Prepositions after "superb"

superb in, for, at, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases superb in is used

It is superb in its simplicity.

The cast is superb in their roles.

It was simply superb in every way.

He played superb in the Olympic tournament but at the nock-out game he had only 4 points.

For quality Hirsch performances, check out Into the Wild and Milk, as he is superb in both.

Sri Lanka performed well but the Darren Sammy led Team was superb in all areas of the game.

And besides these undeniable expertise and sheer talent, they are superb in terms of taking care of their customers.

Someone there has a fabulous eye for talent - both Luke Nguyen and Peter Kuruvita are superb in front of the camera.

Still, that's a minor problem, and not really an issue with the show itself, which is superb in just about every way.

You did not must tense over the top quality as well as shade of product as it will certainly be superb in all facets.

In 15% of cases superb for is used

The reach is superb for small birds.

Superb for watching videos/Iplayer etc.

Really, this duo was superb for the role.

The island countries are superb for some of the world's most rare and exotic wildlife.

Northern Sulawesi's waters are warm, clear and superb for snorkelling and skin diving.

But his touch and passing is so superb for an eighteen year-old -- the rest will come.

Most buckets were created from an assist and the cuts and movement without the ball was superb for most of the game.

Location and Climate - Learn about what makes our climate superb for seed production or check the short term forecast.

Antioxidants are superb for your body like beta carotene located in carrots and potatoes and lycopene found in tomatoes.

In 14% of cases superb at is used

James the forest was superb at times.

Nikka from the Barrel is superb at 51.

Bernie Madoff was superb at doing this.

Their midfield is just superb at completely preventing them from actually being tested.

John Goodman If it's anti-Americanism, then it's very odd as Cuba are superb at baseball.

Everyone on the team is multi-talented and superb at what they do, literally IT Rockstars.

Without question, Harrison is superb at writing about sex, as you will know if you have read any of her other books.

Apart from being superb at statecraft and image-building, she spoke several languages, wrote poetry and translations.

They were superb at Twickenham with the pack in commanding form while the backs tore through the All Blacks ' defence.

One of the things Boich was superb at, was getting things done and the report came back in a very short period of time.

In 10% of cases superb with is used

It is just superb with 3D effects.

It was superb with guinea fowl (15.

It would be superb with aged cheeses.

NTR rocking steps will be feast really superb with mind blowing visuals #sairo sairo.

The color coordination is superb with the correct mix of impartial and impressive colors.

They are a very gentle breed and are superb with children and, in the main, with other dogs.

In the 90's it was superb with all the guitar music coming out, before that it was crappy pop stuff or dance music.

The food is superb with the locales and menus preselected and awaiting us, so very punctual and lacking in dysentery.

Theo I thought though superb with his crosses could have been better with his first touches when put clearly through.

The interaction between The Doctor, Amy and River is superb with mutual respect and teasing played in equal measures.

In 6% of cases superb on is used

Everything is superb on this album.

Superb on the left and in the middle.

They were superb on Sat night in Stradbally.

This is what he does because he's superb on the rebound and horrible off the fast break.

He must have superb on the training pitch because in the early periods he showed next to nothing.

I've always found them superb on the extremely rare occasion I've had a purchase problem on eBay.

What makes this more troubling is that, otherwise, Dallas has been superb on third downs in 2012, converting at a 43.

He is the type of openside I like - superb on the ground, he is also a great ball carrier and he also has stopping power in defence.

United have lost Ronaldo, but look good in pre-season, attacking as a team more, and Valencia and Nani have been superb on the wings.

A black dress is going to look superb on you, but there are a lot of brides who do not like to see such dresses on their maids of honor.

In 4% of cases superb as is used

Daniel Day-Lewis is superb as the ultimate villain.

Robert De Niro on the other hand is also superb as the young Don Vito.

It's now superb as a method of inputting Chinese on your smartphone--a lot better than.

Make sure to have everything there to provide them a superb as well as an immediate result.

The atmosphere was superb as the two sides came out and it was a typical blood and thunder derby.

Clooney is superb as a confident, insensitive but charming employee terminator during the economic collapse of 2008.

It is wonderful as well as superb as well as will it solved as well as set at the back side at just least 340,000 Euros.

Superb as part of any course on the economics of farming and fishing and approaches to the erosion of ecological capital.

My experience was superb as the sun shone all day but I regretted not taking sunglasses as the reflective snow was near blinding.

In 2% of cases superb from is used

But the response to that setback was superb from the players, all of them.

This DVD is superb from start to finish, and leaves you wanting to go have a cake.

Does something changed drastically within this process this time? The so called chemistry between you guys has to be really superb from what I read and hear.

Everything was superb from the routes you recommended to the excellent accommodation in each location, all of which were very unique and with wonderful views.

Afterall the BBC Olympic coverage has been superb from Clare Balding to Gaby to John Inverdale, but the word most often used is describing Olympians, by them, was ' Fighters '.

Pridgen You've got a great deal to own superb from the elements within these types of athletic shoes; the actual rest is actually a similar since the aged types backed upward Tabatha D.

In 2% of cases superb to is used

Brunch is superb to anything in the lakes area.

His performance was superb to me! I was moved by him that night.

The music sounds superb to me through that, better than it ever has done in fact.

Hospital doctors are a different kettle of fish and range from the superb to the downright nasty.

But I've got a nice little life for myself here and I have good friends upstairs who are superb to me.

