Prepositions after "suit"

"suit to" or "suit for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases suit to is used

Not suited to social enterprise.

The FX rig is perfectly suited to the 49er hull.

The remainder are more suited to learning from doing.

There is a crop of young, technical players coming through, suited to the modern game.

A track well suited to Bobs Worth as its thought the animal prefers going left-handed.

The information below will help you decide which tours are best suited to your interests.

Accredo Saturn is suited to the businesses of all sizes operating from more than one location, branch or department.

It comes back year after year and provides young tender leaves which are suited to cooking much like mustard greens.

The stage is generally suited to sprinters and after the weekend's madness we probably will see a lot of tired bodies.

Processor intense activities such as rendering video, complex spreadsheets, or image editing are not suited to tablets.

In 28% of cases suit for is used

Not everyone gets a job they are best suited for.

None of them are naturally suited for that position.

The house was excellent and ideally suited for us all.

He wears his diamond Rolex, diamond rings, gold bracelet and custom suits for all to see.

It can not be used for dressings and is better suited for heavy-duty, high-heat cooking.

Market forces will determine which fuel source is best suited for our conditions in Jamaica.

This is a very impressive large sized bean that seems to be perfectly suited for cold cooked bean salads and soups.

We realized that the alternatives found in the portable toilet industry are not suited for our tropical environment.

CFR's business model is well suited for emerging markets, with its emphasis on innovation, flexibility and execution.

Minimalista -- $40 Minimalista is an Ajax WordPress Template, best suited for a Profesional and minimalist Portfolio.

In 2% of cases suit against is used

Subsequently, Nurul Izzah was accused of advocating apostasy among Muslims -- a claim she has vehemently denied and has threatened law suits against both Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian.

On March 16 a judge dismissed Tilton's civil-rights suit against ABC-TV, Diane Sawyer, and other perceived Tilton enemies (he later refiled, repositioning it as a federal racketeering suit).

In 2% of cases suit in is used

The blue boiler suits in the article were not for prisoners but for suspects.

It does not clash with any colours, styles or patterns and thus will be well suited in any room it is placed in.

Indeed, the black and white works of Ayeni-Babaeko appear better suited in the conservative colour-dominated space of The Porsche.

There was a perfect run of show - as ever - morphing from pants suits in prints all the way through the houndstooth collection into the black evening wear.

I love when Republicans say a government bureaucrat will get between you and your doctor yet conveniently ignore that suits in a board room are doing that right now, and to make a profit.

In 2% of cases suit with is used

But, it might be said, Andrews had such opportunity and the rare good fortune also to have his spirit suited with work that proved his powers.

In 1% of cases suit as is used

For Upton, he can run the count, and he works with hitter's counts, but I think he is best suited as a #2 hitter.

In 1% of cases suit on is used

The ' standings ' (stalls) were a special feature of the fairs where everything imaginable was sold and many a man bought a good Sunday suit on the ' cant ' (second-hand clothes stall).

That marriage did not survive, and I won't blame husbands transgender for this - we just weren't suited on any level, and getting married for us was a way to escape other issues on both sides.

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