing! No insulation in the pipe.

I was surprised to some degree at what a large contribution children made to the happiest communities around the globe.

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