I believe the sound in IMAX is far superb to the regular theater, however, I always found IMAX to be nothing more than a gimmick.

With exotically interwoven guitars, crashing and swelling bass and dynamic wave like drums, the song is superb to all of my senses.

My vintage headphone collection varies from sounding superb to OK and I am sure there is a correlation between condition and sound.

I taught maths methods and specialist at North Shore in Box Hill (Melb) and the quality of teaching ranged from superb to stultifying.

Inside comfort of your parking space, you've got the different than check out countless components of tips and advice and choose the information your sound experience superb to your.

In 2% of cases superb against is used

Defensively, they were superb against Tyrone.

LarryMilne I thought Cave was superb against Fiji.

He was superb against Moldova, but he was playing in Kagawa's trequartista role.

For the point that Levein thinks he has proved, Fletcher is back in the team and was superb against the Welsh.

Mayo were superb against Dublin, they kicked some wonderful long range points, and they are starved for victory.

He was superb against Reading and then promptly found himself omitted at Old Trafford as Ramsey, a lesser player, started.

Luis Suarez looked superb against Everton -- he scored 1 goal, assisted another, and had another disallowed though it was clearly onside.

They (Free State) showed what they can do, they played superb against SuperSport in the MTN8 but it was not to be for Steve Komphela's men.

Santiago Casilla and Sergio Romo combined for 39 saves in Wilson's absence, and the San Francisco bullpen was superb against Cincinnati, St.

But while Morkel can blow a bit hot and cold he was superb against left-handers in England, and Australia have five of them in their top seven.

In 1% of cases superb about is used

My g/f knows all about my anxiety and is superb about it all, I will be going, no matter what.

Show her that you just think this wounderful woman has something superb about her and she'll feel good about their self.

A lot of women in all becomes older would choose to include on this subject rings to make him or her superb about the wedding day.

What is superb about Maksuda's dream is the very fact that she has been able to dream at all, of something which is realistically achievable.

There may be anything superb about passing the bracelet down by using generations so everyone is able to learn about great-grandma and what she loved and treasured.

In 1% of cases superb during is used

Firstly, Real is much better in 1st half, but with Barca you must play superb during all 90 minutes.

Nasri was superb during the game; his ability to dribble in tight situations and to consistently link up with his team-mates bamboozled the England defence.

In 1% of cases superb of is used

His movement is superb of late and i believe that he will reciprocate that in the AFCON.

So, it is usually Superb Of talkative To help you pinch Those of sensibility Combined with intelligence.

Brother Ofori said his new ministry meets just adjacent to his residence at Ofankor Barrier a superb of Accra.

The offshore bite has been superb of late, with the gag grouper fishery doing better than this 20-year veteran can remember.

And this is because this rivalry tends to elicit football magic and superb of goals, year in, year out; season after season and eventually champions emerged and trophies are won.

In 1% of cases superb by is used

He wrote the superb By the Time I get to Phoenix and Wichita Lineman.

The acting was superb by all main actors, the story line was wonderful as was the costumes and settings.

A good silver or maybe champagne dyed prom dresses appears superb by using rare metal tinted diamond jewelry.

The acai berries comprise terrific nutrition rich in dietary ideals; superb by almost every other fruit and vegetable identified so far.

The mainstream Hindi film industry has two detective/mystery films out this year - one of which, Kahaani, was superb by almost any standard.

Thus there are passages that are superb by any standard, passages that are strong and insightful, passages that are obnoxious and/or tedious if not ridiculous, and lots somewhere in the middle.

In 1% of cases superb over is used

From a mark of 143 Walk On ticks plenty of boxes having been superb over hurdles in his time at novice level.

The 25 year old has been superb over the past two seasons and was rewarded for his form with a first call up to the Socceroos squad.

Lampard has been superb over the last few months and has just captained his team to the highest honour against what is regarded the best side of all time in Barca and a class Bayern team.

In 1% of cases superb through is used

In the third minute of injury time, Yasir Hanapi played a superb through ball to Hariss on a counter.

On 68 minutes, a superb through ball from John Kearney sent Willie John Kiely away, but his shot was straight at Dave Ryan.

Good passing move by Arsenal with Cazorla's superb through pass putting in Santos who can only cross way over the bar and wasted.

Kaplan was also the beneficiary of two superb through balls, the first from Mike Barry for the equalizer and the second from Derek Buckley for his hat trick goal.

Once again, Shahril was the provider, supplying in a superb through pass onto the path of Khairul Amri, who leaped over the onrushing Jaffar Khan before slotting into the empty net.

In 1% of cases superb throughout is used

So broadly speaking his calls have been superb throughout this crisis.

This was a big blow to Mathews as he had been superb throughout the game.

Runners up, all records that are superb throughout their length: The Doors London Calling (Clash) The Pretenders OK Computer (Radiohead.

The harmonies from Johnny Adams and Chris Coe are superb throughout (absolutely spine-chilling on ' Judas ') and they also add fiddle, dulcimer and concertina to the mix.

In 1% of cases superb along is used

There's no doubting the talent and the actors and our short films are superb along with our animators.

Young ladies with extensive shoulder area will appear superb along with halter neckline because it aids you to imply to them absolutely.

Modern day consumers even now enjoy your Timeless necklaces as well as prefer to obtain great bits of superb along with eye-catching jewelry regarding previously intervals.

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