Prepositions after "supply"

"supply by" or "supply to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases supply by is used

Before, we were being supplied by the north.

Services supplied by artists and technicians.

The text has been supplied by the Guttenberg Project.

FIRSTLY; these ' reports ' are supplied by stake holders in the current legislation.

Application hosting supplier runs the software supplied by purchasers for the staff.

These so-called gateways are supplied by Internet telephony service providers (ISPs).

If you consider that none of the information supplied by you is sensitive, please make a statement to that effect.

The Czech Spitfires had originally been supplied by Britain to form the nucleus of the new Czechoslovak Air Force.

Like the young Sikh man I met in 2005, it needs the kind of irrevocable closure that can not be supplied by silence.

In 22% of cases supply to is used

Industrial supply: are product supplied to industries.

Blood is supplied to the heart through its coronary arteries.

Power could be supplied to rural communities around the world.

The place of supply rule applies to supplies to both business and non-business customers.

Another potential contract that looks set to be lost is for ammunition supplies to Afghanistan.

If you consider propane, be aware of some of the many benefits propane can supply to your family.

There is still much to work on besides the pressure relief it supplies to increasing inaction and life's stresses.

I told her to take a walk to the art gallery that I supply to as they charge double that price and YES they do sell.

In fact, RP results from an imperfection in a tiny gene that causes an incorrect protein to be supplied to the retina.

The power generated is supplied to PEPCO and KESC which are engaged in the distribution operation all over the country.

In 14% of cases supply with is used

TreeParser supplied with ferite.

Overall, the market remains well supplied with oil.

We were supplied with the 110 Ltd, which is 236cm long, weighs 7.

Participants were better at recalling words that they would later be supplied with.

In return, they would be supplied with tools, tractors and taught how to produce more.

She kept her mother and Washington freely supplied with money, and did the same by Col.

Why do I say this? Rural health centers all throughout the country are supplied with boxes of condoms and pills.

His hooks have been confiscated as potential weapons and he will be supplied with less menacing prosthetic hands.

Both the horizontal and vertical deflection plates are supplied with a continuously increasing time base voltage.

Typically articles for refereed journals now need to be supplied with tags when they are submitted for consideration.

In 8% of cases supply in is used

All of GHD Shops supplied in our website are genuine and super-quality.

In January 2009, Russia again cut gas supplies in a row over unpaid fees.

The new style on the Air Force One is also supplied in the similar price tag.

And any goods supplied in the building of the house have to be fit for that particular purpose.

Thereafter, the date of the introduction of a Bill is supplied in the Index as an approximation.

In response to a disaster, a variety of products are required to be supplied in the affected area.

They lock in oil supplies in a way that runs counter to western preferences for market supply and demand mechanisms.

For now the list is moderated and supplied in digest because that is the wish of the majority of the charter members.

The enzyme is supplied in one concentration, 400 units per bottle (80 units/mL) with a fill volume of 5 mL per bottle.

Nor do they specify what evidence, if any, a state must supply in cooperating to extradite or refuse asylum to individuals.

In 5% of cases supply for is used

AMQ9541 CCSID supplied for data conversion not supported.

Clavat stand next, being the farmers that supply for the Lilties.

There is a washing machine and basic kitchen supplies for volunteer use.

A pocket WIFI 3G Modem can be supplied for $120 for the first month and $75 for subsequent months thereafter.

ERG has been designing and manufacturing power supplies for customers in the US and around the world since 1979.

Commercial water charges Water charges are payable if water is being supplied for use by business, trade or manufacture.

One Response to Would you like to be featured in a CRUK awareness campaign? I like the valuable info you supply for your articles.

Instead, it is evidence of God's grace in supplying for His creation in the altered environments of a post-Fall, post-Flood world.

Warrants may not be renewed if the quality or supply for the product or service is insufficient, as far as the relevant Royal Household is concerned.

On further investigation I found that there was no record of any credit card details on the copy of the rental agreement supplied for that date by the rental firm.

In 5% of cases supply from is used

It would be nice, if the XLSTAR could be supplied from both, the debug USB and user USB as well.

I remember seeing vegetables being supplied from the highest floor of a 67- storey building in China.

For instance in 1740, 1,000 caskets of wine were supplied from Bordeaux to England and 4,000 to Ireland.

