Prepositions after "superior"

superior to, in, for, about or over?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases superior to is used

Defence was superior to attack.

They were superior to the Sabbath.

No spectacle is superior to the other.

The most basic is the Shodan (first ), which is immediately superior to the 1st Kyu.

Superior to a person with just a high school education, or only a bachelor's degree.

I see both sides, and I have evaluated both sides, and I have found that one side is vastly superior to the other.

The exposure of religion contributes nothing to that, save to make the critic feel superior to the deluded masses.

If I had seen that another religion was superior to Islam, I would have given up Islam and accepted that religion.

While therefore the Stoical was in itself superior to the Epicurean system, both were alike hostile to the Gospel.

In 10% of cases superior in is used

We were superior in every aspect.

China is far far superior in arms.

But we are superior in another sense.

Thus, we believe that our new algorithm is superior in terms of numerical stability.

Although, I obviously appreciate that the 777 is superior in hot and high conditons.

The latter may be superior in status, power and wealth, but it is the Mehrans which.

What I can not stand from Westerners is the smug assumption that they are superior in all respects to the Chinese.

One third had failed to reap any advantage whatever, in terms of promotion, from their very superior intelligence.

But neither do I think that Utah's (and your) decision to make money somehow makes you morally superior in any way.

In 2% of cases superior for is used

Often humans cede superior for cheaper products.

He has been my superior for over 16 years from 1978.

Honey Honey is also considered superior for the skin.

The clinician has to decide which technique is medically superior for his patients.

Juliana had lived as a religious for 43 years and was Superior for 35 of those years.

His son had told him that he had taken on his superior for some financial malfeasance.

As continually typical impression goes a lengthy way, if seems as well superior for being correct it most likely is.

Maybe they feel superior for being in on Apple before everyone else, but a stock split would fatten their wallets too.

The inventory in BL1 was largely superior for the PC, though the new one is apparently better structured for consoles.

They not just make less carbon dioxide, that is superior for a wellness, even so they could greatly cut the power bill.

In 1% of cases superior about is used

We shouldn't get too superior about it though.

I've always felt a bit superior about the NHS.

He told his superior about this but it was not until 1.

On November 4, 2012 at 1:16 pm Helen said: There's nothing superior about me, Dianne.

A number of people can do superior about the same take a look at compared to many other.

Someone who is great at cooking but doesn't try to act all superior about it would be a plus.

Before we all get too superior about the state of Greece and Italy, I don't exclude the UK from this observation.

Defending it as it's Nestle: well, I'd really have to boycott the lot of them if I wanted to get all morally superior about it.

They want them to go into high status jobs so that they can feel superior before they have done anything to feel superior about.

Once you've identified a place that you feel superior about, commit to finishing your coursework within a reasonable time frame.

In 1% of cases superior at is used

That is the one category you are far superior at.

It's 36 meters high, which must be very superior at the time.

They are slightly superior at hoops, and much better at Football.

My point is this: the m4/3 system is far far superior at this point to the N1 system.

Then there is Wei Qingrong, his superior at the forestry bureau, his formal employer.

Women are generally superior at short-term memory, perceptual speed, and verbal fluency.

Present day threats tend to be more psychological -- for example, unjustified verbal attack by a superior at work.

If you study and practice a subject long enough and hard enough you will master that subject and be superior at it.

Now the microbes have shown that they are far superior at doing the same job and use nickel and iron to do the job.

I retired as Principal in 2001 but I am still living next to the school since I am now the Superior at the Convent.

In 1% of cases superior by is used

Men judge a superior by their work performance.

Halo 4 is superior by miles and miles and miles.

Both are deemed ethically superior by their followers.

But so important place, once someone to have fire, the superior by all means upsurges.

Tip: Reassure your superior by over-communicating - give frequent updates of your work before he asks.

Though superior by virtue of having learned the techniques of karate, these techniques should never be.

Notice that the Korean is not saying Americans are somehow morally superior by not engaging in the evils of racism.

It somehow has been twisted to mean one is superior by thought and action because of these choices when it patently is a lie.

It may be better at low ISOs but when you crank it to iso1000 or more, the newer Sonys are clearly superior by at least one step.

Never underestimate people's tendency to identify with something deemed superior by an authority figure in an attempt at self-elevation.

In 1% of cases superior of is used

George Santhumayor, Superior of St.

Francis now became superior of India.

Criminal! as superior of the mission.

We, Humans, the most superior of all creations, should create a society like Murghideen.

Archibald Gonsalves, the Provincial Superior of the Carmelites, and the Chief Guests, Mr.

I didn't -- and it was awfully superior of me, you know -- approach her at all on that basis.

In 1940 he became spiritual father at Stonyhurst and from 19411942 was vice-superior of Carby, School, Sunderland.

AD 809 The killing of Dnch, superior of Tulach Lis, beside the shrine of Patrick in the abbot's house at Tulach Lis.

This led to John Carroll's appointment as superior of the mission of the thirteen States, with the power to confirm.

Fr John Baptist Duguin,? of the Societie Rector in Lisborne?, later served as Jesuit superior of the mission to Connacht.

In 1% of cases superior on is used

Jordan was superior on the court.

But I am also utterly superior on it.

C Nania were tactically superior on the day.

Leaving the camera part aside, what we have else is of course superior on the Android side.

That tells me with the intention of 3D aspect of it be obliged to be pretty superior on the PC.

Defensively, he is a superior on ball defender, but when his focus dissolves once his man cuts away to the weakside.

I am of the type that I will take characterization I agree with over a fic that is superior on a technical level, EVERY TIME.

Based on the quality of production, my favourite was T-Pain because he had a good act and the sound was superior on the night.

In 1% of cases superior over is used

Prayers are superior over all the other actions.

Desktop PC is ergonomically SUPERIOR over touch screen.

They are adhesion contracts made by a superior over an inferior.

But let me tell you two good reasons why a sword would be superior over a firearm.

To pit races against each other as one being superior over the other is what the dems do.

Hand racquets are the best way to get started and superior over conventional junior racquets.

I find it astonishing that Celtic fans should feel morally or righteously superior over Rangers fans in my experience.

As a whole, braided lines are superior over monofilament lines in most cases but there are still times when I choose mono.

Certainly this type of comparison can only happen in Nigeria where certain professions are considered superior over another.

A supremacist is a person who believes he or she is superior over another because of their race, religion or even social status.

In 1% of cases superior with is used

Any man's dynamics is superior with these watches on his arm.

If I am superior with one argument, i may be inferior with another.

Even the freedom to interact with the world would be superior with a book.

For slag, this method was only superior with respect to the extraction of Pb and Cd.

Although Palmer was to win two majors that year, Nicklaus proved his superior with 18 majors.

China's infrastructure is superior with speedy super highways and new construction every where.

A man greets his superior with a sheaf of betel -- a sheaf of betel is forty betel leaves folded along the mid rib.

Louis Vuitton Heels Reviews are even readily available designed by on the net customers to the superior with the solutions.

We used to be on par or superior with the likes of s Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore in many areas when I was growing up.

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