Prepositions after "summon"

"summon by" or "summon to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases summon by is used

She was a regularly summoned by my school teachers.

A jury panel is summoned by the sheriff and brought into court when required.

Bersih leaders are summoned by the police for trying to organise a peaceful rally.

He is summoned by the Hand of the King to protect a mysterious woman, and travels south to do so.

The child and I was summoned by the principal and other school reps on Thursday and the position was reiterated.

The Propagation Phase In the fortieth year of his life, Muhammad (sws) was summoned by the Almighty to serve Him.

I was summoned by the Kenyan Criminal Investigations Department (CID) over tweets I supposedly sent regarding Alfred Mutua.

Recently, information minister, Labaran Maku was summoned by the NASS for what the legislators referred to as inappropriate talk.

She had been summoned by President Nasser, who asked her if she was sure that she wanted to accept Nkrumah's proposal of marriage.

It was a rare thing for a civil servant to be summoned by the king, so he'd been surprised and honoured when he was called to the palace.

In 31% of cases summon to is used

A summon to Stonecore appeared on my screen.

The physician was summoned to the royal presence.

In a matter of seconds I was summoned to sit down.

The members and the creditors must be summoned to all meetings called by the liquidator.

On one separate occasion, I was summoned to Ian Greer's offices where Ken Clarke was also present.

This is her story - My sister was summoned to the Kenyan Embassy in Riyadh yesterday (Sunday Sep 9th).

But when he's summoned to the city to fulfil his calling (which is to be a noble, aaarghhh ), Wax decides to hang his boots.

The ostensible reason they were summoned to the DSI was to assist in the investigation into the 91 deaths in April and May of 2010.

After the outbreak of the First World War, Braun was summoned to New York to attend as a witness in a lawsuit regarding a patent claim.

I was summoned to the main cattle gate, in my hand a ritual cowhide from a cow that had been properly slaughtered during my naming ceremony.

In 10% of cases summon for is used

All Party Conference was summoned for this.

No member summoned for Cardigan, but two for the county.

At the suit of the Corporation, several parties were summoned for keeping manure exposed, so as to cause disease, and were each fined 1s.

Anne Connolly summoned for knowingly buying a pair of military boots, belonging to a private in the 24th regiment, was sentenced to three days ' imprisonment, in default of paying a fine of 2s.

In 7% of cases summon from is used

Yong Qian, he summoned from the Shenshui maze.

Upon reaching Penwortham, Dr Nott was summoned from Adelaide.

In 5% of cases summon into is used

And I hit accept and I was summoned into the instance.

The poor people who will perish slowly and painfully from the bites of all of the vipers that will be summoned into the home.

In 4% of cases summon as is used

Nor is the question of the right to the seat raised or the earth summoned as a witness.

In 4% of cases summon in is used

The South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) were summoned in support of their ground forces and dropped napalm that missed the clearly marked target.

Both sides then, with this purpose, called on all their allies to join them for the battle and summoned in the garrisons from the towns, as if about to stake their all on the issue.

Neighbours chose to remain tight-lipped, but one of them said this kind of incident was nothing new, and that six months ago, police were summoned in the middle of the night during a loud party.

In 2% of cases summon on is used

Everybody had to go to Rajpipla but they were always summoned on different days, one by one.

In 1% of cases summon over is used

There was a time the CBN governor was summoned over a comment made by him at a university campus.

In 1% of cases summon with is used

They were summoned with renewed courage and cut a bloody path through the enemy ranks as far as the ravine of ' Ainain Hill '.

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