They are supplied from community mum in addition to get go on a spree, so as to top of the line specialist shops.

That picture was supplied from Faruk's shop to other locals and later circulated like wildfire in and around Ramu.

Often, occupations at skill levels A and B are supplied from educational programs specific to the profession or occupation.

Some occupations at skill level B are also supplied from experienced workers in related administrative support occupations.

One question for anyone that can advise me please; as I allowed him to access my computer, can he access it again using the id number I supplied from the ammyy.

The abundance of gold supplies from Central Asia for several centuries before the arrival of the Greeks resulted in the minting of numerous coins as well as some enormous coins.

Your second mission involves stealing aid supplies from more poor villagers, and you are explicitly ordered to shoot the villagers if they are taking supplies and level their homes.

In 2% of cases supply as is used

Neither apply here, the cost in this case does not equate to refusal to supply as the government could buy it if it decided to.

This file can be supplied as a separate file (useful if combining with Offline Resources ), or as the first file in the file itself.

The Organiser accepts no responsibility for any incorrect or incomplete registration details that Participants may supply as part of the registration for the Rewards.

In 2% of cases supply at is used

I do not shop for supplies at places like Walmart or even Micheals.

I am an online shopper and can get great quality supplies at a better price.

The morning staff also was a bit inconsistent, with not all guests being offered tea or eggs (which were not supplied at the buffet).

I'd very far out of school, but I still get excited about all the back-to-school sales and seeing racks of school supplies at the grocery store.

Also amazed that there is no ' cheap rate ' electricity: in the UK, all electricity supplied at night is usually much cheaper than daytime electricity.

From the Red Cross Flickr gallery we spotted one of our brothers from Local 282 unloading bags of relief supplies at the Babylon, NY, town hall on Saturday morning.

In 2% of cases supply on is used

Water that is supplied on a fixed-rate basis must be paid for in advance.

Post residents even visited back and forth and exchanged goods and supplies on occasion.

They did not need canning supplies on a regular basis, but when they did, it was essential.

Cut down on your caloric intake by always asking that a salad's dressing be supplied on the side rather than already on the salad.

The GOTY edition like all others is the original game with all the add-on packs, which are supplied on a 2nd disc that you just need to install.

Example Of Late Payment Appeal Letter We are concerned that we have not been able to meet the payments for the package (reference details) supplied on (supply date).

In 2% of cases supply through is used

Goods were supplied through their dealer M/s.

At homes, power is supplied through privately owned generators.

It's a portable version of AVG Anti-Virus supplied through Linux distribution.

According to the official water supplied through filtration plants was as unsafe to drink as other sources.

Journals can be supplied through a vendor by license-occasionally for a single user, more typically for multiple users.

Its rapidly flowing waters are mysteriously supplied through the Garden's east wall and conspicuously disappear into a grate at ground level.

The Faith Promise is a commitment to mission for the coming year (over and beyond your regular budget giving ); a specific amount each person will trust God to supply through them.

In 1% of cases supply along is used

If special diets are required they should be supplied along with any specific feeding instructions.

In 1% of cases supply during is used

A P750 donation will help save children from malnutrition while P1000 will give children and their families supplies during a calamity.

Please ensure the contact details and email address you have supplied during the admissions process are valid and checked up until you arrive.

In 1% of cases supply into is used

Markets are supposed to act as an invisible hand, bringing demand and supply into balance.

Special thanks to the 27 individuals who between June and October, used part of their checked baggage allotment to transport over 165 pounds of equipment and teaching supplies into Tanzania.

In 1% of cases supply like is used

Transport trailers distributed pet food and supplies like crates, leashes and litter from a warehouse in Queens set up days before Sandy descended, said the Humane Society's Schneider.

In 1% of cases supply of is used

The company will supply of a minimum 65.

Excess supply of US dollar pushes the rate down meaning **26;5657;TOOLONG of Taka against US dollar.

There are daily fluctuations in the rates conditional upon changes in Bangladesh demand for and supply of US dollar.

The Taka-Dollar daily exchange rate fluctuates as a result of imbalances between daily demand for and supply of US dollar in Bangladesh.

More precisely, the credit entries in the balance of payment relate to supply of foreign currencies while debit entries relate to demand for foreign currencies.

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