Prepositions after "supportive"

supportive of, to, in, for or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases supportive of is used

Haidt, was very supportive of the G.

DH was very supportive of the decision.

Supportive of the Royal Family (34%) 7.

But author Lee Child, who created Reacher, has been vocally supportive of the casting.

I made sure I spoke with the decision makers and they were all supportive of the idea.

One of his female friends was very supportive of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

I am on the whole supportive of the AST's objectives and have had many discussions with Tim about the financials.

The evidence is clearly supportive of the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of this public health activity.

Yet other studies were only weakly supportive of the protective effect of zinc on the development of early ARM 56.

Being a knowledgeable fan is just as big a part of being a great supporter as always being supportive of the team.

In 5% of cases supportive to is used

Open and supportive to your ideas? 3.

You're very accomodating and supportive to us.

We were mutually very supportive to each others.

He can go from being very supportive to being very dominant with his own language.

Shafiul Islam (SI ): Government has been very supportive to BGMEA for a long time.

In fact, it was mehar bukhari who was more supportive to Malik Ryaz than Mubasshar.

Alvira Del Valle (Dimples Romana) who is very supportive to Amante asks the favor of Clara David (Julia Montes).

It's important for doctors to be supportive to their patients but too much optimism can set people up for failure.

As evident from the recent examples, the new trends in the global markets are not supportive to the common people.

In 3% of cases supportive in is used

He isn't supportive in any way.

Vishu was very supportive in all aspects.

Their staff was supportive in every possible way.

They've been very supportive in finding us space and helping promote the training.

Deighton and Gould had nothing to do with it except be supportive in the aftermath.

No surprises if foreign powers feel some states supportive in SPLITTING THE NATION.

My husband(Joshua) has always been there for me in everything, understanding and supportive in our trying times.

Don't get me wrong, my mother was beautiful and supportive in her way, and when we got along we were best friends.

My husband was very supportive in the first few months, cooking and cleaning for me and changing the baby's nappies.

Other women on the bus would be very supportive in this and the jeers would hound them into embarrassment - usually.

In 2% of cases supportive for is used

I want to have them be supportive for me.

He has been so supportive for the last five years.

He was supportive for about a month before he took off.

But people have been very supportive for me and I am starting to think I can do it.

Approaches that were the most supportive for the children were those that recognised.

And if you too find yourself among the lucky, make sure to stay strong and supportive for other friends in need.

Though the last names weren't so supportive for Marc, but still his experiment some of the big ones was a success.

More signs that the reluctance to more policy stimulation is growing might be a (slightly) supportive for sterling.

Barclays Capital said if Traxys ' decision becomes part of a broader trend, this will clearly be supportive for prices.

In 1% of cases supportive about is used

Be gracious, even supportive about it.

Daniel is being very supportive about it all.

Be understanding and supportive about what she tells you.

My parents were very supportive about me pursuing my dream and that worked for me.

There are a few men have as many children or fewer or are nice and supportive about it.

Maybe you share it with a family member or two who are never very supportive about anything.

He's been really supportive about everything we've done so far and we have an excellent relationship with him.

Be as gentle as possible, and try to really listen to and be supportive about what your friend is going through.

He was very supportive about it, and offered many suggestions and observations that were interesting and provocative.

More Tales from Nizamuddin You guys were awesome and super supportive about my Mr Shawl dilemma, so I thought I'd give you an update.

In 1% of cases supportive during is used

Very supportive during difficult pregnancy.

His wife was very supportive during the whole process.

The clergy can be very supportive during this difficult period.

Co-ordinator: Joe was outstanding and very supportive during my stay in Kenya.

She is a very mature 11 year old and she is very supportive during my pregnancy.

They might find them to be a comfort or to be supportive during difficult situations.

Now the couple are extremely close, and O'Donoghue has been extremely supportive during Irma's fortnight of trauma.

My husband(Joshua) has always been there for me in everything; understanding and supportive during our trying times.

Thank you for being understanding, helpful, and supportive during this busy time, and above all, just being my Mummy.

Yes, Obama took the Churchill bust out of the Oval Office and hasn't been super supportive during Britain's spat with Argentina.

In 1% of cases supportive throughout is used

Be gentle and supportive throughout the journey.

Mark had been wonderfully supportive throughout her surgery.

They his family have been supportive throughout my whole career.

My friends and family have been very supportive throughout my rowing career.

He has been incredibly supportive throughout my depression and we get on so well.

That he remained polite and supportive throughout the ordeal is the mark of a gentleman.

My friends, family, colleagues, and community, you have always been unbelievably supportive throughout the years.

My family have been so supportive throughout my creative journey and now it is time to supoort them whenever I can.

In 1% of cases supportive towards is used

And also, all the consultants were very supportive towards us.

He was very supportive towards me and I enjoyed my time with him.

You will need to be very supportive towards your sister and her children.

I strongly support all those men out there who are so supportive towards their spouses.

This independence of judiciary proves supportive towards the smooth functioning of a democracy.

We need about 90 per cent capacity, but the audience has always been very supportive towards us.

My parents, in-laws and my husband have been very supportive towards my efforts and they have made me into what I am.

Wayne acknowledges his friend who has been very supportive towards seeking inner healing and finding peace for him self.

Bengali culture and its rich heritage have been very supportive towards women emancipation in overall Indian sub-continent.

In 1% of cases supportive with is used

She's really supportive with my dancing too.

He was very supportive with the idea in 2010.

Dad was very supportive with keeping mom well hydrated.

It may also be helpful to have someone supportive with you at the time of diagnosis.

She is kind and supportive with an adventurous streak, she is always fun to be with.

So ayun, she kind of took me under her wing and she is so nice to me and very supportive with me.

They have been very supportive with our outreach programs and services and have really helped us in every way.

Our macroeconomic forecast remains supportive with commodity markets managing to avoid a global economic recession.

My siblings were very supportive with each other and they were even encouraging me, telling me that it was all for good.

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