Prepositions after "surplus"

surplus to, in, for, from or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases surplus to is used

They are surplus to requirements.

Social problems are surplus to requirements.

The baby bonus is then surplus to requirements.

Does that mean that Africa's diaspora is surplus to requirements? Most certainly not.

The majority of male calves and some female calves are surplus to the farmer's needs.

When the birth certificate went through he called me up to break the news to me that I was surplus to requirements.

He knew how deflating it could be to a player, even an unskilled player, to be told he was surplus to requirements.

We seem now, in the government's eyes, to be surplus to requirements and their solution has been to simply cull us.

The player's future looks to be in limbo despite most Reds fans believing he is surplus to requirements at Anfield.

In 15% of cases surplus in is used

Total surplus in the budget is 66.

NAFTA trade surplus in agricultural products declined 71%.

Impact on Food Security: The region once used to be surplus in food.

The land once surplus in big fishes has become dependent on imports from Paschimbanga.

The wasting of a half-trillion surplus in tax cuts grew to a deficit of three trillion.

The frozen fruit trade sector saw a $9 million surplus in 1995 become a $37 million deficit in 1999.

But as I've also been trying to no longer use my card very much I've built up 60 surplus in my credit card account.

Cattle &; Beef: The cattle and beef sectors ' $21 million surplus in 1995 had become a $152 million deficit by 1999.

There was no deficit in the budget rather there was surplus in the first fiscal budget of newly independent Bangladesh.

Fitch's current rating for the New Zealand sovereign (' AA ' with a Stable Outlook) factors in a return to surplus in FY15/FY16.

In 5% of cases surplus for is used

I reject the two bars that indicate a surplus for 2000 and 2001.

In the first column, the budget, we expected to have a AUD 200,000 surplus for the year 2011.

BSP's current BOP goal is $4 billion surplus for this year, $47 billion for dollar stock and $1.

The latest figures show a $1 billion surplus for the first six months of the 2010-11 financial year.

The surplus for 2001 is a result of the more draconian aspects of Bush's economic plan not having been yet adopted.

The forecast surplus for the full year should be close to AUD 1 million, on forecast revenues of AUD 15 million, which is 4.

The Budget includes a $337 million deficit for 2011-12, an $824 million deficit for 2012-13, a $289 million surplus for 2013-14, a $562 million surplus for 2014-15 and a $1.

In 2% of cases surplus from is used

I purchased it surplus from Circuit Specialists a few years ago.

Jake 2 Harper inherited $14 Billion SURPLUS from his predecessors.

This mob are racking up a debt of $100 million / day - based on the current deficit figures (we were left with a $20 billion surplus from the last coalition government).

In 1% of cases surplus at is used

City Food Growing It turns out that the green agenda has a lot to offer -- we have an amazing city wide system of allotments, many of which have surplus at various times of the year.

In 1% of cases surplus of is used

There is surplus of doctors in taiwan as well.

Now, we have surplus of nurses without any jobs.

With the recent rumor i heard, indeed in about 5 years time, there will be a surplus of doctors.

In 1% of cases surplus on is used

In other words it was surplus on paper depending on nothing going wrong.

In 1% of cases surplus over is used

A longer contract would allow the ' employer ' to pay the ' firm ' any surplus over personal allowances.

In 1% of cases surplus through is used

CLASS is a new long-term-care insurance program that was inserted into Obamacare so that Congress could raid its $70 billion surplus through 2020 to cover Obamacare's initial deficits.

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