Prepositions after "summarize"

"summarize in" or "summarize by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases summarize in is used

Grandon Gill's work summarized in his book.

The details of these are summarised in our table.

Much too much to ever share or summarize in a few sentences.

The process I use is summarised in the chart above, which I call The 4A Framework.

This and the later historic periods are summarised in the Historical Background section.

The Committee's inquiries and findings, to December 2005, are summarised in its 125 th report.

Jesus sends them out two by two and gives them instructions, which the Evangelist summarizes in a few sentences.

It's all nicely summarised in his book The Great Disruption: How the Climate Crisis Will Transform the Global Economy.

Regardless, the reasons why countries are developing offensive weapons and why they need them can be summarized in four points.

Effect of CogTr and booster training The results of the GLM-repeated measures estimations are summarized in Table 3 Table 4 and Figure 3.

In 19% of cases summarize by is used

Updating Darwin There were also other essential updates summarized by the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis.

The results from this trial can be summarised by the following graph which shows the proportion of cows in-calf (1.

The impression his appearance makes is summarized by the riddle: Who looks like a greasy buffalo? (Arro onyil?) -the answer is the initiate (oloibartani).

The history behind this is here and here, and can be summarised by saying they bought an x86 team almost fully, and don't have a licence to make the parts.

The problem with Streep's performance, and with Powell's book, is summarized by this contrast between the fiction of Streep and Powell, and the wonderful reality of Julia Child.

In 7% of cases summarize for is used

Then they can be added to the federal statutes and summarized for the American people.

Factual background of the controversy, filtering out unnecessary details needs to be summarized for purpose of clarity.

So I summarised for him: you called me to tell me my PC is infected, but you don't know which one or what is wrong with it.

Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian I recently asked a London housing expert to summarise for me what was required to solve the capital's housing crisis.

In 6% of cases summarize as is used

The present Puno house can be summarized as a cozy nesting place for a.

These may be summarised as: ethnic conflict, economic volatility and empires in decline.

In 4% of cases summarize from is used

The tree is summarized from (Soltis et al.

Below is summarized from the notes I made back then.

The tree topology is summarized from Steele and Wojciechowski (2003).

In 3% of cases summarize at is used

Services provided by PPFA, including cancer screening, are summarized at the link above.

I like the way you've structured the special reports by summarizing at the end and providing practical steps in implementing the lessons learnt.

In 2% of cases summarize on is used

It is all logical and obvious, and can be summarized on one simple statement.

In 1% of cases summarize like is used

The basic approach to how to cook steak can be summarized like this: First, quickly sear the outside, next finish cooking the inside, and finally, let it rest.

In 1% of cases summarize through is used

The results should be summarised through a matrix.

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