Prepositions after "suited"

"suited to" or "suited for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases suited to is used

Firstly, he's more suited to 4-3-3.

Anarkalli is quite suited to the role.

I'd suggest he's more suited to janitor.

For this reason, Gerrard could be suited to the RCM role used under Andre Villas Boas.

He may be best suited to a half forward line at the top level, but it can be improved.

Business customers are catered to, although this area of town is more suited to tourists willing to splash the cash.

It's more suited to women who have had children, really, though it is possible to have one even if you have no kids.

Browser support notwithstanding, I can't see a single area that is more suited to adoption of HTML5 than banner ads.

All around a vibrant Cambridge satchel is rather suited to university students or maybe pleasing children dressed in.

In 44% of cases suited for is used

It is more suited for players like you.

Today's schools are more suited for girls.

Touch Typing is really more suited for words.

That you may know, then, men and women wear the same kind of garment, suited for war.

This pool is above more lively pool which has slides and is more suited for the kids.

It's suited for general to heavy graphics work like 3D rendering and video rendering.

A design that is more suited for cruising around the relatively more calm Caribbean or European Mediterranean Seas.

Instead of hiring people to expand his business, he began making hires to take over the work he was most suited for.

The exhibits are large and quite tall so more suited for children a little older, who can read, around 8+ years old.

Some blog platforms are much more suited for the hobby bloggers and others to more professional blogging application.

In 1% of cases suited in is used

This mode is not suited in keep of ' framing ' your discipline like the Only Snapshot AF mode.

Her debut novel, Debris was published by Angry Robot Books in 2011, followed by Suited in 2012.

This make concessions is finest suited in compensation sports or kids who can't observe tranquil to settle a picture.

So let's take an example that one person is dealt a A 8 off suited and another player is dealt an A J off suited in a heads up game.

In 1% of cases suited up is used

Patterns of suited up men armored with swords donned outfits, but other patterns didn't go over so well.

The suited up guy approached me at the end of the meeting saying he wanted to find ways to promote my business.

Renee Magritte, anyone? His surrealist paintings featured apples very heavily, normally blocking the face of a suited up man, with a bowler hat.

I don't know how the suited up guests were feeling, but when i asked around, they all said they're alright despite the beads of perspiration in their side burns.

In 1% of cases suited with is used

He makes much ado before he can get suited with a boarding-house.

Actually speaking, the business is more suited with attributes such as less costly, easy operational, profitable, a global appeal and lots more.

A better example of all the reasons why live music must be taken out of the hands of those better suited with dealing with street-trading and taxis, could not be found.

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